Top 15 Ideas of Window Treatments for Bay Windows

We would like to share here the most significant ideas of  window treatments for bay windows, which will discover a variety of different bay window treatments with budget blinds!

Designing your sweet home is one of the amazing things you would ever do to enhance your style and personality. Windows and ventilations are important part of planning, because air circulation and natural lighting is must in every home. With the help of proper window planning you will get to enjoy the cool breeze. So here are some of the ideas for bay window treatment.

Bay window gives a unique charm to old homes and it has a very beautiful feature that will attract to decorate the modern houses. Windows give a superb view of picturesque. These types of windows with many geometric designs like rounded, polygonal shape which will bring a modern interior design with nature inside and outside of the rooms.

Here is the list of the ideas of bay window that will blend the awesome decor into a comfort and modern design which will inspire you and help you to give a perfect way to bay window in your home and which will create a place where you will play, relax, read and also watch your kids play.

Bay window is a rounded type, whether you choose to build a cozy seat in it or you just move a sofa and create a spot to relax or read. Bay window gives a pleasant look to your design and also creates a beautiful decor with the light in it. The type of bay window is such that you can also decorate it by keeping a vase with the lavish curtain which can add a charm to your bay window design.

You can give a bay window design near your dining area, bedroom, living area; this bay window gives an attractive look. Here we’ll help you create various bay window designs with the unique ideas and tips that would give your bay window a modern yet classy look.  So let’s get started:

Top 15 ideas of window treatments for bay windows are following:

#1. Bay window in a modern design:

window treatments for bay windows 1


Well, will start from the exterior view of the bay window. Just look at the elegance which is enhancing the beauty of the house exterior. Doesn’t that look awesome and great?  Every home planning must first give an excellent look for exterior because it the first thing people see. Its modern as well as the vintage look of the window attracts the decor.

The fantastic view of bay window is adding a great look at the house. This bay window has box type glasses which isn’t transparent; its cooling glass mirror which is seen from inside people in day but an outsider can’t see the interior view but at the same time in night inside view is clearly seen.

#2. Bay window seat:

window treatments for bay windows 2Source

A bay window seat can be very comfortable and cozy feeling; it can also help in getting an extra storage. These window seats add a charm to the room bay window gives a focal point and also helps in spacing out for extra seating. We can also decor it by a vintage style grandfather clock which adds as an antique look. Floral cushion gives a wonderful look to the bay window.  These three sided window give a curvy look. It is fixed outside the wall so that it recess on the inside look.

#3. Living room bay window:

window treatments for bay windows 3Source

This bay window gives an elegant look to the living room. Those sofas compliment the beauty of the bay window. The round and huge bay window gives a natural lighting, by giving a soft and light color curtains will enhance the beauty of bay window. By using white color sofa it gives a sign of peace, we can open the windows for natural air circulation. Keep a side table for a perfect decor and also keep a flower vase in it. The round table in the centre will add to the look and the style of the interiors.

#4. Dining room bay window:

window treatments for bay windows 4Source

Look at this dining area it’s not so spacious yet it is so well designed. This dining area is fully designed and the curtain, rugs, chair, books shelf, everything is so well decorated. Bay window is adding a window seat for extra seating. Lighting effect gives the bay window a focal point and the mirror on the side is giving a feel of spacious area by the reflections in it.

A plain bay window won’t give a perfect look. For an overall awesome look of the room, one should select the fabric and also look after the color combination that will suit and sync with each other and look great. By placing the TV one can use this room as dining area and also as entertainment area. By sitting in bay window seat we can watch TV and enjoy our meals too.

#5. Bedroom bay window:

window treatments for bay windows 5Source

Bay window in bedroom will give an attractive design. Now we will discuss about the pinky girlish bedroom look. As you see in the above picture the bay window in this room is giving an extra space for the study area. This bay window is not only giving you a modern look but also is helping you to make the place spacious and widen the area giving you some extra space.

The pink curtain separates the bed area; just because of round shape of bay window. Bed room is a place where we can relax and after a full day work, so while planning a bedroom with bay window we can make a comfortable and stylish look. This window shouldn’t take away privacy but they should give comfort as well as design and style.

#6. Kitchen bay window:

window treatments for bay windows 6Source

The best way to feel and have a bigger kitchen is building a bay window in kitchen. Our cooking space will be larger with this kind of window. It is your wish to make a box bay window or an angled bay window that will give your kitchen a brighter look. It is quite affordable and it is also very appealing as it adds some value to the design. If we are planning for an island kitchen than bay window will perfectly suit.

