13 Best Wooden Decks Design Ideas and How to Design Guide

A wooden decks is an investment which should enhance your property and lifestyle but must be functional and well constructed.Today we are sharing with you 13 best wooden decks design ideas.

Decks have become a very fantastic addition in the concept of home decorating and design. It looks really great in front as well as back garden. Decks are usually made as a spot to relax in or you can even make it for a cool dining area or even for entertaining your guests.

The question however is what kind of materials one should choose for decking? Wooden decking has always remained one of the most popular and awesome choices for its attractive look and durable nature. It also has the capacity to hold a great amount of weight which is very important while you design a deck.

If you are deciding to install a wooden deck, here are some of the great ideas to help you:

Best Wooden Decks Design Ideas and How to Design Guide


Wooden Decks 1


This type of deck design will look stunning in the backyard of your home. It creates a comfortable relaxing place where you can enjoy a quit coffee or a book. It will also make a great space that connects a family room with a patio.

For making it a beautiful combination of classical and modern outlook you just need to add some of the nature’s beautiful flower pots in it.


Wooden Decks 2Source

This deck is another great idea. Here, a three level deck step ups has been used instead of the commonly used stairs style. This type of deck looks great in the front yard entry of your home more than the backyard.

This deck is made up of ironwood and a hardwood oil named penofin has also been applied in a little amount. Just try this and create a personal paradise in your home. The lounge chairs with an attracting colour may make it appear more stunning.


Wooden Decks 3Source

This simple yet beautiful wooden deck can be made as a really good seating area along with the traditional stairs. You just have to add a good amount of lush greenery around the deck area to make it more appealing.

Arrange the chairs and dining tables for having a good outdoor kind of brunch within your home or you can also arrange some entertainment stuffs inside the deck to entertain your guests, what else would suit best other than a god music and singing session. Just a tip!


Wooden Decks 4Source

This type of wooden deck will greatly suit you, if you are more of a business kind of person and you have larger number of clients to talk to. The elegant round style makes up for a great meetings and round table conferences too. Without the added furniture and other unwanted stuffs. How about getting up for the cool meetings like these?


Wooden Decks 5Source

This is a traditional rooftop wooden deck with a big dining table. You can simply design this type of deck if you wish to make your favourite dining spot in your home garden. It will create an awesome personal touch to your outdoor space.

Adding little or a big quantity of flower pots and other kinds of greenery as you can see in the above image will work wonder in giving the desired look you want for your wooden deck.


Wooden Decks 6Source

If you have a lake view home, you can just go for this deck design. No other wooden deck design will be a suitable alternative for lake view homes. You can arrange the seating area with a rustic style fireplace designed especially this type of wooden deck designs.

Make sure you choose the perfect furniture for this type of wooden deck designs, else you may not achieve the desired charm for your deck. You can also keep the chimneys along with the fire place instead of the commonly used lights for having that classy look.


Wooden Decks 7Source

This is yet another great wooden deck design idea for your place. You can make this as a bar. If you are interested in serving champagnes to your guests. The side table made up of concrete thing will that is kept under the pergola will serve both as a seating place or a counter table if you want to keep stuffs on it.

One more advantage of this deck design is that they can be made in a smaller space as well as low budget.


Wooden Decks 8Source

This is one of the most amazing luxurious wooden deck design you have ever seen. This is kind of a compact deck that has us surrounded by a net, in the middle of your exotic home garden. To avoid the flying bees, you just have to pull the net around you and you will feel like you are in the clouds above the beautiful flowers and lush greeneries. Just imagining the scenario is so amazing!


Wooden Decks 9Source

Yet another contemporary wooden deck design with a beautiful fire place between the lounge chairs. The stairs has been used here to distinguish between the stairs and the deck.

The side wooden bench kind of thing can also be used as seating area if you have more guests with you. Instead of the frame as has been shown in the image above, you can also look out for the possibilities of installing a LCD TV for entertainment purpose.


Wooden Decks 10Source

The right word for this design is definitely the “Nature’s deck”. This has been designed with the natural stone wood. Also a wooden fire place has been installed in the deck. The most amazing part of this deck is that no extra furniture is added in this deck, the seating area has also been made by the natural wood which absolutely looks lovely and classy. You will definitely get the medieval feel with this wooden deck.


Wooden Decks 11Source

The colourful wooden deck dining area, a round fire place with a seating lounge area and a dining area has been included here with a beautiful combination of grey and pink furniture and fabrics.

Just make sure you add full amount of green plants and trees inside and outside of your deck and you also choose the right kind of furniture.


Wooden Decks 12Source

This wooden deck design is designed for a relaxing area, the decks are installed on different levels which helps to create an amazing sight with the perfect suitable furniture.

This deck is rather big making more room for more persons and also for other entertaining purposes, not just relaxing. The greeneries of your garden as usual will make it more appealing.


Wooden Decks 13Source

One important thing you must remember while designing the deck is about the furniture. If it’s for your usual relaxing space, one type of furniture must be used, if it is for the party types or other entertainment stuffs, other kind of furniture must be placed.

This rooftop wooden deck has been designed for the entertainment and kitty party styles. This will look elegant as well as beautiful for the normal dining space too.


Designing your deck is as important as designing your home interior. A well designed deck is an awesome way to connect your indoor and outdoor space of your home.  So, be little more conscious as the deck has the capacity to change the entire appearance of your home, and at the same time designing a deck is quit fun as well.

We hope you enjoy and satisfied with our brilliant wooden decks design ideas.

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