15 Best Mudroom Ideas

Today we are sharing with you 15 best mudroom ideas.It helps keep your home entry organized and clutter-free.

While designing and decorating your home, some of us just tend to forget a very important area. That is Mudroom. It really comes very handy during every season. The mudroom is actually an area between the entry way and your home.

Just imagine, in those rainy days when you enter your home with your shoes full of dirt, an extremely watered hat, you definitely need a place to stock all of these before entering your living room and that is why the mudrooms are designed.

So, here are some of the mudroom design ideas which will give you an idea to design it perfectly with all the basic necessary things.

15 Best Mudroom Ideas


mudroom ideas 1


Designing a mudroom is not a big issue, designing it perfectly and elegantly is the real challenge. This mudroom is designed in the same way, the other areas and rooms of the home are designed. The simple and peaceful white coloured.

The unique thing in this mudroom is that no open door type cabinets are installed. Only the hooks have been nailed properly and elegantly. You can just hang your shirts, overcoats, hats and handbags casually onto the hooks and get inside your home. No more opening and closing the cabinet issues.

Foe aesthetic purpose, frames are also placed on a rack. The shoes and slipper things can be tucked beneath the bench. And thus, a simple yet efficient and awesome mudroom.


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Okay, now one more different mudroom design idea. The difference here is the open door cabinet and simple, no door cabinet both are installed here, the drawer type closet has been given the doors while the area where hooks are nailed is kept without doors.

So, basically the idea is to store a lot of stuffs in the mudroom. The scarves, the hats, the sports things and all you can tuck inside the drawers not only when you enter your home, but also simply so that you can take those things while going out of the home.

Overall, the mudroom looks really great with its white colour and the hardwood floor. Definitely, an awesome design.


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The one definite thing you will note in every mudroom is the bench in the mudroom. It is very essential, after all one may definitely need to sit while wearing or removing the shoes.

So, in this mudroom a mirror is also added which sometimes (most of the time though) becomes really important. A beautiful basket thing is also placed inside the bench, which is only adding its aesthetic appearance.

Also, the names of the persons has been allotted so that one can easily keep and take the necessary things easily and without any hassle. A small but quite cute mudroom.

One more interesting thing to note here is the door of the mudroom where a black sticky note has been attached and all the “to be purchased” things are written just as a general reminder for the one who is going to buy the groceries. Very interesting and pretty!


mudroom ideas 4Source

Another small but unusual mudroom which looks absolutely awesome. The best thing about this mudroom is the area in which it has been designed.

Plus, the cabinets of the mudroom is made up of wooden materials which is making it look very stylish and antique too. All types of drawers and cabinets has been installed; the drawer cabinet, the open door cabinet, the hooker one and the one door cabinet.

This mudroom also has the capacity to store bulk of stuffs in its cabinet. The added advantage is the beautiful bench which looks stunning in this mudroom area. Definitely a delight for the home owners!


mudroom ideas 5Source

A perfect mudroom for the small family. This mudroom is next to the kitchen of the home, so don’t be surprised if you see a little amount of kitchen things here.

The hooks, the cabinets and the bench along with the pillows kept on it, is definitely giving a look of absolute awesomeness. Also you can see little DIY things in this mudroom; the quotes board, the paintings are all just the idea of a creative and a happy family.

The colour combination is also very perfect with those white cabinetry, the back tiles of the sitting area and hardwood floor.


mudroom ideas 6Source

The more your mudroom looks elegant and good, the more it will increase the beauty of your entire room. This mudroom, as you can see, is very simple yet looks absolutely classy with it neat and perfect furnishing.

This is actually a mudroom without cabinet, only the hooks has been attached for casual handing of the stuffs and that’s it. The mirror and the flower pots kept there are making the mudroom more appealing and interesting.

Sometimes beyond its use, people love to have the mudroom in their house just for the aesthetic value. This mudroom is the real example for this. Yet, it comes handy for little and urgent needs. Better to have a small mudroom than being with no mudroom at all.


mudroom ideas 7Source

This is really wow! A contemporary mudroom that is looking very beautiful with the elements that is placed in there. A mudroom where you can place everything you need.

The best thing in this mudroom is the shelves that has been allotted individually for every person in the home so that the organisation of the mudroom remains neat and perfect always.

You can keep almost everything on the shelves like your books, tennis or cricket bats, balls, overcoats, caps etc. Plus, the baskets are also stacked in the upper shelves for more storage capacity.

