20 Unusual and Unique Fish Tank Aquariums

Few guidelines and the Vastu for a Unique fish tank:

There is a relatively high importance for attractive fish aquariums and mesmerizing fish tanks in VastuShastra. The fact that a fish aquarium has a high-level importance is that the Vastu acts as a rectification for many Vastu defects. In this universe, all things are associated with a certain level of energy.  The same logic is applied in VastuShastra for  fish aquariums.

A fish aquarium can serve as a  master-key for success and harmony when it is placed and used correctly. But if it is not placed correctly then it becomes the very reason or a ruining element of peace and harmony in the house or any place where it is desired to be kept.  Before we place a fish aquarium in our house or office, we need to know the principles of VastuShastra and it is very important to follow the guidelines.

In medical science, the research says that if we keep staring at the tranquil beauty of fish aquarium our high blood pressure, anxiousness, stress and many more diseases are cured. A child who is suffering from anxiety when made him observe the fish aquarium for a longer period of time would really be helpful. He will be healed early and these are asserted by the researchers.

Let’s know about the important elements in the fish aquarium before we jump to the Vastu tips of the aquarium. Life is represented by the water inside the fish tank, as the water is being pumped by some devices it represents the positive energy and liveliness in our life.

It is said that more rapid fishes move in the aquarium the more amount of  positive energy  is generated for wealth and happiness as per the Chinese Feng-Shui. Some Tips for keeping unique fish tank are also followed by the Vastu, they are as follows:

  • The Fish tank must contain healthy and ornamental.
  • While placing a fish in our tank, we must make sure it has nine fishes in it.
  • It’s very auspicious to have a combination of golden and dragon.
  • As mentioned before, there must be nine fishes in a fish tank but make sure all fishes are not the same.  If we are selecting  a golden or dragon fish, they should be eight in number and the one fish that is left out must be black in color.
  • We shouldn’t panic if a fish dies naturally, just replace with new fishes and take out the dead fish.
  • Clean and hygienic fish tank is suggested by the Vastu, we must also use decorative stones and the circulating device to pump water.
  • Only one person should regularly feed the fish so that it is fed on time.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, the fish tank must be located only in drawing or living room. The Fish aquarium shouldn’t be located anywhere else except those two rooms.
  • The fish aquarium must be located in the northeast directions in the living.

Here are 20 unique fish tank suited for your living area

#1. Office desk fish tank:

unique fish tank 1


This tower aquarium is spectacular and  can be placed in the corner of a room or in the center of the large room. The Modern interiors use large aquariums to design the office desk which is very expensive and looks lavish. A Fish aquarium is very attractive and it will give a great ambience to the room. So it is suggested to have a unique fish tank on your office desk. Have it and feel the difference.

#2. Unusual aquarium sink:

unique fish tank 22

These are very unusual aquariums and it is rarely used in some places. But the washbasin aquarium can be pleasant and joyful for kids. Many people don’t use aquarium in the washroom but still there are few who prefer to keep it in the home by locating the unique fish tank in an unusual yet unique way.  It is usually placed in the bathrooms.

#3. Coffee table fish aquarium:

unique fish tank 33

According to the Feng shui, the best location for fish aquariums is the living room. So this unique fish aquarium can be placed in the center of the room as a coffee table. The look of the living room will be enhanced by the fast moving motion of the fish will make the atmosphere energetic.

The colorful light and the decorated aquarium will surely have an eye catchy look for the visitors. The black table is enhancing the beauty of the mini aquarium and adds to the positivity of the environment. Change the look of your living room with this fish tank and create a look that adds positive vibes to your house or workplace.

#4. Weird and unusual fish aquarium:

unique fish tank 44

This weird fish aquarium can be seen only in a museum or any kind of exhibitions. The unique shape makes the fish tank look vibrant. The lights in and around the aquarium add to the beauty of the fish tank.

#5. Creative center aquarium:

unique fish tank 5

This creative fish aquarium is called  ‘giant crystal ball aquarium’. The huge crystal like structure is seen here. The table has a light in between which is sparkling the entire aquarium. A glass flower vase is decorated in the center of the table.

#6. Unique dining table:

unique fish tank 66

This custom tropical unique fish tank is not very popular but is pleasing to the eye. This dining table decorated with the fish tank gives a lively feeling. It is beautiful to see fishes moving around on the dining table while having food. One of the most creative ways of keeping the fishes, there is a lot of space for fishes to move around.

#7. Aqua fanatic unique aquarium:

unique fish tank 77

This Aqua fanatic aquarium is a unique idea of keeping fishes.  People with a keen interest in fish tanks will preserve this type of aquarium in their home, office, lab or any places. This type of aquarium isn’t normally seen in the many places but is a great idea for those who want to think out of the box and preserve their fishes and keep them on display. The huge aqua tank is very nicely decorated inside and out.

