20 Best Interior Design Software

Today we are sharing with you 20 interior design software.It helps you to draw the plan of your home or office,test furniture layouts and visit the results in 3D.

Interior designing is no longer the job of just professionals. A wide range of both premium and free software have made it everybody’s cup of tea. You can now design your home just the way you like it with the help of these software and you can have fun too. Let’s talk about some of them.

Below, the list is divided in to two categories- paid or premium and free. As you go through the list, you can pick the one that is right for you.

Best Interior Design Software

Premium Interior Designing Software:

#1. Home hardware design center:

interior design software 1


This software is created by a Canadian company. Everything in it is on the cloud which eliminates the obligation of downloading every time you design. You just have to click on the link that interests you and start working. It also works with the predefined rooms. This means you can upload the pictures of the room you want to design or redesign and create what you are looking for. It will also give you the idea of what the final product will look like. You can keep changing the design until you are satisfied and then get to the real work.

#2. SmartDraw interior designing software:

interior design software 2


This one is a premium site but offers a free demo and is a very popular one. The ease of use that it offers has given it a reputation among interior designers. It has a lot of layouts to offer and with it you can design pretty much every room in your house easily. The only downside of using this software is that everything has to be downloaded. You cannot use them directly on the website since this one is not the cloud software.

#3. Chief Architect:

interior design software 3Source

This software can be purchased from amazon or from the site of home designer software. It offers a wide range of products but the home designer suit rules the list of popularity. The already made templates make it very easy to work with, or you can also begin the designing from scratch. It also offers you a 2D and 3D viewing experience which gives you a near perfect idea of what you have created. It has some specific bathroom and kitchen modules and it also offers landscape design options.

#4. Cylindo:

interior design software 4Source

Cylindo is paid 3D interior design software and it also offers free demo. The best thing about this software is it also turns your furniture in to 3D and combines it with the structure of your room so that you get a good idea of how it will look in reality. Since this software gives you a near perfect idea of the design, it gets easy to figure out what design you would like to have.

#5. HGTV design software:

interior design software 5Source

This is one among the best home design software and it has introduced ‘one of a kind’ interior designing software. It has many tutorials that help you in getting familiar with its use. Since, it is topnotch software for interior design software, it is a premium one. If you get familiar with its every feature of you can create magic.

#6. Punch software:

interior design software 6Source

This software is easy enough to satisfy the first time user and complex enough to satisfy any professional. It has many premium features. You can work on 2D and simultaneously view the 3D projection. This gives you the freedom to see the realistic view of your work. This software goes one step ahead of the others. It gives you the ability to design your landscape in addition to designing the rooms and halls. It also offers a large collection of color pallets for experimenting. You can also add the curtains of your choice. It also has a huge library and also aloes you to import pictures of the objects of your liking.

#7. Turbo floor plan 3D:

interior design software 7Source

With this software you can design every phase of your home’s construction, right from the foundation to electrical system, plumbing and HVAC system. With this you can also customize the roof and add walls, doors and windows to every room. You can not only plan and design but also visualize how all the designed rooms look. It also lets you equip your design with custom cabinets, lights, appliances and furniture. You can also design your outdoor landscapes like lawns, gardens, fences, decks, paths etc. You can also play around with color board to get the perfect color scheme. It has an automatic cost estimator and training center with over a 100 videos to get you an idea about how to use it.

Free Interior Designing Software:

#8. Home dedicated’s interior design software:

interior design software 8Source

This software is free and is cloud based which means you don’t have to download anything at all. You can design your entire house on the website itself. Dragging and dropping is the only art you need to design your room on this software. It is easy and fun

#9. Planner 5D:

interior design software 9Source

This one is a free online designing tool that can be used to visualize, create and deliver. There are different modes that can be used to create a floor plan in 2D and then it can be switched to 3D for a more realistic view. You can also give a few finishing touches for perfection. It also has an online editor that gives you a huge option of interior and exterior layouts to choose from. You also have the liberty to adjust the size of the objects. It also offers a wide range of assorted colors, materials and patterns. You can also add dividers, rooms and walls just by dragging and dropping. You can also add to the design the furniture and decor just to get a realistic view of what you have in mind.

