15 Coolest Man Caves

Every man needs his own space in the house. Meet fifteen of the coolest man caves we’ve ever seen.

Every one definitely needs a private space sometimes, they actually want to spend some personal time with themselves. And so a man too. For example, he might sometimes feel the urge to spend time in solitude away from his melodramatic wife.

Sorry ladies! Joke apart, it’s true! not because you are a drama queen or to avoid you something like that. He just needs some place to unwind, to display the things which he loves, your home will be enough decorated with all the things you ladies love, then why not he use the other space? And by the way you will get that extra space in your home (wink).

And for that nothing would be perfect then “A Man’s cave”. Let’s now see some of the best men caves ideas that will help you for designing the same.

15 Coolest Man Caves Design:

#1. An Exiting entry board:

man cave 1


Wow. This is the most amazing thing a man cave can always have. Be it a traditional, less budgeted man cave or the most luxurious man cave, an entry board featuring that you are entering a man cave is almost a must.

You can however change the board, font styles and the caption as you wish it to be. Believe it or not!  This one is going to be one of the most fun part while designing your man cave.

Man!! Just imagine the curiosity level women will have when they look at this sign bored? You are now satisfied with this entry board concept, right? Yes! We already know! Lol!

#2. A neat finish luxury:

man cave 2Source

This one looks too good and clean. Isn’t? This is also an idea for a luxury man cave, where the interior designing is made really very beautiful with its neat finish.

Grey table tennis area, the viewing area with the chairs, and a bar with awesome chairs all are definitely a thing to get inspired. The colour combination of all these things and the ceiling lights is making the man cave more stunning.

#3. The All in One Man Cave:

man cave 3Source

Everyone definitely might not be interested in doing the same thing. This man cave design idea ultimately gives solution to this problem.

You can see a bar. Lounge theatre chairs with many screens. You ought to select the scene you wish to see. Sounds interesting, eh? A football theme is selected for designing this man cave. You can see the wall paper with the sport jerseys and the bar screen to be sure about it.

#4. The golden Man cave:

man cave 4Source

This is yet another luxury man cave. Placing the chairs for watching television is not enough, the chairs should be comfy at its best. This man cave as you can see is lined up with three different kinds of seating area.

At line one, seating is designed in such a way that you can watch the film and sleep as well. The second line seating arrangement comprises of round table chairs, if you wish to skip a movie in between and continue talking with your friends. “All watch and no talk makes jack a dull boy”- Rephrased version. Good? No? Ok. Let’s continue!

Well, and the final seating area above a level so that you can finally just enjoy the movie. Basically all in all a very good concept you will absolutely love, particularly if you are a movie freak.

#5. “A family Man” man cave:

man cave 5Source

It’s however not a rule that “only” man must enter and enjoy the man caves, they are made only for them though. But, there are some gentleman kind of persons in and around you who actually wish to bring in their wives and kids.

So this kind of man cave designs will prove to be successful for them. You can see a beautiful luxury bed, a book shelf, and a hammock bed too, which we believe is a good thing in almost every kind of man cave.

This man cave is beautifully designed with a touch of aristocratic art like the bed you can see, the design that light is decorated and other decorative statements. Surely one of the most attractive Man cave.

#6. The Hide-in Beers Man cave:

man cave 6Source

This is yet another best idea to execute while designing your man cave. This will really help you if you sometimes decide to bring in your elders, your colleagues who think you are a very decent guy (why take the risk when this option is available?) or even when you bring in some kids.

This cellar will also make up for your less space and is definitely a worthwhile thing, particularly in a man cave.

#7. Work Play man cave:

man cave 7Source

A workaholic? Or your job makes you that? Look at this idea and get delighted. Just call your friends, engage them in playing squash or table tennis, a bar or in a movie and enjoy their conversation and mingle with them while ding your routine work. Doesn’t this sounds amazing?

This man cave is made especially made for workaholic kind of people. This is actually a wooden kind of man cave, not purely though. It is made luxurious with a dash of wooden materials in everything. The work area looks very elegant. Learn to work while you play! An  absolute fun!

