Top 5 Brick Paver Patterns and Designs

Build your home with bricks but make it a heaven on earth with the brick paver patterns.

Let us first discuss brick and know what a brick is? It’s just a small unit of building material. It’s made out of clay and with the help of mortar it is secured and mortar is nothing but a mixture of cement, sand and water. The size of the brick is four inches in wide and its double in length that is twice as long, brick is the most important and ideal material for construction in the confined spaces.

If you want a long time stay then the brick building is a must. This brick building is used since more than 5000 years. After the completion of work, you can decorate it and give a wonderful look with brick paver pattern which can be used for walls, floors and also outside the house.

Now we will know about brick making method:

#. Raw materials:

The main body of brick is made up of natural clay minerals, shale, and kaolin. To produce the different shape they give the other additives in small amounts of manganese that are blended with the clay. To improve the brick’s chemical resistance they use barium carbonate and many other products that are also used in the process. Some of the clay require a large amount of sand. To get the surface texture and certain brick color they use the method of coating material in a wide variety.

#. Manufacturing process:

Jaw crusher and a separator are used for crushing and grinding the raw material which is the initial step in producing brick. The another step that is used is that they select and filter the desired ingredient for particular batch and send from one to three steps of brick shaping process such as extrusion, pressing and molding. The first is almost a very common process.

Then they are dried to remove the excess moisture because it might cause cracking while the firing process done during the construction. Next step is that it is cooled but before that, it will be fried in the oven. Finally, they are wrapped with steel bands and then to protect the corner they use a pad with plastic.

Likewise, there are many more steps that are followed in order to make the bricks. Now let’s discuss the brick paver pattern now. Read on and know more about it and get insights before you start or get yourself into the construction work. Happy building.

#. Brick paver pattern:

There are a huge number of ways in which the brick patterns are made and there are various types of the brick pattern that are used for the construction purpose. You will end up confusing yourself and you won’t be able to decide which type or pattern will be ideal for the area. So here is the collection of over a number of patterns that will be very useful for you to decide during the construction because it helps you to know which one is the most suitable one and which one is not.

Here are the different types of brick paver patterns that are listed below:

#1. Basket weave:

brick paver patterns 1

This pattern is known as basket weave, which looks like a checkerboard-like a pattern which is composed of a brick of Paris. As we can see the bricks are laid horizontally and vertically so that the visual effect can create the weaving in and out of each other. This pattern will perfectly suit for entertainment area which should be within your landscape and which would be an eye-catching pattern for the place you select for.

#2. Running bond:

brick paver patterns 2

This type of brick pattern will be commonly seen in the residential landscape. It is known to be eco-friendly because usually it requires minimum cutting which results in zero wastage. This pattern is strong and durable which will be suitable for the play area like a Patio.

#3. Running bond variations:

brick paver patterns 3

This pattern is not so common but if it’s used individually then it will give a unique pattern. But this pattern is mostly used with the original running bond pattern. No matter whatever variation we give, this will ultimately look unique and will be the best pattern for the area you have selected it for.

#4. Stack bond:

brick paver patterns 4

This pattern is known to be the simplest pattern as the bricks are normally placed side by side to create a strong view line in the ground. This is also known as the best pattern because it can undergo more than one pattern for foot traffic. It is known to be the best pattern for walkways.

#5. Herringbone :

brick paver patterns 5

This will be the strongest of all pattern because it is described as an energetic one that will be the best for your entrance as it will truly engage your visitor. It is best suited for driveways, as the pattern interlocks tightly which is ready to handle the weight significantly.

So these were the few details about brick paver pattern. Now check out the minute details about bricks paver pattern design which includes all the patterns that are listed above. Some more patterns that can be included in the list are fish-scale, pinwheel, inlays and many more.

1. Mixed brick paver pattern:

brick paver patterns 61

Look at this picture, can you find what kind of brick pattern design is used in this? It’s actually a mixed brick paver pattern design. The designs, as we can see in the image include so many patterns. They are standard stacking, running bond, circular radial, interlocking, basket-weave, fish-scale, herringbone, Silverdale, flagstone, pinwheel, brick header, cobblestone, diamond interlocking and various type of brick inlays.

2. White and gray flagstone and pebble patio:

brick paver patterns 72

The beauty of this area is enhanced by the brick paver pattern design. This type of pattern doesn’t need any effort as there is no cutting of bricks required in this. The bricks are fixed as it is and then the pebbles  are filled in the gap. This look is awesome for the garden outdoor area. The grass grew on the side compliments the brick pattern. This type of pattern can be well decorated by placing chairs and creating a relaxing atmosphere.

3. Interlocking paver brick patio design using three color schemes:

brick paver patterns 83

This interlocking paver brick which slightly looks like herringbone is best suited for outdoor landscape. This can be seen on the roadside pathway or outside any residential  posh houses. This is a very strong pattern as it interlocks and its safe and durable for the vehicles that can be driven on it.

