14 Best Dark Kitchen Cabinets Design

Redecorate your kitchen with dark kitchen cabinets to make your kitchen look more sophisticated.

An amazing and a great looking kitchen is definitely one of the most essential thing to be considered when you are designing your home or renovating it. Kitchen is the place which needs to be designed not only in terms of looks but also it should be well acquainted too, with everything made accessible while preparing the food.

Women especially, tends to be very choosy while designing the kitchen cabinets. They need them to look great and be user-friendly as well. Well, in these days when women rules the home shouldn’t their desire be fulfilled with the dark kitchen cabinets which looks great as well as provides luxurious comfort?

So, here are some dark kitchen cabinet ideas that can help you while deciding on the good and simple kitchen designs.

Dark kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen with dark cabinets:

#1. Lush brown kitchen cabinet:

Dark Kitchen Cabinets 1


Dark kitchen cabinets like this always gives the best luxury look no matter how small your kitchen is. Just concentrate more on the lighting and you are going to love your kitchen. If the cabinet colour and the floor colour in your kitchen is quite similar, you will get more luxurious and warm feel. Here the wood flooring has been done for a more royal kitchen look.

Plus, the counter tops and the sink area in this kitchen is given dark colours and both the upper and the lower cabinets are of dark brown colours.

#2. Black and white Magic:

Dark Kitchen Cabinets 2Source

This is yet another great kitchen which has black cabinets. If you had not liked the ‘all dark’ kitchen in the above image, you will definitely love this idea.

The amazing combination of black cabinets along with white walls and floor tiles will definitely make your kitchen pop out. Both the drawer cabinets and the open door cabinets are dark black in colour.

Also, it is in fact the dine-in type of kitchen as you can see. The dining chairs are dark black in colour in contrast to the while table surface which is also making this kitchen look really good.

#3. Graceful:

Dark Kitchen Cabinets 3Source

The best thing about dark cabinets are that it looks great with almost every colour. Like in the image above, you can just see how stunningly the design and colour of the cabinets have created a simple yet contemporary look for the kitchen. Also, the cabinet colour has gone pretty well with the bamboo flooring and the mosaic walls.

One more thing to note here is that although the lower cabinets are black coloured, the upper cabinets are matched with the bamboo flooring of the kitchen. It depends on your likes however. If you are already in love with darker cabinets, you can go with it for the upper cabinets as well.

#4. Natural Dark:

Dark Kitchen Cabinets 4Source

Another good thing about the dark cabinets is that you can blend the colours of other things like the counter tops, floors, walls and lighting very easily with that.

A good blend of colour will definitely give out a bold look rather than the darker kitchen image. As in the image presented, the cabinets are dark black in colour but its contrast with the white creamy walls, the same creamy ceiling colour, stainless steel chairs and a whitish counter top have made the whole kitchen look really good.

#5. Lights, please!

Dark Kitchen Cabinets 5Source

This design idea for a modern kitchen is also very inspiring. Dark cherry brown colour cabinets has been installed with white granite table surface countertop which can also be used as the dining table. Along with that the chairs are black in colour which gives the unique yet amazing combination.

Designing your kitchen with dark cabinets is not enough. One of the most essential thing to be taken care of while selecting the dark cabinets is the lighting effects in the kitchen so that there is a good balance of the dark cabinets with the lighting, otherwise it will look like a dark dungeon and who likes it, yeah?

#6. The perfect look:

Dark Kitchen Cabinets 6Source

If you want your kitchen to be more colourful yet you also love the dark coloured cabinets that looks very contemporary than no other colour combination will look as lovely as this.

In this kitchen, the cabinets which are black in colour are matched with the red and white walls with light flooring colour and red counter top too which makes it a modern yet traditional awesome kitchen. And with the matching kitchen elements you can make it look more beautiful.

Red and black have always been known for its awesome colour combination. The style, the elegance and the look it gives is flawless.

#7. Simple yet modern:

Dark Kitchen Cabinets 7Source

This is yet another top designed kitchen with dark cabinets. The pumpkin orange colour walls have been uniquely combined with the brown laminated cabinets. The wooden flooring in the kitchen also adds more beauty to the kitchen.

Both the upper and the lower cabinets are dark brown in colour. If you could notice, a touch of white has also been given to the kitchen, the windows and the countertops are purely white in colour. This is just to make it more appealing. Natural lighting coming to the kitchen also makes the kitchen bright in its own way along with the ceiling lights installed.

