Top 11 Pallet Wine Rack Designs

Search online and you can get the variety of great pallet wine rack designs. They are very good home decor too, if designed brilliantly. Only, the wine lovers know how important is to collect the wines and organize them; and these wine racks are undoubtedly just made for them.

Even you yourself can make them easily, you will also find this quit fun and interesting. Some of them are readily available too. And in fact if you are a crafty woodworker or a handyman already, you won’t find it even a little difficult to make a nice wine rack. It’s good for the purpose of gifting your dear one’s as well.

All you need is a heap of good design ideas which you can get here. So, let’s get started:

Top 11 Pallet Wine Rack Designs:

#1. Easy to make wine rack:

Pallet Wine Rack 1


A simple yet beautiful wine rack; easy and cheap to make too. In fact you can make this wine rack within two hours, what is more necessary is the tools that you use. You can use power tools to make it lot easier rather than hand tools. Here we will guide you with the basic steps:

  • Cut the pallet according to your desired size using a circular saw or hand saw.
  • Use a hammer or a pry bar to get in between the boards. Hammer it in and pry them off.
  • Now you have to cut into smaller pieces, for that you will need 3 smaller pieces to separate the board that is going to hold the glasses and support the bottom. Cut the bigger section of the pallet and you will get that.
  • Now, sand the pallets so that it looks better. The pallet is usually rough.
  • Now put the holes for the glasses and drill them.
  • Then, cut the gaps for the glasses and put it together.
  • That is it. Hang it on the wall now.

Make sure you select a good place for its hanging. The pallet will really look great if hanged on its right place.

#2. Always bright wine rack:

Pallet Wine Rack 2Source

This is quite an impressive wine rack pallet piece. This wine rack is made with plywood, the interior of the wine rack which has been painted in a bright colour is very attractive and this is what makes the rack so amazing.

A short procedure for designing this wine rack:

  • Cut two pieces of plywood in the desired size using a table saw.
  • Sand the edges.
  • Trace and cut the circle on a piece of wood making sure every piece is higher than the other.
  • Again sand the inner circular forms lightly.
  • Cut three more plywood pieces using a table saw for the top, bottom and side one.
  • Apply stains using a fresh weenie roller to the out facing plywood pieces.
  • Secure all pieces of plywood using a wood glue.
  • Further secure the back side of the wine rack to the wall using the same wood glue.

And you are ready with the most impressive wine rck holder. Enjoy!

#3. Frame wine rack:

Pallet Wine Rack 3Source

This wine rack is really very easy to make that too in a very short time. Also it looks so different and unique. This one will prove to be best one you will gift to your friend, in case he/she is a wine lover. You can keep this even in your dining area or in fact on the top of your fridge. Yes! Such flexible it is.

Let’s take a quick view of the steps that is used to make this wine rack.

  • First you need to determine the whole placement using a pencil and a straightedge.
  • Cut the holes properly and sand smooth it.
  • Determine the area where the hinges are to be placed.
  • Drill for the string and add string and you are done with the making of one of the beautiful pallet wine racks.

The wood has not been painted in this wine rack so that it gives the best natural look but a pop of colour has been given with a neon string.

#4. Spring house exterior pallet wine rack:

Pallet Wine Rack 4Source

You can give a basic wooden pallet a new twist by turning it into a rustic outdoor wine rack that will be able to hold at least 25 wine bottles and stemware, too.

Steps used to build this pallet wine rack are:

  • Cut pallet to the size you need.
  • Expose the curve in the front side. This is really important to give the rack its actual beautiful look.
  • Three planks across the wine racks are enough, remove if there are additional planks.
  • Level and clean the top of the pallet.
  • Sand smooth the pallet and measure the glass hanger putting a mark around the place and cut it accordingly.
  • You are now ready to place the wine bottles.

This will look very good kept in a bar, inside your home or outdoor too. You can arrange the wine bottles inside the cabinet of the wine rack and some above it. It’s actually made in such a form.

#5. Vintage wine holder:

Pallet Wine Rack 5Source

This is yet another awesome looking wine rack. This looks great with its rustic look and smooth finishing thing. In fact you can make this on your own very easily.

Let’s get started with the guidelines for making this kind of wine rack.