The table beside the shelf with a flower vase kept in is an indicator that mudroom must also be organised as well as decorated efficiently in the same way as other rooms are done.


mudroom ideas 8Source

This mudroom has been designed keeping the children’s requirements and necessities on the top of other things. So, if you have children in your home you can go well with this idea.

The hooks as you can see, is attached on the lower sides so that the kids find it easy and sufficient to hang over the things in them.

A small but great looking chandelier looks great with the stunning colour combination of the mudroom. Plus, the frames placed on the walls are increasing its appeal.


mudroom ideas 9Source

One of the best mudroom design ideas. Here, mudroom is given the same importance as it has been given to other room’s designs and decor. A traditional yet stylish mudroom!

You can see many cabinets here which gives the way for unusual storage capacity. The bench in the mudroom also accompanies the chair. And the wall decorations done with the help of photo frames are a huge beauty in itself.

A plant also can be seen here which is making the mudroom look stunning. Plus, the combination of the wooden cabinets along with the hardwood floor will get no better match than this. All in all, a unique and brilliantly designed mudroom.


mudroom ideas 10Source

Woah! An absolute delight! Just look at the colour of the cabinet in the mudroom. Those neatly finished cabinets, shelves, bench matched with the white floors absolutely looks awesome.

Along with the open door cabinets, the hooks to hang, the open shelves to place the shoes, the baskets have also been tucked in beneath the bench for some urgent requirements.

The main thing about this mudroom is the sink, that too with the cabinets. Quite new and interesting, isn’t? We always want to enter our homes with clean and without any dirt. Of Couse it is a manner too. So here we go. One of the best design idea.

The whole number of cabinets also gives the possibility of large and neat storage ideas. With all these things, the mudroom really looks very beautiful and attractive.


mudroom ideas 11Source

This mudroom gives you a basic idea on the lighting of the mudroom. Like every other room, the lighting in the mudroom must also be given due consideration. Besides changing the appearance of the mudroom, it also emphasise on the safety concept of the people.

Mudroom is the room where you place those dirty, shoes, socks and overcoats right after you enter the home. So, the possibility of insects and other things are much. Only with proper lighting you will be able to solve this issue.

Well, in this mudroom along with the natural lighting through the windows, the chandelier and ceiling lights have been installed for that purpose which is making the beautiful mudroom more appealing.


mudroom ideas 12Source

Another mudroom with a sink. This is really the best mudroom you can ever have. This is giving the kind of royal look which anyone can desire for their mudrooms. In fact, the mudroom is not looking less than a designer’s closet. Such beautiful this is!

Particularly, the bench which is placed in the centre unusually is looking really good than the usual side placed benches. The other thing is the storage capacity which is really really huge and the frames attached in the wall and the chandelier which is looking very stylish.

As a whole this mudroom really looks unique and attractive. One can use this design if you have planned a wide space for a mudroom.


mudroom ideas 13Source

Simple things matter a lot. Like in this mudroom, as you can see, that beautiful and attractive rug is giving the mudroom a whole new look. Such is the importance of these small things.

No extra effort has been taken to design this mudroom. An all-white approach, with the hooks and cabinets and the beautiful shelf is what has been used, still it’s looking high on style and aesthetics. The white bench is looking beautiful too and the pillows, though just kept for a purpose) is adorable.


mudroom ideas 14Source

This is another great mudroom design idea. This mudroom has the space to stale all the things you need. Shoes re placed in the floor-level compartments and you can keep other small items in the cabinet drawers.

You can also see the wall hooks there where you can place your overcoats and shirts. Also, the baskets thing is stacked there in which you can place things like sunscreen and glasses in the summer and hats in the winter days.

The green shade of the wall along with the white cabinet’s combination also looks great.


mudroom ideas 15Source

Another simple yet elegant mudroom design. You can see the usual, typical mudroom things here like the hooks to hand your coats, the cabinets to place your sweaters and rain coats, a place to tuck in your shoes, a place to sit.

Along with that you can also see the grocery board here which sounds quite interesting. You just have to erase and write the things you need there. And you will never forget to buy them! Isn’t it a great option?

Okay, the unusual thing here is the cozy cubby area beneath the cabinet which will make a beautiful place for your pet. If you are a pet lover, what’s more you are thinking about? Just get going!


These are some of the best and great mudroom design ideas. Design your mudroom the best way possible like you design the other rooms.

Remember, that the mudroom is the first place which your friends and guests will see if they enter your home. And isn’t first impression the best. Keep the mudroom always clean and organised. Just go online and you can see a number of good mudroom designs like these.

We hope you enjoy and satisfied with our brilliant mudroom ideas.

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