Top 16 Styles of Painted Rocks

Today we are sharing with you top 16 styles of painted rocks.

Almost all of us have the habit of keeping our yards and the entrances of our houses clean and beautiful such that it attracts the visitors and make them visit us next time. It is very natural in the parts of the human beings that they would love to visit someone where they feel that they are welcomed and taken care off compared to the places where the hosts do not even care to be polite to the visitors and that the house is being kept dirty and unhealthy.

And for the same reason, most of us make our yards beautiful and attractive which allows the visitors to be felt welcomed. Most of us either maintain gardens with beautiful flowers and fountains or the fencing is done beautifully which makes the visitor feel protected.

And today, with passage of time and those new things are creeping in, stone fencing and painted rocks are kept in the entrances and the garden porches to make the place appealing.

The painted rocks not only work as the art of beauty but also have strong fencing around the borders of the house and attract the people from outside. The painted rocks give an attractive look to your entrances and that it also does give positive vibes to your house and welcomes the visitors.

The following are the various types and styles of painted rocks that one should consider and give them places in their homes. The top 16 styles of the painted rocks and which looks the best to the entrances of any house, be it porch house or a lavish palace. 16 plus best painted rock ideas for yard and garden art are available, check and choose the best for your home.

With time and advancement, people have started decorating their gardens and porches with stones, benches and fences and swings and make it as much appealing as much as they can such that not only they do like it but also the visitors like it and can spend good quality time in the gardens.

The following are the best ways in which you can decorate your porch or garden areas using the rocks which are unused at home or could be brought it.

Top 16 Styles of Painted Rocks

#1. DIY Stepping Stones:

painted rocks 1


The DIY trend is in and people make sure that they make something on their own, following few of the tutorials from the net and there on start working towards it. DIY Stepping Stones are basically the line of stones that are being created on the garden land, making a way towards something, be it the entrances of the houses or the benches and swings in the garden.

And these stones can be carved, shaped and painted into any form that you like and desire. For example, if you have babies in the house, you can paint the stones in the characters of which they babies like such as spider man or Barbie girl or something related to nature. And they can even be painted subtle and kept simple on the other hand.

#2. Mosaic path with rock:

painted rocks 2Source

Mosaic path is something like settling the stones or the rocks in a desired pattern that might even create illusions or abstract creatures. The stones or the rocks should be first chosen in that way which would suit the final picture, the color combination is to be considered well before doing it and the final picture of the path is to be assumed and then worked upon. Usually geometrical shapes are being preferred for the mosaic path as it does not require any of the later assumptions.

#3. Tic tac toe stones:

painted rocks 3Source

For giving a pleasurable effect and that reminding us to play the traditional games whenever we wish to, people have come up with the TIC TAC TOE game stones which are being painted in the shapes of the crosses and zeros and kept on a checkered base. They could be in any color and whole sort of environment is being created.

#4. Garden Benches:

painted rocks 4Source

The painted rocks or the stones are being used to create artistic benches or are even simply assembled in a box structure to give a bench like structure. This gives a different look to the garden, utilizes the colored stones, and makes it appealing overall.

#5. Colored Fountain:

painted rocks 5Source

The painted rocks or the stones could be stacked or put in such a position that can be used in forming a fountain. The stones of different colors and shapes could be stacked in a column, can be arranged in a sort of pattern or simply can become the base of the exiting fountain in the garden which would change the color of the water and give an illusion of rainbow colors.  It gives an amazing look to the garden overall and calls for attention.

#6. Glow Rocks:

painted rocks 6Source

Don’t have time to do something really good for your garden but it does need your hand, simply bring in the glow paintings and paint the rocks or the stones in your garden and arrange them in a pattern or scatter them in different corners to give a different shiny and glow look. You would be able to identify the spot by the simply glow rock kept there.

#7. Stone Patio Benches:

painted rocks 7Source

Large stones or rocks could be used to form benches giving a different look in the garden. Usually rectangle or squared shaped stones are being used having a proper surface which allows the stone to be settled at one place. And when these stones are painted, be it bright or subtle, it gives a good effect.

#8. Cute rock Ladybugs:

painted rocks 8Source

When having no new ideas, the cutest form of decorating your garden is to paint your stones in the shape and colors of the lady bugs, keep them in different corners of the garden and simply wait for the reactions of the family members as well as the visitors. They would be shocked at the first place and thereon realize that they are being painted.

#9. Gabion Wall:

painted rocks 9Source

The stones and rocks cannot only be used to decorate the base of it or forming the benches but they can even be utilize in forming a type of fencing for the plantations or simply condensing a oath to be walked upon. The wall formed by the rocks allows the people to know their way and the place which they are being provided. The stones when painted with different shades of a same color, gives an amazing flow of it and looks amazing.

#10. Chameleons and different creatures:

painted rocks 10Source

To give a different and impressive look to your garden, you can simply put in different painted creatures and chameleons which would make the public be scared or be awe struck at times. When you see a rabbit painted in the stones, it would be very eye pleasing whereas a tiger could be a sign or danger at times.

#11. Colorful Pots:

painted rocks 11Source

In case you get nothing in mind and still wish to decorate your garden, empty your pots and buy new ones and fill them with colored stones and keep them in a pattern or in a row towards your entrance which gives a good look.

#12. Dog house, or pet house:

painted rocks 12Source

Stones and creating something attractive is not only for our purpose but it could be for our pets and others as well. The painted rocks or stones could be used for making the dog house, or the bird cage which would be very productive as well as appealing. And it would be productive as well.

#13. Children’s Learning Stones:

painted rocks 13Source

For the betterment of children and that they can learn while playing, stones and rocks are being painted with alphabets and numbers in bright colors such that it can be easier for the children to learn and enjoy while learning as well.

#14. Flat stone patterns:

painted rocks 14Source

Beach stones or the colored marbles can be used in the entrance of the houses to make various designs and give an attractive look to the entrance. They could be arranged in different manners and can be changed on regular basis as well.

#15. Colored Story Line:

painted rocks 15Source

With painted rocks and stones, storylines or a picture could be created which appeals the visitors and gives a different look to the yard altogether. It could be of anyone, family, animals or something creative by itself. The garden is changed in a different picture.

#16. Seashells:

painted rocks 16Source

Going to a beach and have collected those sea shells and now don’t know where to put? Get them in a pot or scatter them over your garden ground and let them look pretty over the land or could be gathered in jars and hanged thereon.


These were the few of the best designs that one could think of for the gardening and making their porch areas prettier. You can choose any one of them or create any of the combos and let the gardens become attractive and appealing.

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