Top 20 Curved Sectional Sofa Design Ideas

Today we are sharing with you 20 best suggestion for curved sectional sofa design ideas.

The great thing with modern modular sofas is that you can make your own combinations from it. Well, we all know that home is where your heart is, where comfort is the utmost utility, and to add on to the exact satisfaction we offer you the best 20 designs of curved sectional sofas.

Sectional sofas fit perfectly anywhere in your home. Sofa sets are an indispensable part of your living room, curved sofas are an impeccable choice to showcase the blend of comfort and style. Whether you want an L-shape sofa for your small living room or a U-shape sofa for your king size drawing room or any kind of shape, curved sectional sofas suffice and conform perfectly.

They have a subtle city sophistication which makes your home look trendy and well-paced with modern out sights. If you are looking for an ultimate sitting comfort and melt-in-couch feel, then this is it! Curved sectional sofas are simply perfect and stylish (and yes in your budget too).

Here we display the 20 best curved sectional sofas designs which will help you to embrace the look of your living room and make it more attractive. Here we go!

Here are 20 awesome curved sectional sofa designs for your living room:

#1. Floating curved sofa:

Curved sofa, Ico Parisi design,

This sofa is set on carved legs which is accompanied by a curved back rest and has a wavy platform that makes it look floating. This piece has an amazing texture which supports the back and makes it comfortable. This sofa set is accustomed with beautiful fabric and amazing looking legs.

This will easily fit in your drawing room and embrace the quality of lifestyle. The design is very well thought of and actually does full justice to the style and comfort. The fabric used is blue velvet, which is soft and easily cleanable. Perfect blend of style, comfort and looks.

#2. Karina curved sofa:

curved sectional sofa 22

Attractive curved sofas that were acquainted as sectional sofas or as segmented sittings in 1940 when the surge of furniture industry was at a boom. This kind of sofas has found certain type of acceptance and appreciation amongst the home decor fanatics, especially for this type of upholstery and fabric.

It has made a separate market and are in huge demand. They not just make your living room lively but also provide amazing durability. One can make own combinations from it. The color and fabric are so amazing that they can easily fit into your budget. This kind of home decor actually “horse things up” for the perfect look.

#3. Kidney shaped curved sofa:

curved sectional sofa 33

This mesmerizing and lavish looking kidney shaped sofa set, white leather upholstery designed with extremely well thought concept is perfect for your small living room. This will no doubt be perfect for your large drawing room and hence would uproot the value of your place. Sharp edges make it look antique yet stylish. A complete delight and serendipity.

This sofa may be upholstered in another fabric. An amazing blend of style, it can fit easily into your small room and in your budget too.

#4. Two piece-joint sofa:

curved sectional sofa 44

This gorgeous two piece serpentine curved sectional sofa is an absolute combination of style and comfort that fulfills all the features that one looks in their desired sofa set. The curves formed at the edges and in the middle of the sofa are completely of black leather mixed with velvet upholstery. This sofa can really represent the quality of the contemporary and modern style of sofa. Simple and elegant.

#5. Pacific sofa:

curved sectional sofa 55

A perfect and beautifully styled pacific sofa set, is exactly what holds something for people who are in love for soft and comfortable upholstery. The t-shaped cushions and the ethnic side curve gives a refreshing look accompanied with the arms that are elegantly placed.

Perfect melt in couch feel can be derived from this piece of sofa set. The fabric used is perfect and easily cleanable. The sofa looks trendy and well-paced with the out sights. This sofa gives a perfect look to your living room making it more lively and graceful.

#6. White bounded leather curved sofa:

curved sectional sofa 66

To make a good impression on your customers, clients and visitors, this sofa set is all what you’ve been waiting for. This reception sofa is indeed perfect for office and waiting room sitting. This piece will not only fit in your beautiful and elegant environment buy will also be a perfect choice for your living room. This will definitely give a fashionable look to your drawing room.

The efficient stitching and solid box in the bottom gives an assurance of durability and dependency on this upholstery. One this is pretty sure, after using this chair you will definitely recommend it to your colleagues. Fixed cushions make it more comfortable. The sloping arms makes it look stylish. White leather used, gives a luster finish and makes is soft and durable.

#7. Ottoman style curved sofa:

curved sectional sofa 77

This sofa is so urbane and unique, it adds such a charm to your living room and dining room that none would go without praising it. It’s absolutely worth the investment. It has a curved back, which is supported by the oak framework and hence is a perfect material for traditional decor. Includes exactly four pillows, as per the design. Suits and fits easily into small, medium and large rooms. Perfect combination of style with pinch of antiquates.

#8. Serpentine sofa:

curved sectional sofa 88

The serpentine sofa with arms on the left  hand side, sways and provides the back rest from left to right is indeed a perfect styling material for your stylish room.

What more could one have asked for, this amazing piece can actually intensify the beauty of your place, be it your home or your office, this piece will conform perfectly. Starting from left to right, the fabric is a mix of leather and velvet, making it soft, durable and fashionable.

#9. Oversized sectional sofa:

curved sectional sofa 99

This beautifully and comfortably stuffed sofa can never go wrong for the styling of your lavish living room. This elegant traditional design suffices to its graceful look. The large seater couch is well stuffed with foam, wrapping into the mix of velvet and cotton upholstery. Absolute combination of comfort, style and durability.

