20 Best Modern Media Room Ideas for Your Home

Moder media room ideas for your home

In today’s times when the changing face of trends is always on the go, it is but quite relevant to say that the home theater or the media room ideas would have to be changing with time as well! In today’s times, media rooms are the small rooms in a house which are dedicated to watching movies for the family whereas the home theater rooms can give the nearby small-scale theatre a run for their money!

While both the home media rooms, as well as the home theater room set up in a house, can easily transform the entire feel by upgrading the family fun time quotient to a manifold level, sky is the limit quite literally in terms of styling and designing a home theater room or a media room for you home for that matter.

Where there are tons of designers awaiting their chance to showcase their potential to transform your dream home theater or media room into reality, there is yet no harm in looking into some of the best modern design ideas in this regard, which makes the use of the reigning trends such as the hidden speaker systems, fiber optic lighting system, soundproof rooms, motorized on screens and drapes and many more!

Well, coming to the best modern design ideas for your home media room or your very own home theater room, we have come up with some of the ideas below which sure are going to shape your dreams into reality for sure!

Here are 20 best modern media room ideas for your home.

#1. The living room corner used as a media or home theatre room!

media room ideas 1


Taking about homes, it is common that there is a lot of free space at the edge of the staircase at times which lie unused and not taken care of! In case you have one, why not broaden your design senses and revamp it into your very own media room? Use contrasting sofa sets and loungers which look appealing and just add the big LED TV and the projector to the walls and ceiling according to the décor. Light it up with small led bulbs and blue lighting at the background, and you are done with a nice and cozy theatre room at your disposal!

#2. A garage into a home theatre cum media room and a client’s boardroom:

media room ideas 22

Confused? You ought to be! To make matters simpler here, we are talking about a garage which can be easily transformed into anything, a home media room for your cuddly evenings and nights, a home theatre room for the extended family and friends to catch up a movie and also if necessary a client presentation board room with all the LAN facilities to transform your TV into a work presentation mode! Where, to get this done, you just need to add some cozy sofas and loungers all around the place, a center table if you feel like, a huge LED TV and yes, lightings! Keep it chic yet simple, so that you don’t overdo the stuff. The simple it is, the better.

Where, to get this done, you just need to add some cozy sofas and loungers all around the place, a center table if you feel like, a huge LED TV and yes, lightings! Keep it chic yet simple, so that you don’t overdo the stuff. The simple it is, the better.

#3. Playroom cum Media room cum Bar!

media room ideas 33 

Sounds great isn’t it? Pick up a room which is spacious and airy, and then add up everything you ever wanted it to be. If you choose an airy room, you can choose to use it as a card room in the lazy afternoons, add a nice small bar in a corner making it a party and drink room in the evenings and yes, the huge LED with sound protective speakers, fully concealed projectors to add to the night’s movie watching fun with family.

Couple this room up with comfortable sofa sets, recliners and small chairs and tables to complete the look. Not to forget the lighting and the décor aspects through, add extensive lighting that you can add small and big and enjoy the fun of the lovely and cozy media room.

#4. A multi-purpose media & theatre room with the latest music amenities:

media room ideas 44

While a media room should not only be about a large LED TV but a lot more, in here you can just do that. The appealing décor of a simple room where the TV and the latest music amenities set as a part of the design add to the glory of the room in here. A lovely yet small fireplace, placed over which lies the huge LED, the music system and the speakers are set at either end to do the wall fully.

Small led lights on the top to get the perfect light setting and comfortable sofas and sitting area set up with a nice table to hold the amenities looks absolutely stunning yet relaxing. This cozy media room is sure to make your mood while you enjoy the latest flick on the TV for sure!

#5. The rustic feel “Media cum home theatre room” design:

media room ideas 55

Are you the one who feels that a rustic interior is “in”? Then this option is sure to be something that would transform your formative dreams into shape! Set with a stone- finish main wall area, set inside which is the large sized plasma display and a nice stone embedded fireplace is sure to take you on a trip!

Coupled with the lovely background of light brown which complements the stone look, the matching cozy, inviting and tanned sofas with recliners are sure to make your media room a perfect place to relax in. Add some splash of corrective lighting, concealed speakers and the great ambience are sure to lift up your mood anytime during the day.

#6. The woody and trendy media cum home theater room:

media room ideas 66

All set to ride in the woods are you? This one talks about the woody interiors in a room, all full of the latest technology in terms of a big plasma display TV which drops down with a click on the automatic remote mechanism and the projector comes down from the ceiling to get the perfect movie viewing experience. Design the room with woody furniture starting from the tables to the shelves, floor and ceiling and couple it all with earthen stand light setting and comfortable and soft sofas and recliners to keep you happy while you enjoy the flick!

