Decorative Wood Fence Ideas

Wood Fence Ideas for your homes, be it for the front yard or the back yard

#. Introduction

The idea of fence has been into existence since years and ages, and people do make sure that they have it round the corners of their homes. It gives a sense of protection and that they don’t want their pretty houses to be robbed or their gardens to be spoilt by the wild. The protection becomes the main agenda and thereon the look.

There are times that people don’t look as to how the fencing looks but for the sake of safety and security, they make sure that the boundaries of their homes are being covered with the fencing, to protect their homes, their children and the other members of the house.

Fencing could be done in any and every way that one wants and desires. It could be a simple wall round the house, the wired strings, or brick designs or the most commonly used and appreciated is the wooden fencing. There are many varieties in the fencing as well.

They could be specially designed and carved with efforts and energy and according to the needs of the owner or they are simply put of light material just to give a sense of security to oneself.

#. Purpose of Installing Fences

The fencing is done to protect the houses of the families but it also does give it a greater look if they are being used in a better way and beautifully. And on the other hand, fencing may not be necessarily for the purpose of building protection on the boundaries of the houses but also for the outdoors, be it gardens, open grounds or any sort of land that needs protection. And in the same way, it could be in any form.

There are many types and varieties of the fencing that we will be discussing. Just check as to which one do you like and as to which will suit your boundaries. Make sure to invest proper in the protection of your house and that it even deals in giving your houses a better or a dull look depending upon the type and the color that you choose.

#. Budget and Costing

Firstly, talking about the budget and costing of the fencing than it obviously purely depends on the materials that you are using and the qualities of that material. Usually, it is being charged according to the foot or the meter of the material that is being used in creating the line of difference. And therefore, it does state that, the longer the fence, the more it costs and the higher the fence, the more it costs.

On the other hand, if you want to lessen the efforts of creating and carving the materials in the fencing panels, you can easily avail the readymade fence panels and the only thing that you need to do is, pay per panel. The tentative range of the pre-build fence panels is 40$ to 300$ for 6 to 8 feet in length and that it does not include the cost of the paid installation.

The range does differ a bit according to the area and the brand and the material that has been used in building the fence panels so it depends upon you as to which one would you prefer.

Decorative Wood Fence Ideas

Types of Fences

It is said that good fences makes good neighbors for the fact that the look that the fence give, would attract your neighbors and make you stand a little above the edge. The best of the looks are given by either the wooden fencing or the vinyl fencing. Vinyl fencing is a type of fencing where in the synthetic plastics or the vinyl material is being used to make the fence panels and sheets and that usually gives a white fencing look.

This type of fencing had been introduced since years and was initially in practice for the agricultural use but has with time come into the horse fencing as well as the residential fencing.

#. Vinyl Fencing:

The vinyl fencing is a type of plastic fencing that has been used since years as it’s easy to clean them; they are resistible to the weathering has equally has very low maintenance requirement. Though it resists to the weathering but it on the other hand it is equally expensive compared to the other materials and that it the cheaper products or the materials are not as strong as the vinyl or the PVC fence panels are.

The way that they are being designed and sustained is not as stronger as the vinyl fences are being done. These vinyl fences are combined into several sheets and made stronger such that they become resistant in the agricultural and open lands where there are higher chances of animals coming in.

Here we have one example as to how do the vinyl fencing look like. The fencing is being done in very normal way; such in case that they give a good look when placed at the front yards and is a nice way of decorating yet protecting the boundaries of one’s house.

There are variations in the heights of the panels of the fence and that at the top most panels in intervals, a scallop types structure is being formed indicating security.

wood fence ideas 1


White Vinyl Fencing Design for the Front Yard

#. Barbed Fencing:

Barbed fencing, another type of fencing that is little dangerous not only for humans but also for the animals and the other creatures who get trapped in the territory of the barbed wires. Barbed wires or even the glass fencing which has sharped edged wires or glasses that protects the place and does not allow anyone in by the uncommon ways.

Barbed fencing is being into existence since the world history and even before that. The concentration camps were totally covered by the barbed wires and that everyone was under control, the barbed wires were also secured with bombs such that in case if anyone did try to cross the boundaries or touch the areas of the barbed wires, the bombs blasts and that it finishes the individual there and then.

