Things to Consider Before Designing Home Interior

Your house is the reflection of your personality. Everyone has a dream house, the place where you desire to spend the rest of your life in peace and harmony. Also after a long day of tedious work you want to come home and relax in your personal space.

That is why every one of us at some point in life reaches a place where we feel the need to design our personal space according to our personal needs and preferences. Needless to say it is a big and important decision to get the ambience just right.

Here are a few tips to help you reach the right decision:

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#1. Who is going to share your space?

First and foremost you have to consider who is going to live in your house. Do you have a large family with mother,father and children living together? Or you are a guy wanting to enjoy your bachelors pad? Every  family member has different requirements, which should be considered while designing the house.

For example:

  • Live-In parents and siblings?
  • Frequent friends coming over?
  • Children’s play area?
  • Official meeting at home?

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So make sure to consider the people who are going to share the space with you.

#2. What is your personal style statement?  

Another thing to consider before you head out to purchase is what style makes you feel at home. When you imagine yourself relaxing at your place do you see yourself in a luxurious home with flamboyant interior? Or do you see yourself in the calm and serene environment? Your personal style reflects in your day to day life. Look for clues in your wardrobe, current home decor, paces you like to visit, restaurants you like to eat in etc.

Here are some useful tips:

  • If you like to live in spacious and easy to maintain surroundings then you should opt for minimal Italian style furniture.
  • If you prefer to live in the lap of nature then you should include garden area or terrace garden.
  • If you want royal looking lavish decor go for woodwork and bling accessories.

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Though ignorance is bliss, but not when it comes to designing your dream home. So observe your current lifestyle and look for your likes and dislikes in particular to make your dream shape into perfect reality.

#3. Things you dislike

Just like knowing your likes is an important task, similarly knowing your dislikes is also an important aspect. When you decide what you want in your place also consider the things you don’t want in your environment.

  • Consider this, if you don’t like larger than life things with lavish look and over the top fashion; then you probably won’t like the heavy looking interior in your place too.
  • If you don’t like neon shades in general, then keeping even a dash of neon in your surroundings is a big NO.
  • On the other hand if you like to have fun with your surroundings then you can go for funky interior, mix and match stuff to bring out your bright side. In this case minimal Italian clean and neat looking surroundings would bring you down.

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#4. Color therapy

It is a scientifically proven theory that colors and surroundings affect our mood and concentration. So while deciding on a color you should consider the purpose that the place is going to serve. Like you should prefer calm and soothing colors for bedroom where you would sit and relax after long day of work.

  • Pastel shades of green, blue and purple seem to calm down the nerves and help in maintaining internal peace.
  • Shades of yellow and orange makes you feel energetic and help you achieve goals more swiftly. So these can be used for kids’ room.
  • Earthly shades of brown, off white, cream and honey are serene and reliable colors; these can be used for adult study room or living room
  • Earthly shades of brown, off white, cream and honey are serene and reliable colors; these can be used for adult study room or living room.

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#5. Personality type                               

Also consider the temperament and personality of the person who is going to live in that room. You don’t want an already extrovert and active person to be more restless by painting their room with a bright shade of yellow, orange or red. Also you don’t want an already depressed person to live in rather dull room painted with shades of brown and blue. So consider both purpose of the room and person living in that room before deciding on the color theme of a particular area.

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#6. How much time can you spare for maintenance of your place?

Getting the right interior is not the toughest part; the difficult part is what comes next. Maintaining the furniture, paint and accessories keeping them clean and dent free is equally important. If all the house members are full time working then daily maintenance would seem to be a Herculean task. Even if you have full time help, they would require supervision.

Go for simple, easy to maintain interior. Glass accessories do seem lavish, but would not seem a wise investment with kids running around.But if you have time and money to spare on daily maintenance then you can choose from all sorts of designs.

The variety includes:

  • Hand crafted wood work
  • Glass ware,
  • Leather designs and
  • White marble based furnishing.

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They do seem to burn a hole in your pocket but the panache these furnishings bring along with them is totally worth it. This kind of interior requires daily care and sensible usage.

#7. Usage of that space  

You would have to allot rooms and space to all the members according to an environment necessary for their work   and well being.

For example:

  • If you have old parents you would have to provide them a ground floor room. And
  • For children the room would be designed according to their age and educational requirements.
  • For couples the more apt setting would be of romantic, soothing environment with soft colors and spacious rooms.
  • If you party frequently you should have easy to maintain interior.
  • If you want a clutter free place which could easily accommodate all your belongings then go for built-in cabinets.

And the list goes on.

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#8. Research

After you have made up your mind on the rough sketch of your house do some independent research online or through your friends and family who have already built their dream home. This would give you a clearer picture and fill the gap between your expectation and reality. Sometimes the concept that we have in your mind is unclear to the designer or may not look as good in reality. You should have ample amount of discussions and convey your thoughts clearly to the designer for better results.

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#9. Money wise be wise

Before going through with purchase and hiring services of different craftsmen, do consider your budget. You don’t want to lose sight of your finances in the wave of the things. Since decoration of a house can cost as much as another small house it self. Hence pre-plan your expanses and keep them in mind while making the purchase.

Some cost cutting solutions can be:

• Consider buying from a wholesale market
• Look for cheap substitutes of expensive items.
• Try minimal decoration at first, you can always add on later.
• Discuss your budget and requirements at full length with your designer.
• Look for cheap bargains and sales within your area.

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As it an expensive and time consuming affair, you should do proper research and know your taste before blindly following an interior designer’s advice.

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