Top 25 Indoor, Outdoor and Terrarium Fairy Garden Ideas

Today we are sharing with you top 25 indoor,outdoor and terrarium fairy garden ideas.

Fairy garden is a fairly new concept that has started growing recently. So, if it sounds strange to your ears, don’t worry, you are not the only one. Imaginations are many and fairies have always been the most beautiful one. The very idea of fairy garden is that if you want to find a fairy, the best way is to lure her in to your tiny cozy garden with a house that she can’t resist. Well then, who knows she may even grant you few wishes.

Apart from all these fairy tales, a fairy garden is a very imaginative and creative hobby to have. The garden is tiny but very indulging and beautiful. You can make as many as you want and decorate your house with them. All they need is creativity and undivided attention. There are a few fairy garden ideas just so you know what it is and what it looks like.

Top 25 Indoor, Outdoor and Terrarium Fairy Garden Ideas are following:

#. Outdoor fairy gardens:

#1. Be funky:

outdoor fairy garden 1


This fairy garden is created outdoors in the main landscape. It has tiny plants and mosses that will never outgrow the small area dedicated to it. It has stones and tiny well. The fences surrounding the well and the mosses garden are also tiny and cute. A water can is also used for planting flower plants. The garden has an inviting look with welcome fairies signboard.

#2. A fancy fairy garden:

outdoor fairy garden 2Source

This garden is landscaped with great care and details. It has a house, cozy enough and tempting for fairies to visit this garden. It has a secret cave like space, stairs to go down to the garden. A symbolic river flows through the garden. The over-bridge gives access to the part of the garden on the other side of the river. It has a cage like structure with seating space. The tiny flower plants add beautiful color to the garden.

#3. A fairy village:

outdoor fairy garden 3Source

This garden looks like a beautifully landscaped village. It has tiny cozy homes established in the garden. In front of the houses are rows of tiny plants that look more like a cultivated land. The houses have decorated pathways. The village looks very inviting and beautiful. These kinds of fairy gardens are creative and are bound to tempt fairies to drop by and stay for a while.

#4. A landscaped fairy garden:

outdoor fairy garden 4Source

This beautifully landscaped fairy garden has a rustic look and has gravels and stone in prominence. The houses are made with stones that have a set of stairs going down to the garden. The black stones sharply contrast the house. The symbolic river divides the garden in to two parts. There are tiny chairs on the shore of the river and a bridge connects the two parts of the garden. The plants in the garden are of the right size and will never outgrow the landscape.

#5. The fairy house:

outdoor fairy garden 5Source

This fairy garden idea is amazing and has a beautiful fairy house with beautifully landscaped garden in front of it. One part of the garden has rows of plants with a glass shed. The other part has beautiful flowering plants that add to the color of landscape. Bonsai trees stand at both the sides of the house. The garden is beautiful and cozy enough to attract the attention of fairies and tempt them to spend some of their beautiful time here.

#. Indoor fairy garden:

#6. The table garden:

outdoor fairy garden 6Source

Fairy gardens are so beautiful and small that they can be build indoors as well. This garden is created on the tabletop beside the window. The entire area is filled with mosses and flowering plants. A chair is placed for enjoying the sunlight. The garden has tiny fences and small flowerpots that add to the beauty of the garden.

#7. The tray and cup garden:

outdoor fairy garden 7Source

If you have a tray or a cup that you don’t use anymore, you can turn them in to a beautiful creative fairy garden. The tray fairy garden has a tiny hut with the roof covered with mosses and fences covering one side. The pathway is made of green glass pebbles. The corners have bonsai plants and a toad. Marble balls are scattered over the garden for a colorful look. The cup garden has a tiny flower in the middle and fence on one side. It also has the shovel that gives it a classic touch.

#8. The garden in the vase:

outdoor fairy garden 8Source

The spare ceramic vase can be turned in to a beautiful fairy garden for indoors. It has a creeper supporter with half-moon hanging from the top. The table and chairs are made from sleek iron rods. The ground is covered with smooth stones and mosses. Bonsai plants add to the greenery to the garden. The fairy garden idea can use up anything you can think of.

#9. The nutshell house fairy garden:

outdoor fairy garden 9Source

Ever thought that the fairy garden can be created from the nut shell? Well, here is the fairy garden idea that is carved out of nutshell. A hut is made out of the shell of the nut with windows and doors. The hut is hung with the support of strings. Tiny colorful flowering plants beautify the hut by adding colors to it.

The hut and the garden looks cozy enough to tempt fairies in to spending some time here and bringing happiness and their blessings for the family.

#10. A suitcase fairy garden:

outdoor fairy garden 10Source

Have a tiny suitcase or a beauty-box that you don’t use anymore? Turn it into a beautiful fairy garden. Fil the box with the soil and plant mosses to it. Put some smooth stones for creating pathways. At the corner plant bonsai flowering plants. Put a tiny house for the fairies that is cute and beautiful. Place it anywhere in the house. The best place will be on the window side.

#. Terrarium fairy garden:

#11. Garden in the glass bowl:

outdoor fairy garden 11Source

Terrariums look beautiful for creating anything, be it a fish bowl or snow globe or fairy garden.  Fill the bowl with some sand and place tiny table and chairs in it. Create a border with smooth stones and on the other side add greenery. You can also plant some bonsais or tiny flowering plants that wouldn’t outgrow the terrarium. You can also add some seashells for adding to the beauty of the garden.