#8. Lamp like fish tank:

unique fish tank 88

This beautiful and unique fish tank is made in the form of a lamp. The hanging fish tank makes it a great one to the viewers as the combination of a lamp and fish tank is awesome. This is a perfect addition to your living area, workplace or anywhere. The light shines directly to the fish so you don’t have to worry about the fish going blind through.

#9. Duplex fish aquarium:

unique fish tank 99

This is a duplex fish aquarium where fishes and birds are placed on top of another in a set of fish tanks and bird cages. The birds can easily fly at the same time there is a same visual level for the fish. This duplex is said to be an aquarium cage which is an encounter between the fish and a bird in the favorable and the most appropriate way.

#10. Wow factor aquarium:

unique fish tank 1010

This uniquely designed fish tank is located in the main hall of a hotel which is located in Beijing. The fishes are packed and the look seems is a complete grandeur. The decoration is splendid. But sadly the fishes can’t survive for more than six days.

#11. Contemporary fish aquarium:

unique fish tank 1111

The concept of this aquarium is truly unique. The idea actually comes from the modern technology that meets a contemporary design. The results are breath-taking. Spacearium is the newest and coolest concept for the unique fish tank to be kept inside the house or office. The beauty of the kitchen is being enhanced by the hanging fish aquarium.

#12. Wall fish tank:

unique fish tank 1212

The living area is the place which comes first when we enter a home. So this huge wall fish aquarium looks fantastic  by keeping it in the right place. This unique aquarium not only increases the beauty of the house but it also adds to the look of the home interiors. The movement of fishes gives an energetic feel. They have been carefully designed. The living area looks more lively with the beauty of the unique fish tank located in the center and it is the ultimate attraction of the house.

13. Funky fish tank:

unique fish tank 1313

This funky fish tank has been designed skilfully. These are multiple tanks that are connected to each other.  It looks like a globe tank which is explored underwater to have a stimulation viewer. There is a filter in the cabinet which is connected to the lights, pumps and the tubes which are concealed with six orbs. They can be placed in the corner of the house or office in order to avoid it from falling down.

#14. Old iMac fish aquarium:

unique fish tank 1414

iMacquarium deserves to be on top in the list of aquariums for its uniquely designed structure. The old iMac shell is used to built a fish tank inside it. It is named iMac because it is made out of the computer shell. They have designed so well that the aquarium looks like fishes are nicely floating on the PC screen. This the best house for fishes if they are acting a bit smart. Don’t you think?

#15. Fish tank divider:

unique fish tank 1515

This divider is very huge and creative. The aquarium gives a gigantic look adding to a great impressive room divider. The divider is used insides and the aquarium is fixed in the center, the divider is having a curve shape which allows the walkway to the opposite side.

#16. Bookshelf aquarium:

unique fish tank 1616

This unique fish tank is seen in this wall fitted bookshelf. It has been placed in a living area and the design of the aquarium is beautiful and perfectly fitted.  It is suitable in workplaces where books, records, and journals etc can be kept in the bookshelf and at the same time enjoy the beauty of fishes in the otherwise boring bookshelf.

#17. Cool fish tank:

unique fish tank 1717

This cool and unique fish tank decoration idea can be used in the teens or kids bedroom. The colorful floating shelves will give a refreshing feel. Kids will enjoy the fast movements  of the fish, the lighting will increase the décor of the room. This one-sided wall fish aquarium is a great interior décor. The colorful fishes give an underwater feel in the bedroom.

#18. Underwater aquarium restaurant:

unique fish tank 1818

This is one of the most extravagant and unusual form of aquarium one has ever seen. But this aquarium style is being adapted in many places. This is a very luxurious form of the aquarium which is located in the ceiling of a restaurant.  The customers can enjoy their food by admiring the beauty of the aquarium.

Those who wish to see the fishes closer to them but don’t have guts to go underwater or dive in the sea,  this is a perfect place for them. The U-shaped décor serves as a wonderful décor  and one can experience a breath-taking underwater sea feel.

#19. Footwear fish tank:

unique fish tank 1919

This unique footwear cum aquarium can’t be used as a shoe but can be placed it near living area like keeping in the center of the table. This can be very light in weight and can be carried away and placed anywhere. This is a simple fish tank in the form of a shoe. Weird, isn’t it? But it is amazing to see how different and creative ideas of keeping fishes people have come up with!

#20. Large aquarium in living area:

unique fish tank 2020

This is incredible. In this living room, the aquarium is placed on each side of the wall. The furniture is placed in the center so that one can admire the beauty of fishes in the aquarium. Many varieties of fishes have been used here and this unique fish tank is best suited for the living area.


Hope you enjoy our unique fish tank designs.

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