Top 25 Backyard Pool Designs

We have collected 25 amazing ideas for backyard pool designs which will transform your outdoor area into an elegant place for relaxing outdoors.

After the day’s long and tiring work, we often look forward to spend some time in relaxing and pampering ourselves. That is one thing our mind and body crave for at that point of time. But we often let it go because we are not really prepared to spend our hard earned money every time we go relaxing in spa and other similar hangouts.

But have you ever thought that you can convert your own backyard in to a luxury pampering and relaxing point without having to spend every time? Well, it’s not a hoax. The best way to beat the heat is taking a long lazy dip in water and a few laps to shed that dullness off. Yes, I am talking about the backyard swimming pool.

Your pool does not have to be very expensive. You can recreate and design the areas around your pool. You can go for a small deep pool or a long pool. You can create a pool of any shape, size, depth and design and you can shed off your tiredness there everyday.

It is a one-time expense and that too in your budget. Here I have some of the best pool designs for your backyard.

Top 25 Backyard Pool Designs

#Like the Island:

#1. The tropical pool:

backyard pool designs 1


The pool has a tropical theme. It does not have a regular pool’s shape. A look at it gives the feel of a stray stream lost around a piece of island. The landscape around the pool, the rocks, the palm trees and other tropical trees also supports the feeling. The lightning is perfect as well.

#2. The dream pool:

backyard pool designs 2Source

The pool is extended and looks like a part of the huge ocean. There is a fire pit in the middle and a staircase leading to it. At other end is a slide that takes you to the pool below. There lamps are scattered all over the edge of the pool providing enough light. On the other side, at the bank of the pool, chairs are set where you can sit and relish the sunrise and sunset.

#3. The Inground pool:

backyard pool designs 3Source

A part of the landscape goes to the center of the pool and stands as an island with green grass and palm trees. The transparent clean water of the pool shows a gradual increase in depth as you descend the stairs inside the water. The bank has a seating space and the areas around the pool are landscaped in to a garden.

#4. The natural escapade:

backyard pool designs 4Source

This pool has a look of the pond and is a very good idea for the backyard of a farmhouse. There are aquatic plants fenced under the pool. The look of the pool and its surrounding strikes as that of scene on an island. The natural landscape around the pool makes it all the more beautiful and serene.

#5. The hut on the island:

backyard pool designs 5Source

The hut on the bank of the pool gives it both a rustic and an island look. There is also a fire pit built in the pool where the water and the fire both can be relished together. The area around the pool and surrounding landscape is covered with a shed for both, protection and privacy.

#The tile magic:

#6. Swirls everywhere:

backyard pool designs 6Source

The pool could be very boring and monotonous without some wonderful tiles that add to the beauty of the pool. The tiles in this pool are set to create swirls which, in turn, provide some hypnotic beauty to the pool.

#7. Swimming with the dolphins:

backyard pool designs 7Source

The tiles in this pool are creating the illusion of dolphins swimming in the pool. While you take a swim in this pool, you would often feel like you are swimming along with the dolphins. There is nothing like enjoying a swim with pretty creatures.

#8. Finding nemo in the pool:

backyard pool designs 8Source

This is the kind of pool kids would love. The tiles are set to create the images from the kid’s most liked animation movie ‘finding nemo’. The kids would love to swim and play with their favorite characters in their beautiful swimming pool.

#9. The artistic pool:

backyard pool designs 9Source

For those who love art and designs, this pattern is the one for them. It displays a classic traditional touch in the pool which makes it look classy and beautiful. The pleasure of swimming in a decorative pool is altogether different.

#10. The illusion:

backyard pool designs 10Source

The pool gives the illusion of a huge frame of modern art. The colorful swirls are making the pool look lively and inviting. It works both as a beautiful display of art and a backyard swimming pool. This definitely is the one that is neighbour’s envy and owner’s pride.

#Above ground pools:

#11. The private deck:

backyard pool designs 11Source

What makes this pool different is that it is built above the ground. It has a deck that facilitates sun bathing. The fencing and the height of the pool makes it a very private place. The landscape around the pool area is full of greenery and fresh air. Swimming in a pool like this will always be refreshing.

#12. The glass pool:

backyard pool designs 12Source

The pool doesn’t always have to be cemented and tiled. Making the pool walled by glass is also a good option. The glass gives the pool an exquisite look and transparency. Though this type of pool doesn’t offer much privacy underwater but it adds to the glamour of the pool.

#13. The private fenced pool:

backyard pool designs 13Source

This pool is also placed above the ground with the fenced area extended out for creating deck. The chairs are placed under the sun umbrella for enjoying the poolside gathering. You can swim, sunbathe and take tea all in one place. You can also use the space under the pool.