We can also place table and chair near a bay window and make them a dining area. The dusky color in the kitchen is giving it a modern look that is royal too. Those three sided windows are decorated by the floral curtain that are only in the half the length and this is because to let the air and light inside the kitchen. This helps for a fresh look and feel in the kitchen.

#7. Perfect elegant bay window:

window treatments for bay windows 7Source

People who are living in a Victorian era then there is a chance of seeing the original features of stunning fireplace. The best feature of olden day’s house is that they had amazing bay window. Bay windows are usually found under the contemporary design, and this kind of window gives a spacious effect to the place that is outward and is the main wall of house. We will find many kinds of bay windows- bow window to angled window each and every shape is unique. Fabric should be selected carefully so that will perfectly fit and suit the window

#8. Bay windows in bungalow:

window treatments for bay windows 8Source

In olden days we found these types of windows more commonly. Bay window gives a perfect shape for the balcony. We can use any kind of material to enhance the exterior look of the window. One can have a wooden partition in between the glasses. The material like the glass and the wood that you select for the bay windows are very important as that adds to the look of the window.

#9. Bay window bed:

window treatments for bay windows 9Source

These types of beds are used as space saving and this also gives an extra space for relaxation and hang around time. That large bay window gives an amazing attraction; the glasses are in box shape the curves give a decorated look. Curtain isn’t necessary for this bay window bed because this will be close the natural light and natural look.

The bay windows look elegant when they are sided with beds. You can spend hours together sitting there and enjoying a cup of tea or a book. All that you should have is a calm mind and a peaceful surrounding.

#10. Bay window in the bathroom:

window treatments for bay windows 10Source

Bathrooms are a private affair and windows should be placed carefully. This bay window will help in keeping the things. we can place a candle for relaxing atmosphere. This window can also be used for emergency exit. Bathroom usually doesn’t have a window but for a different and a modern look we can use a bay window so that it can also be used for shelving and using the place for organizing the toiletries.

#11. Apartment bay windows:

window treatments for bay windows 11Source

Building a home or an apartment needs a lot of planning. Within the given space we need to create a wonderful home as well as give it a spacious look. An exterior is must for an eye-catching look, so this bay angled window not only gives an elegant look but also gives a small space which can be used for any other leisure activity.

This will add to the looks of your apartment from outside and also inside. The apartment will be airy and there will be enough light coming in through the bay windows.

#12. Modern bay window:

window treatments for bay windows 12Source

Some people want their rooms to be decorated with ultra modern interiors. So this bay window gives a shape which builds a charm and uniqueness to the room. We can place a chair near the window as shown in picture. These curtains add a superb look and one can have a natural view of the outside through the glasses. Using a same contrasting color gives a balanced look. As we can see grey is used for a bedspread curtain and the wall paint is also grey.

#13. Curtain for bay window:

window treatments for bay windows 13Source

Bay window looks awesome when it’s decorated through curtains and furniture. A velvet curtain draped in a lengthy way gives an excellent look to the window and there are many materials and fabric which would be used to compliment the window. They have also used a round curtain tier for tying the curtain. The golden color is giving an attractive look to the curtain.

#14. Bay window in the Reading area:

window treatments for bay windows 14Source

Reading a fairy tale or whatever book it is, first, peace is important. So reading area is perfect near bay window. There can be a wall build equal to window and one can put the mattress upon it and then decorate it with the cushion. Your reading area, fun time, relaxing area is ready.

#15. Lobby area bay window:

window treatments for bay windows 15Source

When a lobby is beautiful like this then every person will love to build bay window in their houses. Natural light, wonderful scenery is just like the heaven on earth. Build a huge window and cover it with glasses and then place a chair in the corner and a table in center, now your lobby is ready and your guest will surely admire the decor of your home.


A bay window can add more beauty to your house, so just check out the idea used for the various area in the house. These are few tips and ideas for bay window treatment. One needs to have a thorough knowledge of decorating and using the right interior for creating that vibe and the look in the are.

Bay window does wonder to the place but at the same time, the glasses, the wood used to make it, the curtains etc are something that one should keep in mind while decorating a place with the bay windows. It is not quite simple but it is not that difficult too.

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