This image shows how beautifully it is created and chosen with the different color and is made interesting. The look of the outside landscape is increased with such awesome brick paver pattern design. This look will surely give an eye-catching look towards the people and it will surely increase the beauty of the surrounding.

4. Compass pavers:

brick paver patterns 94

This Paver pattern design is of high quality which is manufactured using a pigmentation process. It’s all an artwork and no paint or stain are used in this. This design is placed in the entrance of the lobby or may be in the center of outdoor landscape or may be in the living area also. This pattern has an elegance which attracts and increase the beauty of the house.

5. Lido-paver:

brick paver patterns 105

This lido-paver has a variation of running bond and it’s an artist work which is perfectly used for outside landscape. It actually adds the artistic focal point in the pool deck, driveways, patios, porches.

6. Orlando paver:

brick paver patterns 116

Orlando paver is also same as the above one but this has a slight change in the design. This circular design is giving a perfect and amazing look for the patio. These are very uncommon but is very unique. This type of design is known as artistic design.

7. Garden area:

brick paver patterns 137

Here, the brick paver pattern is quite simple yet it’s giving round sun shape feeling. This pattern is complimenting the garden area. With the help of this pattern one can design the play area and can divide the walk area. Without these paver pattern design, the garden area would have looked boring. So whenever you plan a terrace or garden area just give a touch of brick paver pattern design which will be ideal for your landscape.

#8. Paver walkway:

brick paver patterns 148

This type of pathway is mostly seen in parks, gardens and also in the bunglows. People prefer this paver pattern design because it is durable, and looks awesome and also gives an attractivelook for the people. These types of ways separates garden area and and cleaningalso becomes way easier for this.

#9. Paver pattern steps:

brick paver patterns 159

Now these are running bond paver design pattern and are used outside the house for steps. They have given a diamond shaped ground which looks stylish and also looks convinent for cleaning. Instead of the marble and cement flooring, these type of flooring are the best as an option .

#10. Paver design compound:

brick paver patterns 1610

Instead of boring brick compound we can build a brick paver pattern design compound which will work out really well. It looks superb as well as it gives a unique look in the area.

11. Park side paver tamp:

brick paver patterns 1711

usually in the parks we can’t place table and chairs as it might ge damaged in the open area due to the exposure to the sun and the rain. So what’s the solution? A seating area build with paver pattern will look stunning and it will also be durable and there won’t be a problem for sitting in the park. People will enjoy and feel comfortable in the brick paver design pattern seat.

#12. Terrace and outside lawn paver:

brick paver patterns 1812

These herringbone paver pattern is mostly seen in terrace or outside lawn area and also in parking lots. They create a unique and sterdy look.

13. Pool side paver :

brick paver patterns 1913

This is an interlocking herringbone with multi color for giving a funky and pleasant look outside the pool. Mostly in the pool sides, the ground should be such that it can absorb water and don’t slip out.And also it shouldn’t be that hard too. So brick paver pattern is the best option for the pool side area.

14. Lobby area:

brick paver patterns 2014

Now this is known as patio, this running bond is used to create a separate patio for relaxing time and for fun area or gathering with guest. These pattern not only gives a perfect look to your patio but also indicates a separate area.

#15. Outdoor living area:

brick paver patterns 2115

With the help of brick paver pattern  we can create a wonderful spacious living area in the outdoors. If you can notice

in this image, you can find only brick paver. They have used it so well in the wall, pillar, table area, and those lightings are like icing on the cake. Those decor work are increasing the beauty of paver design.

16. Circular brick pattern:

brick paver patterns 2216

This running bond is used in circular type and these can be seen anywhere in the places like park, hospitals, hotels. It gives a different spacious feeling and this types of flooring is very durable.

17. Brick paver patio:

brick paver patterns 2317

Brick patio has an attractive and classy appeal that will match the traditional architect design. But still they are successful in adapting a modern look which will suit our modern design home style. With the skills and ideas we can transform our backyard to a wonderful area which will be used for the tea time or small family gatherings. Bricks can be arranged in several unique patterns.

18. Block pattern paver:

brick paver patterns 2418

Introduction of the blocking pattern should be used in the trafficked area like driveways, and the pattern should be completely interlocked pattern. Before we plan to start the Paver work we must first measure and plan where we are going to use the block pattern.

19. Outdoor fire place paver:

brick paver patterns 2519

We can install a brick outdoor fireplace just for the family and for the personal use. brick paver will beautify your landscape and also add an elegant look to your outdoor living space.

20. Paver design for house entry:

brick paver patterns 2620

Paver are always an excellent choice for patio whether it is big or small, we can also use a variety of colors, shape, size and give a spectacular pattern and design with the help of brick paver pattern.


Hope you enjoy our brick paver patterns and designs.

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