#14. Landscaped pool:

backyard pool designs 14Source

The extra space beside the stairs has a new and exquisite use. The pool is created on the side of the stairs that goes down to the garden in the backyard. It is raised above the ground on the level of the verandah. The pool is made of glass that adds to the total beauty of the landscape and the house and the clear blue water makes it look inviting.

#15. The wooden pool:

backyard pool designs 15Source

The wooden pool is raised above the ground and looks like a bathtub. It is in an open space and hence is good for a party or get together during festive occasions. The pool is surrounded by huge green trees giving it a fresh and natural touch. You can also create a temporary shade over it for keeping the water cold in summer and remove the shed to allow the sunlight make the water warm during winters.


#16. A cozy Jacuzzi:

backyard pool designs 16Source

It is one thing to have a pool and an altogether other thing to have a Jacuzzi. After a long and tiring day at work nothing could beat the pleasure of Jacuzzi spa. The jet of water under the pool relaxes the tired muscles leaving you feeing fresh and energetic. The garden around the pool adds to the fun of having a Jacuzzi. You can also use the water storage as a tub while it also acts as the source of waterfall.

#17. The stylish Jacuzzi:

backyard pool designs 17Source

This is a modern Jacuzzi has swirls on the floor. The jets of water under the pool help in relaxing and refreshing the body. The floor design and the clear blue water of the pool make it look beautiful and inviting. This can be created indoors and in backyards as well. You can also add to it the temperature adjusting device that keeps the water in the pool at the temperature of your liking.

#18. Thee Jacuzzi with mosaic:

backyard pool designs 18Source

The beauty of this pool lies in the clear blue water of the pool and the mosaic of same color that is used for designing the pool. The pool also has underwater jets of Jacuzzi that relaxes the body and frees you of the tiredness. It is the best place to relax and have some fun. A backyard like this one is mesmerizing and blissful.

#19. The indulgence:

backyard pool designs 19Source

The design of the pool and the jets of water under it scream of indulgence and pleasure. The design is offbeat and the water is clear. There is another pool on the same line. The pools overlook the ocean that extends to the infinity. The blues around it makes the experience in the pool very tantalizing.

#20. The luxury:

backyard pool designs 20Source

This pool defines luxury. There is a seating space built under the pool where you can sit and enjoy jets of water relaxing you by giving you the spa treatment. When you want you can enjoy the laps of swimming and when tired you can just sit and relax underwater by sipping on your favorite drink. This pool is the bliss of pure luxury.

#The offbeat swimming pools:

#21. Water spa:

backyard pool designs 21Source

There is no pleasure like having a pool with the features of a spa. The design of the poo is unique with jets of water falling in to it like waterfalls. Areas around are planted with beautiful trees and flowers. There is also space for enjoying the sun. The water is crystal clear blue and looks very inviting. This pool allows you to relish the nature in its true sense.

#22. The pool with the fire pit:

backyard pool designs 22Source

The pool is dimly lighted with the very blue water. It has a tub on the side along with a fire pit. It is a best place for having a barbeque, a bonfire party or pool parties. It also has a waterfall feature. The soothing surrounding adds to the process of relaxation that you get after taking a dip in the pool like this one. There couldn’t be a backyard pool more intoxicating and romantic than this one.

#23. The style that speaks class:

backyard pool designs 23Source

The swimming pool landscaped for creating the seating space with small fountains on the side. You can take your fitness laps in the pool and when tired you can sit on these chairs, still relishing water with your favorite drink and that too in style. The landscape around are filled with the rows and columns of green grass, trees and bushes. It has the looks that in no way is short of that of a resort.

#24. The pool that spells music:

backyard pool designs 24Source

Pools can be of any shape and size. You can always create the shape that you like. This one is in the shape of guitar. It will satisfy the love of the music. The strings of the guitar of created by lights. The surrounding landscape is filled with green bushes and there are dim lights around the pool. The musical swim in this pool is bound to lighten your mood and relax your tired body.

#25. Pool with fountains:

backyard pool designs 25Source

Everything about this pool is different. It is lighted in a way that gives the illusion of stars dancing in the water. It has four fountain showers on each corner. In the night, the pool has no requirement of the extra lights as the light inside the pool keeps it illuminated.


Swimming pools are a mode of relaxation and maintaining fitness. But nobody ever said it cannot be stylish and speaks volume about your taste. These are just a few ideas. You can set your minds at its creative best and design a pool that everyone would envy.

Hope you like these ideas for backyard pool designs. Let us know if you have any more suggestions.

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