This is definitely a kitchen design which you will absolutely love to have!

#8. The Beautiful Dark:

Dark Kitchen Cabinets 8Source

And this one is just wow! Not every kitchen cabinet looks this much beautiful. The most amazing contemporary kitchen. This kitchen has been designed with dark open door type cabinets which looks amazing with those light hangings which is adding the look and style quotient of the kitchen.

All the upper and lower cabinets are of the same dark colour which is matched with comparatively lighter shaded floor tiles. Adding to its beauty is the granite counters and some of the stainless steel applications.

The table placed in the kitchen is the same dark coloured with the modern back less stools which is making the kitchen look richer.

#9. The dark cherry:

Dark Kitchen Cabinets 9Source

This kitchen could be best described as a traditional looking modern kitchen. This is definitely giving the most royal look a kitchen can ever have. All the cabinets, upper, lower and the side ones are dark brown in colour.

This is combined with the beige and olive colour tiles and walls which is ultimately making the kitchen look very bright. Particularly the hood, is looking lovely.

Along with these things, proper ceiling light and chandelier is also contributing in making the kitchen more stunning. Why should anyone resist this dark brown kitchen cabinet and beige wall colour combination?

#10. Elegance:

Dark Kitchen Cabinets 10Source

This is one of the best idea for dark colour cabinets in a small kitchen. Only dark coloured kitchen without even a hint of white or some lighter colours would probably make your kitchen look smaller.

So, the best thing is to add a dash of white with those dark colours as you can see in the picture above. Here, only the cabinets are black in colour but the walls, the counter and the small usable things in the kitchen are quit opposite i.e. white in colour.

This makes the kitchen look great, bigger as well as well as brighter. The upper cabinets in fact, are only coated with black but is purely a glass made display unit which is making it look really good.

#11. The wood love:

Dark Kitchen Cabinets 11Source

This is also one of the very good dark cabinet kitchen ideas. Particularly, if you are a lover of wood and desire to have something deep as well as luxurious environment, then this dark walnut coloured cabinets in the kitchen must be your first choice. It really shows up the beauty and ambience of the dark wood.

Other than these things, the kitchen really looks good with both upper and lower dark coloured cabinetry with black counter tops which is just making it more excellent. To match with the dark cabinets the floor tiles can also be matched accordingly. These dark coloured cabinets perfectly suit the beige coloured walls.

#12. Chocolaty Ever:

Dark Kitchen Cabinets 12Source

Another awesome cabinet design with its best matched elements. Here the dark cabinetry is matched with hardwood floors which gives the both the traditional and contemporary look.

Granite counter tops and white walls and ceilings in the kitchen are also giving the right kind of look those dark brown cabinets will ever have. Again here the crockery display unit is only coated with dark brown colours while the rest part is the usual glass display one.

And the lighting part should be considered well enough before installing any dark coloured kitchen cabinets as it has the ability to convert your whole look of the kitchen.

#13. Black Rules:

Dark Kitchen Cabinets 13 Source

This is the best design for installing black cabinet in your kitchen. Black is never boring. You will always love the idea of black cabinets as it will go very well with almost every other colours with a great contemporary look as well.

Both the drawer cabinet as well as the open door type cabinet looks really attractive given its best finishing and its great matching with right hardwood floor, white wall tiles and white ceilings.

One more excellent thing noticeable in the picture is the cabinet of the fridge which is also given an upper cabinet which seems very user-friendly. Who would not love to love this kitchen cabinet design?

#14. Brown with a dash of black:

Dark Kitchen Cabinets 14Source

A simple, small kitchen made modern! Yet another amazing dark brown kitchen cabinet design which looks great with the black appliances. One of the best thing in this design is the oven rack is also installed in the cabinet itself, which makes it more unique and handy as well.

The creamy walls and while tiles and flooring is what is making the kitchen look bigger, otherwise you cannot get that perfect look for your loving dark cabinets. Combine it with white colour always to best suit the contemporary kitchen look and design. The granite counters looks brilliant as well.


There are plenty of reasons to choose the dark cabinets over lighter ones. First, it is very versatile. It easily contrasts with almost every other colour and looks good too. Then, it gives that modern and contemporary look that you definitely desire for your kitchen.

Dark cabinets adds drama to your kitchen too. It eliminates that boring and usual look of the kitchen and makes it brighter though. Why not give it a try? You will be surprised with the kind of good feels it gives!

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