Here, we have one of the example of the barbed wire fencing where in the boundaries are being covered with the barbed wires and that the entry and exits are being restricted. The sharp carved wires are twisted and turned into a bunch which would entangle any cloth or material and leaves marks of it on the skin of the animals and humans.

wood fence ideas 2Source

Barbed Wires

#. Wooden Fencing:

On the other hand are the wooden fences which are very common as well as popular for the residential use. They are preferable as they prove to be strong means of protection and that they are not easily being able to tackle. There are panels of wood which are stacked together along with horizontal pieces of wood to support them and form a proper chain.

This pattern stays intact for years and does not get weathered out even during harsh conditions due to the strong wooden material that has been used. Compared to other materials, the wooden fencing is expensive but it neither does need any changing nor does it wear out like the other materials. It is almost like install the fences for once and you’ll be enjoying the facilities for years and more.

#. Wooden Fencing Designs

The wooden fencing has been and even becoming more popular because of its durability and that the designs in the wooden fencing are increasing and getting better and beautiful. Few of the designs that we do have for the wooden fencing are given below, just have a look and see to it if it fits your house environment or that it does give your house a better edge than any other or not.

1). Basic Designs:

The first one is the very basic designs which are being used in the residential area. The wooden fencing which are either painted with other colors or kept as red stained itself and are arranged in proper chain be it horizontally or vertically, depending on the shape and sizes of the wooden panels and the look that each of their setting gives and that they covering the boundaries.

wood fence ideas 3

Horizontal Wooden Fencing Design

wood fence ideas 4

Vertical Wooden Fencing Design

2). Formal Setting:

Then, there comes the formal look fencing, which is usually been done or being used in corporate lands or offices where they are supposed to maintain the decorum. The color, the design, the carving and every little detail is to be kept in mind and then placed over the land are and installed. The offices and the coprorate houses such kind of formal fencing which gives it an edge to the place.

wood fence ideas 5Formal Fencing Design

3). Ancient Look:

The next is the one which gives very ancient look and yet it very classy. The wood is not stained and kept it in its natural color, carved, placed and designed accordingly to give amazing looks to the gardens or the open lands which requires more beauty. These fencing are then decorated with artificial flowers or could be natural ones as well and then the veils are allowed to creep round the fencing making it more attractive.

wood fence ideas 6Light Non-Stained Wooden Fencing Design

4). Garden Fencing:

Garden fencing designs are the fencing designs where in the edges or the corners of the fence panels are kept sharp and carved accordingly to avoid any kind of entry or exit without the permission and for the sake of the security issues. Not only for the sake of keeping the unwanted people out of the boundary but also for the protection from the birds that tend to sit on the edges of the fence and thereafter spoil the land.

The plants and trees are grown along with the borders of the fences which acts as double protection that the installation of the fence and the plants happen at the same place which tighten the roots of the plants and installation of the fences.

wood fence ideas 7Sharped and Protective Fencing Design


Along with the types of wooden fences that are being discussed above, there are various other types of fencing that happens in different corners of the world and that different people let it be done in different ways, according to their will and choice and as to what does suit their front yards or the backyards. Check the following other types of fencing that is being done in order to protect and secure the grounds.

wood fence ideas 8Different types of Wooden Fencing Designs

Purpose and the Design

  • Shadow box is the normal and the casual one that people prefer at their places of office or house.
  • Dog eared are the ones that don’t allow even a smaller animal to get through as they do not have spaces in between.
  • Farm courtyard with cap gives a double protection to the fences and that they are being shaped into a proper frame.
  • Picket scalloped and the privacy scalloped has the U-shape curves on the edges formed by the panels.
  • Traditional picket has sharped edges which avoid the entry and exit of people or animals without permission.
  • And the same goes with the French gothic picket as well.
  • Dog eared picket has the spaces in between the panels that might allow the entry and exit chances.
  • Split rail, ranch rail and the privacy with lattice are the ones that are being preferred at the grounds of corporate offices or lands that has something to do with high presentation.


Therefore, these were the types of the wooden fencing as well as the other two common fencing that are being used and in practice since years. Not only for the sake of protection, but fencing is increasing for the sake of the look and in the front and the backyards of the houses.

People build in fences to protect their kids from moving out or that they are being caught up by someone else and other security issues.

Hence, it has become necessary for almost every house to have fencing, be it wooden, stones, vinyl, or any other synthetic or plastic fencing and protect the integrity of the house and the family and give a new look to your houses altogether.

Hope you enjoy our decorative wood fence ideas

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