#7. The media room with a traditional touch:

media room ideas 77

Is your home the epitome of traditionally best décor round the town? Just like the old American way? If it is so, worry not as here is a design for a home theatre or a media room which is perfectly in tune with the huge open windows which touch the floor all filled with wooden flooring and traditional seating and recliners. In this, while the TV is held in between the old traditional big shelf on one of the walls, everything else is set accordingly, the seating arrangements, lighting, décor all of it. Happy to note that the TV does not look even a bit weird in this traditional up do the room speaks volumes about!

#8. A differently designed media room or home theatre for all-purpose:

media room ideas 88

Ever dreamt of a room to look as magical with a ceiling with windows on the top, a dark setting where one of the sides opens to the outside as a balcony? This is just that and a lot more. Designers experimented and came out with this amazing yet cool décor and transformed a simple room into a smart media room which can be used as a bar and a relaxing chamber too!

Artificial arch ceilings are incorporated here with small windows with the sky look, added a small bar like area at the back with bar chairs and tables and added a lovely L-shaped sofa and a table to relax on after a bust day. The huge LED TV at the front set up nicely on the walls, the concealed speaker system on the artificial ceiling and the hanging projector and lighting makes up for the media room’s décor to an ultimate destination for everything relaxing.

#9. The home media room or maybe home theatre; Hollywood style!:

media room ideas 99

If you have a huge room and you love Hollywood, especially the vintage flicks this is the one you might just fall in love with! The interiors of this home theatre room are done so that it resembles a palace with arches, lightings, pillars, royal colors and what not! Lovely and cozy royal sofa sets all over and yes, a huge, really huge plasma display TV at the front all full with a drape, set with woofers, speakers all round, screen speakers this one is sure to wow your guests if they come over for a movie at the night! Hold a screening of sorts and you will reign over them all!

#10. The media room set up beside the lawn at the outhouse!

media room ideas 1010

A designers pride this one, it is sure to turn heads if implemented in a similar manner! This is a lovely home media room or even a home theatre option which can be replicated in the outhouse which overlooks the lawn area at one side where the other wall is made of wood from where the large plasma TV looks on!

A nice and cozy carpet to spice up the floors, comfortable yet chic sofas to add to the feel and if required a leather recliner makes it to a movie watcher’s delight. A good small ceiling lightings, coupled with hanging ones, a projector system concealed in the roof top which slides down and covers the plasma display for the great viewing experience and speakers added makes up for that home theatre ambience you might be craving for!

#11. The contemporarily styled media room cum home theatre:

media room ideas 1111

Are you in love with everything contemporary? Rush your money into this décor which will fit your bill in every aspect as far as design and feel is concerned. While the wall adorns the huge plasma display all set with the small ceiling lightings, the seats are just as in a movie theatre.

To add to the feel, there is an elevated platform bar just at the back of the rows of movie hall sofa chairs from where the TV view is as amazing too. Thus, in case you and your friends want to enjoy a drink while you savor the show while your family sits in the chair and watches the flick, it’s a win- win situation for all involved!

#12.Movie inspired home media room or home theatre:

media room ideas 1212

With the changing times, trends are taking their own course and thus the coming in of movie-inspired theme décor which has grandly surfaced to the fore! With the movie craze of maybe the Star Wars to maybe The Titanic; people can make up their media room décor in tunes to any of the scenes of maybe taking the idea from their favorite flick. Adding up the interiors like lighting, ambience, décor and all, one can get the LED TV set up in the wall and keep movie theatres like seating arrangements to give the ultimate movie viewing experience in the privacy of one’s house.

#13. The chic home media room or home theatre décor:

media room ideas 1313

This one is a good option if simplicity is the way for you! In this décor set up, the plasma display stands on the huge platform made of wood, the starry lights adorning the ceiling while the soft sofa beds and recliners are kept at the opposite end. Full with a side stand light and a chic center table, you are all set to rock the personal movie night.

#14. A media room which gives the best view from all angles:

media room ideas 1414

In case you want your TV to follow your angles of view, this décor option is just for you! You just need a swivel- mounted flat screen LED coupled with a light setting of blue and light green sofas and a side table perhaps for your bar or food activities, this one is sure to be a great retreat for you and your family whenever you would want to relax after a tiring and loaded day at work.