#12. The goblet and the glass fairy garden:

outdoor fairy garden 12Source

Who ever thought that a glass could be used for any other purpose than dining? And on the top of that creating a fairy garden, amazing, isn’t it? Fill the glass with gravels and soil. You can also plant mosses and tiny flowering plants in to it. Add whatever you see fit according to your creativity. Gardens in glasses like these look very beautiful and can be placed anywhere in the room.

#13. The forest home fairy garden:

outdoor fairy garden 13Source

The bird cage terrarium is turned in to a forest with tiny stones and gravels making the ground for it. A little of soil is used for planting bonsais. Artificial mushroom plants are used to add some color. A tiny flower creeper is planted all over the house. You can also add some led lights in the garden for beautifying it even more. This garden reminds of the houses in forests of fairy tales.

#14. The moss terrarium:

outdoor fairy garden 14Source

The globe is filled with soil and mosses for creating a garden. A tiny hut is hung above the ground which looks cute and very inviting. A wooden structure is erected that gives it a very village like look. This garden doesn’t need much of creativity and hence can be made by anyone. Moreover, it is not overcrowded and thus has space for your creativity. You can take your imagination on a wild run and create magic.

#15. Aquarium fairy garden:

outdoor fairy garden 15Source

I once bought a big new aquarium for my hobby of having fishes in the house. I took care of them enthusiastically for a very long time but eventually the time constrains made me unable to do that anymore. So, that empty aquarium now sits in my store worthlessly. Surfing through the internet I found this, an amazing use of aquarium.

The aquarium is filled with tiny fountain and table chair. It also has some sea shells, some toys and various plants that give it a garden like structure. You can also try your creativity in this one. Since, it has enough space you can add things you want to. But make sure you do not make it look crowded or it may end up losing the beauty of it.

#. The flowerpot fairy garden:

#16. Triple pot fairy garden:

outdoor fairy garden 16Source

This fairy garden is themed for Halloween. It is created by using four differently sized flowerpots. A huge pumpkin is carved in the shape of a house with windows and doors. The flowerpots are lined up in three different heights. All of them are filled with mosses and tiny plants. Big artificial gerbera is planted to look like steps. A bridge is also made to connect two flowerpots. This is one amazingly creative fairy garden.

#17. The broken pot fairy garden:

outdoor fairy garden 17Source

You don’t have to throw out the broken flowerpots anymore. You can just create a magic out of it, depending on how far your creativity goes. This broken flowerpot holds a very beautiful fairy garden. It has tiny fences, artificial mushrooms, herbs, mosses and bonsais. It also has decorative stones and a ladder for climbing in to the garden. On the top proudly stands a tiny house that is cozy and cute.

#18. A home in broken pot:

outdoor fairy garden 18Source

A broken flower pot couldn’t be turned in to anything more beautiful than this fairy garden. It has a tiny house, a tiny house in the neighborhood. The tiny street lamp lights the entire garden up. Some bonsais are planted all around that is giving the garden a lush green look. Small flowering plants are set to add colors to the garden. Fairies will sure love this tiny home with such beautiful garden.

#19. Two storey fairy garden:


Two flowerpots are set on top of each other to create a two storey fairy garden. There are stairs that are created with tiny pod pants and flat stones. There is a streetlamp to keep the street lighted up. The path is covered with lush green plants. The top level has a bird house and herbs are planted in abundance.

The white flowers are adding additional color to the entire garden. The second lever pot has a tiny door that indicates the way to enter the upper garden. You can also create a house on the top level while still having a herb garden on the roof.

#20. Palace in flower pot:

outdoor fairy garden 20Source

Fairies and palaces go very well together. The stairs takes you to the palace on the top all the way from bottom. The bottom of the stairs is covered with green plants. The bonsai greens are covering the surrounding of palace which is making it look very beautiful. A red plant is adding a different color to the garden overall. You can also add different colors of flowering plants that would make the garden look all the more colorful and vibrant.

#. Unique fairy gardens:

#21. Fairy pets:

outdoor fairy garden 21Source

This is a very unique fairy garden that has plants cut in the shape of pets. They are beautifully carved out of lush plants. There are different colors of flowering plants that are making the garden more colorful and vibrant. Fairies are going to love playing with their cute pets.

#22. Tea time with fairies:

outdoor fairy garden 22Source

This garden is differently decorated with colored walnuts and marbles. It a green plant planted in a side and the bird toys are placed around. The tiny white fences are running through the entire circumference. Two chairs and a table is placed to let fairies enjoy their tea time.

#23. Snowy fairy garden:

outdoor fairy garden 23Source

This fairy garden idea is very unique. Snow looks great and in combination with red cherries, they give a feeling of Christmas and fairies love celebrations. The entire house is carved in the wood log. The entire house is covered with green plant that is giving the house a cozy look. The snow on the top of it is making it look amazing.

#24. On the skateboard:

outdoor fairy garden 24Source

If your kid is no more interested in skateboard, you must be. You can create an entire fairy garden on it. There is a house and smooth gravels and tiny bird feeders. It has a forest type creation on the other side of the house.

#25. The waiting:

outdoor fairy garden 25Source

The garden looks very green and the best place for fairies to enjoy sunsets and tea. It has some colorful flowers and a lot of mosses. A table and two chairs are placed at one end. A lamp is keeping the whole place lighted up. You can also see a fairy doll waiting.


Fairy gardens ideas are a very new thing. You can use the spare things in your home to make some awesomely creative fairy gardens. It not only gives wing to your creativity, it also brings good luck and is also a handy object for decorating your house.

Hope you enjoy our indoor, outdoor and terrarium fairy garden ideas.

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