20 Best Covered Patio Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Smart and unique ideas for backyard and outdoor covered patio:

There are a plenty of unique and different designs for the outdoor covered patio. But before that, it is important to know what is patio? A patio is an outdoor area which is paved for adjoining a house. It is generally a recreation that will give a typical paved way adjoining a residence or may be used for dining too. If you know the exact meaning of patio than it will be very helpful for you to take a decision for designing. Now will move on to the backyard.

Backyard, as the name itself, indicates, a yard that is located at the back side of the house or any building. It’s just a small area which is found on the back side of the house and that is surrounded by walls.

These are some  ideas and designs of covered patio for outdoor and backyard, which are listed below with the images and descriptions.

Here are 20 beautiful covered patio design ideas for your outdoor space:

#1. Stunning Outdoor covered patio with wooden ceiling:

covered patio 1


Now, in the current trend, the most popular home décor is said to be an outdoor patio. The Outdoor covered patio is a wonderful space which should be added to the houses because with the creation of outdoor space the place for relaxation and comfort is extended. They extend the home for a comfortable area where the people can sit and relax. This will also be known as a relaxation area or entertaining area for guests.

This patio is very common and easy to make as it is on the level with the ground which helps to install an outdoor living easily. The ceiling of the wood looks stunning that helps to stop the direct sun rays and also provides a cool breeze. The stone range fireplace is fantastic and by placing a sofa, we can enjoy the heat from the fireplace too.

#2. An outdoor barbecue under a covered patio:

covered patio 22

This luxury outdoor covered patio is awesome. This patio has a relaxing feel; a big screen TV is adding to the entertaining feel under this patio. There is a barbecue side for a delicious feast at the breezy chilled climate. It’s on an overall basis, a perfect design with various luxurious amenities provided inside. The wooden ceiling with the dim lights and fans also create a comforting feel in the patio and the walls are made of stone which gives a traditional touch. This patio outdoor can be rated ten on ten.

#3. Modern Asymmetrical patio:

covered patio 33

This modern asymmetrical covered patio is an apex offset which covers out the roofline to add interest to the very linear design for the covered patio. The outdoor entertainment is ideal as it is making multiple seating areas for a fireplace and at the opposite side, it is placed with a dining which is making an ideal outdoor covered patio. The high rooftop is adding huge space and the wall of the stone range is giving a perfect look for the area.

#4. A detached outdoor patio:

covered patio 44

A detached patio can be designed without any rules as it doesn’t play according to the match to your home. You have full freedom to design and to choose the material of your own choice as it isn’t attached to the house. Usually, an attached patio needs to select and choose the similar material or same as the home whereas a detached covered patio is completely different and can be selected on your own with any of your choices.

We can choose a wider material base with red brick or stone work. This outdoor patio gives a luxury feel as it has an entertainment area separately. We can add a kitchen, dining or even an entertainment area to the patio.

#5. Modern glass patio design:

covered patio 55

This modern taste is applied to fill the space with ideal furniture which is just beside the patio. The laminated glass which compresses in it looks great and one can have a great conversation with the family and also use this space as for relaxing. This outdoor patio is designed safely. This is the most unique and wonderful patio design. With the help of glass the sunray and the moonlight can give a natural lighting to the patio.

#6 Enclosed patio:

covered patio 66

This enclosed patio ceiling is made of wood plank vaulted and the teak wood dining table is polished with chrome legs and in between modern lanterns are hanging over it. The dining chair is matched for the teak wood dining which is over slate with the tile floor. It is a small sunroom which lets the natural light come inside it.

#7. Freestanding patio:

covered patio 77

This free standing patio is giving a cave feel. This patio is so well designed with the brick paver wall and the roof is covered with the wood. The chairs are also made of wooden design and this free standing patio gives a classy look. The best environment for relaxation and starting conversations with loved ones.

#8. Poolside patio:

covered patio 88

The covered patio lounge is closely attached to the custom pool which is surrounded by the foliage. The poolside is always a fun time for everyone. we can let our kids play in the pool and can relax in the chair placed the upper side of the pool. This is a modern and smart idea for the covered patio.

#9. Cathedral ceiling covered patio:

covered patio 99

The cathedral ceiling covered patio is also used as a living space which has a curved chord ceiling made of wood, fireplace made under the stone wall, the beautiful floral art flower arrangements and the hardscape hurricane lamps, the patio furniture is perfectly suited for the outdoor seating patio. The large pendant light gives the lighting mantel art for the outdoor. This covered patio looks like the antique with the arrangement and the materials used in it.