#15. A kitchen added media room design:

media room ideas 1515

Even wished that you can work and play together without getting either of the experience getting affected? If so, this is your way to be! A perfect media room can be set up at your house which looks over at the kitchen space which lets you do your daily chores along with picking up with the wee bit of the movie you might not catch up with otherwise! With the perfect conglomeration of work and play, this room is all about day light which can pour in from the small windows in the corner, the huge plasma can be mounted on the ceiling while the wall made up according to your taste.

A nice L- shaped cozy and soft sofa cum recliner in the front all set with a table to give you a great feel, the kitchen area can just be behind it all overlooking all the fun that takes place on the screen. Want a late dinner with your loved one while making dinner; this place could not have been better!

16. The media room or home theatre inspired from geometry!

media room ideas 1616

Well no, I am anything but not a mathematician that this would be all about geometry. However, with the rise in the geometrical prints doing the rounds these days, this one could not have skipped that getting into full use. While the floors are wrapped in geometric print carpets, the huge plasma on the walls is overlooked by cozy double sofas preferably the square ones and a round table to finish the look.

The back can be set up with another huge sofa made of leather while the other end of the room houses a bar cum dinner table, overlooking smaller plasma for the viewers there. This set up is sure to keep the spirits high for guests as well as the host serving drinks and food totally.

#17. Home theatre or media room for many people!

media room ideas 1717

It sometimes becomes way tough to accommodate the huge number of guests into your otherwise private media room or home theatre room which is made out of a smaller and rectangular room set- up. To style such an area, utilization of maximum space and light is of utmost importance. To get to the bottom of the things, one needs to set up the room with a huge plasma display on the wall and keep a long L- shaped sofa filled with comfortable small pillows to complete the seating area. A small center table and a dash of correct lighting do the work fully well!

#18. A dual level media room design for your home:

media room ideas 1818

This one is yet again a great design idea in case you can somehow get a dual level in your home media room. Once the levels are complete as per your taste, you can start off with the interiors and the up do. While the first thing on the list would be placing the plasma big screen just mounted on the wall at the best center position, adding the perfect color and lighting would get you the look and feel you are craving for.

The next comes the seating arrangement in the room. While you would be in a mood to munch on popcorns and enjoying an afternoon movie, you can choose the recliner sofas at the lower level coupled with a small center table. The upper level would work out best to keep a huge soft and leather sofa bed which couples up as a bed for the movie nights that you would savor with your partner.

A nicely concealed projector system, sound system and speakers all set up in the perfect manner help to get the best out of the room.

#19. The French style custom estate media room or home theatre set- up design:

media room ideas 1919

In case you are in love with the French traditional estate rooms, this media room and home theater room design idea would surely fill you up with utter delight. Everything in this design speaks royalty, the French way of being the dangling chandelier at the center of the ceiling to the royal work at the ceiling all done with small LED lighting, the floor region is all filled with red colored soft carpet base and traditional leather sofas, and a huge side table with wooden chairs adorn the two sides of the room.

The middle section is adorned with the huge LED display set at the backdrop of royal architectural wonders, filled with lighting and yes drapes which were used in the early days’ plays, if you can figure out! The seating at the front is the theatre chairs, all leather and in a single row! Elegant, royal and what not!

#20. Cinema hall type home media room cum home theatre designs:

media room ideas 2020

Many of you may wish to get that perfect conglomeration of the coziness and warmth of home as well as the thrilling feel of being at the movie hall all over! This décor created by the designers might be just that and a lot more that you can expect! In order to replicate this design idea into reality, you would need a huge room which you would have no qualms to make it as many layered as you can.

After that is achieved, you need to spend some dollars to get hold of one of the biggest available plasma display TVs you can catch hold of in the market and place it on the front wall overlooking the layers of the floor. Give the best color combo to the walls but keep the ceilings simple with small led lights at the top, giving the ultimate spotlights all over the room.

Coming to the next thing, the seating arrangements! The best way to keep the room simple, comfortable yet chic is by adding leather soft chairs with feather soft cushions in all the layers in multiples of one. Add soft blankets for the comfort here and you are set to rock the night and the movie evenings with your family as well as your friends who might drop by for a movie with you!


With so many types of options at your disposal at the moment, you are sure to not get any dearth of ideas neither are you going to feel that your dreams aren’t possible. With an array of interior designs and technicians available in the market today along with the upgrading technologies at your disposal, take any of the above ideas or improvise them according to your need and whim, the choice is yours but the result will surprise you for sure! Happy movie time folk!

Hope you enjoy our media room ideas.

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