  • Start with sand smoothing all the pallet’s corner and edges.
  • Mark up your board on both the sides based on the exact size you need. Mark lines on top and the bottom for easier access to cutting.
  • Put 2 holes in the front and back of the each mark.
  • Next add a line of wood glue and clamp then to the point here you made the marks.
  • Use a drill to pre-drill 2 of the holes and insert the wood screws through these holes with the help of drill.
  • Bow colour all the pieces with your favourite colour and attach every piece as shown in the image and you are ready to place it on the wall.

You are going to love what you made!

#6. The ever trendy wine rack:

Pallet Wine Rack 6Source

This really looks very classy with a colour, unlike other pallet wine racks are usually colourless. This kind of racks are very suitable in modern kitchens.

A step to step guide for making this wine rack:

  • Cut the hangers to length. Measure and allow a few inches, so that it can be wrapped around the back panel.
  • Cut the central panel and two side panels and paint.
  • Mark holes for every pair of hanger and drill the holes
  • Attach the hangers with wood screws and secure the end.
  • Cut and screw the bases to the side panels.
  • Paint the inner wine rack with any colour you like as shown in the image.
  • For attaching the finished rack to the wall, use a hangman system.
  • Enjoy with your wine rack.

#7. Wall mounted wine rack:

Pallet Wine Rack 7Source

This is another really classy wine rack solution for your wall. Adding a bright colour will give it another appealing look. It adds a style quotient to your kitchen or dining area wherever you place the rack.

The following is the procedure for making this type of rack.

  • Cut pieces for the box accordingly after determining the size you desire.
  • Create a u shaped groove in the wood which is called the rabbet joint.
  • With the help of glue, nails and screws connect the four sides of the rack together.
  • The wine rack is box shaped. So, assemble the sides to create the proper shape.
  • Then cut the woods for divider.
  • Measure and cut the diagonal shelves.
  • In the same procedure, measure and cut the supporting shelves.
  • Then cut the joints in diagonal shelves and install them properly in the box.
  • Paint the entire wine rack with a bright colour that will make the rack pop up.
  • Mount it in the wall carefully.

#8. All over the wall wine rack:

Pallet Wine Rack 8Source

This type of wine racks is made from more than one wooden pallet. So, this is comparatively little time consuming and high budgeted too. If you want to make one of this kind of pallet wine rack, you surely must have more wood cutting skills, for this is definitely not an easy task. However, if you are little more experienced and is already used to making the pallet wine racks, you can work efficiently on this.

The pallets here has been cut in size you want your wine rack to be, and then it has been stacked one on top of another so that it can cover an entire wall. It’s so easy and so difficult at the same time. But once you made this type of wine rack, you are going to love this for ever.

It will look really good in a modern living room or a dining area and it can hold number of bottles as well.

#9. Wine lovers charm:

Pallet Wine Rack 9Source

This is yet another antique looking wine rack. This rack may not hold more bottles but it definitely give that classy and royal look which you always look for while designing or buying a wine rack. This wine rack is so easy to make by yourself. Just look at the image and you will definitely make it done.

The thing here is, you can not only use a pallet for this design, but a few pieces of any scrap wood will absolutely look good.  This rack can hold just 3 bottle of wine and for more attractive display it is placed horizontally. The reason why it looks so charming!

#10. All in One pallet wine rack

Pallet Wine Rack 10Source

This wine rack is also made from a recycled pallet wine rack. It is simpler to design and make. In fact you can also use the rack for displaying magazines, resting your mug or something else other than just placing your bottle in the rack.

This wine rack is burnt with a propane torch, so that it adds more rustic touch to the wine rack design. You can easily place the wine bottles in one of the rack and the wine glasses in another as you like. You are going to love this very versatile kind of pallet wine rack.

#11. Table wine rack:

Pallet Wine Rack 11Source

This is just an amazing pallet wine rack idea. It’s like a table wine rack. You can use this as your table as well as the wine rack. It will look great on your dining area.

The method used to build this kind of rack is too simple. All you have to do is to take one or two or three pallets, depending on the size of your table that you have decides to use as the base for your rack. And then you just have to place them over the table cloth.


And finally you are ready. Go with storing the bottles inside and use the surface as usual like a regular table you use every day.

So, these are some of the best pallet wine racks that will look good and awesome in your home. Some of them are so good that people just use it as the home decor element rather than the sole purpose of storing wine bottles. Go for it!

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