#10. Vine covered patio:

covered patio 1010

This beautiful covered patio is nature made; it is fixed with a bamboo. The hanging screen tree is been lifted up and that is left to grow naturally just to make a covered patio. It’s a covered patio and so it is designed in such a way that it looks like a perfect landscape. The greenery around is giving a fresh feel. It is best suited for those with a keen interest in gardening.

Pretty much about outdoor patio has been summed up in the above-given information and images for reference.

#. Now moving on to the backyard covered patio:

#11. Backyard patio with beautiful decoration:

covered patio 1111

Sitting on a covered patio, once the season approaches with the breeze cooling off the sweat, sipping a hot coffee or cocktail whilst the sun reveals is the perfect concoction for summer. From the industrial, casual, and too chic look, which comes in all size to cover the patio is welcoming a piercing rays from the sun. This red brick paver is similarly matching the house looks. This backyard patio is giving a space for the play area.

#12. Roof like structure backyard patio:

covered patio 1212

In this picture, we can see that the design of the backyard is made with a roof top. This type of structure is made in order to avoid the unwanted sun rays and save that skin tanning caused by the harmful UV rays. Fully covered patio is most common in houses today but it is important to make changes and add innovations to our backyards so that they not only help us relax but also contain beautiful architecture examples for our next generations.

Here they have also placed a table and fire stove for the barbecues under the backyard covered patio. BBQ parties can be fun in environments like these where it is windy at nights.

#13. Inexpensive backyard design:

covered patio 1313

This backyard design is the cheapest amongst all and yet is one of the coolest. The arrangements and decorations made here look gorgeous. This backyard patio is kept very simple by placing a small dining table and chairs. Flower arrangement in the pot around the backyard is just giving a fresh feel to the area. The little lovely glass hanging lights are adding a whole new level of beauty to it.

#14. Spacious backyard patio:

covered patio 1414

This backyard is very spacious and can be used for parties and other occasions. The great patio is especially a  perfect escape for enlightening a summer night party. This area is creating a sense of privacy and the trees give a nice addition to this wonderful place. This is the perfect backyard and  is completely covered on the rooftop in the seating area. It has an outdoor kitchen which is built to cook a good delicious feast.  It also has a heated up fireplace that lets everyone enjoy and have a gala time.

#15. Paver backyard patio:

covered patio 1515

The brick paver patio is rarely seen in houses today but it is one of the long lasting and the most durable backyards. The patio is fully designed in the paver brick and the side pillar is given in the support of paver. The fireplace is also made of paver brick. The huge slab is built with paver brick and they have placed a chair near it.

#16. Arc shape roof patio:

covered patio 1616

This patio is very simple.  It has been designed in an arch shape for a modern look but the roof is made up of the transparent sheet for the natural lighting. The landscape design is chosen so that it can have a greeny-greeny feeling in its backyard patio area as well as in the garden next to it. The corner of the wall is  placed with various green pots that have been cut in round shapes. Overall, it looks beautiful with the big trees which are giving a natural and chilled feeling.  Also placed is a dining table and chair for the evening tea time pleasure.

#17. Custom gazebos style patio:

covered patio 1717

Gazebos and pergolas are just the perfect and correct choice for your backyard which can preserve the landscape beauty. These gazebos provide a great space and shade to the lounging. Gazebos and pergolas look similar but they have many differences when analyzed closely. Pergolas are an open roof whereas the gazebos are the closed roof type. If you want to protect the element of the structure then you must go for gazebos and the vines which have the potential to grow on the rafters. These come with many more styles which that increase the beauty of the garden with its rich designs.

#18. Hut shape roof patio:

covered patio 1818

This hut shape roof is designed well with the wooden fence on the side. The roof is covered with the white cloth and the sides are covered with the beautiful curtains. The trees hanging on the sides new increasing its natural beauty. A sofa set is placed as seating area, flower arrangement is also well and good in the backyard cloth covered patio.

#19. Low maintenance backyard:

covered patio 1919

Beautifully decorated under the low maintenance, this is the simplest and the easiest backyard to locate in your home.

#20. Cool cozy backyard:

covered patio 2020

This backyard is giving a cozy and romantic feeling, those curtains tied up on the pillar and the sliding roof with little lights fixed on it is giving it just an extraordinary look to the covered patio in the backyard.


Hope you enjoy our covered patio design ideas.

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