#8. Cozy cave ever:

man cave 8Source

This is just a side of the man cave, made cozy with the type of resting chairs and a library. A rustic touch has been given here with the hardwood floors. The shape of the book is very appealing with a beautiful fire place in between the bookshelf.

A working table has also been installed with an added table fan that gives the vintage feel inside the man cave. Beautiful indeed!

#9. Players Man cave:

man cave 9Source

A pure guy thing! Inside the man cave, nothing looks so appealing like entering into actual original game zone. Importance in this man cave is given only to the playing things like you can see the beautiful arcade games in here, billiards table, an attractive bowling alley and multiple televisions.

The ceiling lights here are definitely playing a main role in making the man cave look more beautiful. Surely a place from where guys would never like to come out. Ladies, you got to be aware now! They may totally forget you! Chill! They won’t. Just kidding.

#10. Luxury at its best:

man cave 10Source

A kind of movie freak man cave. If you want to just spend a little time alone or with your friends enjoying a movie or for some kind of casual talk, this one will prove to be the best design idea.

A simple yet luxurious man cave. Of course, the beautiful chandelier is making it more attractive, but just look at the organisation and selection of sofa. Really brilliant though! And what do you think about the background given to the television set. Awesome isn’t it?

The ceiling looks more awesome with the best and unusual design. The floor tiles and the walls are also given a unique look with the best design ever. And yes, the ceiling lights are great too. What more a man would want?

#11. Walk and talk man cave:

man cave 11Source

A Sophisticated man cave idea designed for the purpose of something like just hanging out with friends or in fact you can do your usual office meeting kind of stuffs here.

All you have to do is here is just talk, talk and talk and sometimes walk, walk and walk to get the bottles from the bar. And that’s it! You can make it a casual or formal meeting room. And spend some alone time with yourself too, in case you don’t want your friends and colleagues to disturb you.

Add in a book shelf in some corner and this man cave is just absolutely perfect for passing some leisure time. Go ahead and enjoy!

#12. A Book lover’s Man cave:

man cave 12Source

For a man who loves books, books and only books. There are some men you know, who can just read and read and read no matter what. Such men are very rare to find but they are awesome to even just hear about.

This man cave is designed especially for them. This man cave consists of no other thing then the beautiful book shelf, the stool to pick up a book and a comfy chair to read on. The rug beneath the chair is adding beauty to the man room.

The simple white beauty looks stunning with books all around the corner. So, if you are a man with bookish genes, to got to get going! Happy reading!


man cave 13Source

A combination of a typical and a luxury man cave. This man cave design is best for those who don’t want to do anything else rather than just spending some time in solitude without friends and family and no other things to be busy with.

If you a writer, this place will be perfect for you! Imagine sitting in the corner of the cave and writing. Words will flow naturally like the water beside you. A little exaggeration though, but not by much.

All in All a perfect design to be yourself!

#14. Biker’s Ride:

man cave 14Source

This man cave is designed for the ones who are in love with bikes. A special bike themed man cave. All you can see is the bike everywhere.

Plus, the stools to sit and have a talk or a drink, a television set and a bar. The wall is decorated with unusual posters of bike and the whole cave is also decorated with biker’s elements right from the ceilings to the floor tiles.

#15. The Stylish ever:

man cave 15Source

Yet another stylish and luxury man cave design. You can have your usual walkie talkie stuffs here, other games like the billiard tables can also be installed, a bar is also seen which is given a very nice finishing with a really great colour combination.

The mirror coating done in the bar area is an awesome addition in this man cave. This is making this man cave more stylish and unique to look at.

Another great addition is the guitar placed in the walls. So, if you are a great guitar player, you know the rest…


These are some of the great man cave design ideas which will help you if you are deciding to have one. It need not be in a separate place. It can be your basement area or an isolated room in a terrace. It’s really not that complicated, it’s all about the fun and thrill!

In fact ladies can use this idea if you want to gift something really unique to your partner or in fact to your dad as well, you can surprise them with these man cave gifts completely.

Hope you enjoyed our best man caves design ideas set out above.

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