#10. Curved leather sofa:

curved sectional sofa 1010

Leather sofas are indeed here to stay no matter what and for a longer time. They are traditional, durable, comfortable and what not. They will serve your living room for years to come. This red colored leather sofa set is so ethnic and beautiful and will definitely compliment your wooden flooring.

Strong stitching and well stuffed, fitted cushions add more charm to this set. It’s highly durable. And yes not to forget they are amazingly durable. The first thing that comes to the mind when we talk about ‘one-time-investment’ is these leather curved sofas, which can never go wrong to highlight the living room.

#11. Liza sofa:

curved sectional sofa 1111

Basically, the idea of making this sofa set was drawn from the French salon styles. This is a delightful and yet traditional piece which will definitely embrace the quality of your living room. The curved back and rolled arms gives it a different look than all the monotonous sofas that might just be there with you.

A complete yes to this design from the experts of home decor. The hardwood used in it, assures that it will serve you for many more years to come.

#12. Cosmopolitan curved sofa:

curved sectional sofa 1212

This cosmopolitan sofa set, is stuffed with extra fitted cushions from inside. Extremely comfortable and gives a melt in couch feel. Very soft upholstery and well stitching materials makes it reliable and durable without any doubts. The coffee shade will do wonders with your wooden flooring and cabinetry. This welcoming sofa is supported by wooden base which makes it even more reliable and worth the investment.

#13. The cool-armless sofa:

curved sectional sofa 1313

The cool armless sofas are very trendy and ‘in’ these days. They are in huge demand as conforms to the modern contemporary styling. The convex metal legs and solid wooden base wrapped with soft and foamy upholstery will serve you for long. Very reliable and durable material attracts the eyes of classy and well off people. It’s a must, if specially focusing on ultra-contemporary designs.

#14. Smooth-edged leather sofa:

curved sectional sofa 1414

This sofa set is especially designed to serve and meet dual purposes, one to tap the contemporary designs and second to be unique. The comfortable white leather used is well fitted with soft and heavy foam making is a little spongier and softer than other contemporary designs. Roundly placed sofa set is definitely a treat to your living room, will definitely go well with your white marble flooring.  The sofa set is definitely durable and stylish.

#15. Clausen sectional sofa:

curved sectional sofa 1515

clausen sectional sofa presents the combination of track arms and blended down T-shaped fitted cushions. Made with leather and velvet, this gives it a luster look and makes it even more durable. Sewing style on the back of the pillow is “squared”. Basically it is a wood frame construction wrapped in foam and fabric upholstery.

Gives a royal look to your living room, and a perfect melting down feel.

#16. L-shaped curved sofa:

curved sectional sofa 1616

Completely L-shaped sofas are surprisingly a big hit in today’s modern and contemporary designs of home decor. Cushion backed L-shaped sofas can fit easily in your small living room or will add an amazing texture to your grand drawing room, these are in huge demand now a days. The wooden work done around the corners makes it look good and durable for a longer period. Indeed a perfect amalgam of style and comfort.

#17. U-shaped curved sofa:

curved sectional sofa 1717

U-shaped sofas are completely ‘in’ now a days; the look of this sofa is not just of a mere sitting but also provides a dual comfort of a round bed. One can simply invest blindly in this piece as this a sure mixture of style, durability, comfort and can fit easily in a small area. Backed with solid leather and wrapped with soft foam, cushions are indeed comfortable and intensify the longitivity of the sofa. This is economical as well as can be sufficient for a one room set.

#18. S-shaped sofa:

curved sectional sofa 1818

S-shaped sofas are perfect for an office room sitting and for bed side sitting. They are durable and indeed trendy. These kinds of sofas are backed with wooden work, which is accompanied by soft upholstery. Cushions make it more comfortable. And as they say, the combination of white and black can never go wrong, hence this is indeed a choice royal and classy people. Suits the house and makes it look worthwhile. Investing in this piece can never be a point of regret. A complete ‘yes-yes’ from the home decor designers.

#19. O-shaped sofas:

curved sectional sofa 1919

These o-shaped sofas are perfect for outdoor sittings. Makes the conversation livelier, while interacting. A perfect blend of wooden and soft upholstery. This can never go wrong for a perfect outdoor sitting or a terrace sitting. The arms are supported by wooden work. The back of the sofa is well stitched and fitted.

#20. Cylindrical sofas:

curved sectional sofa 2020

This sofa set is basically for home decor fanatics. What more could one have asked for, this is new, stylish, trendy, comfortable, durable and what not. As the saying goes, white and black can never ever go wrong, hence this is it. The sofa set is indeed a perfect combination of all the features which one looks for.

The back of the sofa is supported by wood, wrapped is extremely soft fabric, giving the shine perfectly. Extra cushions with zebra design makes it even more comfortable. Flat bottom supported with small wheels makes it movable as well. Hence, one can simply rely on the look it will provide to your fantastic living room.


Therefore, we now know that what perfect home decor can provide by using the above mentioned designs of curved sectional sofa sets. Yes, they are stylish, comfortable, durable, provide soft and useful upholstery, can confirm to our imagination of how perfect the living room should look. These contemporary designs were somewhere lost in the mid of this era, but now they are back.

And back with a bang! They have a subtle sophistication which sets them apart from the normal and monotonous look. Whether you talk about leather finish, velvet finish or wooden finish they all have something in common, and that is perfect style and comfort. If you are looking for something worth ‘one time investment’ then the assurance is there that these sectional sofas are what you have been looking for.

I hope the designs provided would help you to design your living room well. Look up for more such work, coming soon!

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