#10. Sweet home 3D:

interior design software 10Source

Sweet home 3D is easy and free interior designing software. It can be used in both the cloud version and download version. It has a sleek interface design that is very helpful for beginners. It also offers numerous visual guides for helping in designing. The most standout feature in this software is that it allows you to add walls and rooms in an existing home design plan. It also allows you to change the colors and textures of the floors and walls. You can add the furniture to the room by dragging and dropping them where you want and also customize them by changing their size, elevation, color, texture and orientation. Apart from offering you a 3D view, it also gives you the privilege of aerial view. Once you are satisfied with your design you can either print it or save it.

#11. 3D spacer:

interior design software 11Source

This software is best manufacturers and sellers of furniture. It allows the customer to design their rooms around the products loaded on the software by manufacturers and sellers. After the furniture is set, windows, doors, colors and other aspects of room designing can also be inserted to give it a real view.

#12. Autodesk Homestyler:

interior design software 12Source

Autodesk homestyler is free and is very easy to use. It works on the browser and does not need any download. You can control everything, beginning from the walls and the floors to where you want to place the furniture. It has a huge catalog of furnishings from renowned brands. It also offers a large pick of interior design ideas for your inspiration. You can easily remodel your entire home easily with Autodesk homestyler.

#13. Space designer 3D:

interior design software 13Source

Space designer is the software that lets you do your floor plan. It offers both 2D and 3D perspective. Once you are done with your designing you can take a virtual walk-through experience. You can also export the design to your laptop, mobile or any other device. This is easy to use and does not need any downloading. You can design the entire house by dragging and dropping objects in place.

#14. HomeByMe:

interior design software 14


HomeByMe is a space planner in real time 3D view. You can work in 2D and then view it in 3D. It offers many benefits of the paid programs. You can also import your plans and pictures to the software and use them in designing. It also has the sketch feature that allows you to specify the exact measurement of the wall. You can also modify the walls, doors, windows and curtains. This one is very robust software.

#15. Small blue printer:

interior design software 15Source

Small blue printer doesn’t need any download or installation and is free to use.  With this you can create plans and designs for both inside and outside the house. It offers you two kinds of software for designing, one for the floor planning or house planning and another for garden planning or landscaping. There is a library of doors, windows and walls that can be dragged and dropped to create designs. With the landscaping feature you can also add plants, trees and flowers to get an idea of how your garden will actually look. You can have the bird’s eye view of your design through 3D walk-through or print it.

#16. Room Styler:

interior design software 16Source

This software not only gives access to the designing tools but also to the community of people with whom you can share your designs and ideas and get some inspiration. It also lets you display your designs where members are allowed to post comments. You can also enter in contests where you can submit your designs. You can draw the layout either using a pre-existing layout or you can use the exact measurements of the room. You can then furnish it by using a range of 12000 products in the website’s catalogue which are actually being sold by renowned sellers. You can even buy them. This website also gives the facility of creating a mood-board which actually is a collage of items that you can use for your interior designing.

#17. Room sketcher:

interior design software 17Source

This software is easy to use for remolding and designing the house. You can use the drag and drop tool for creating a floor plan. In 2D you can draw the floor plan to add the walls, the program will keep telling about the dimensions as you go on designing. You can also add various designing objects like textures, colors, windows, doors, furniture etc.  After you are done, you can either take a 3D walkthrough or save the image and then convert it in to 3D.

Free and Paid: 

#18. FloorPlanner:

interior design software 18Source

You can create one floor plan for free with floorplanner. Any additional floor plan will cost you the subscription.  Without paying for the software, you will not be able to save your designs. It also gives you the freedom of sharing your designs on social media. This software is very beneficial for real state planners who like to create interactive floor plans for their clients.

#19. SeeMyDesign:

interior design software 19Source

This software offers a number of tools that lets you design and visualize a room. It offers three basic design tools- preview, layout, planner and insparia. With preview you can make certain changes in a pre-set room template.  You can change colors, wallpapers, floor elements, furniture etc. and experiment. With layout you can create a room with specified dimensions, placements and styles of fixtures. You can also play around with furniture, its color, shapes and sizes. You can later save or take printout of your designs. In it you can also create a designing worksheet and save it as a text file. You can also share it with others that will give you the ability to get it edited or get suggestions on your design without much hassle.

#20. MyVirtualHome:

interior design software 20Source

It helps you to create the design easily by drag and drop interface. It offers pre-furnished rooms that can be set in to place. Then you can resize and customize the space and fittings as per your liking. You can also import pictures to use it as a guide. It has a huge catalogue of furnishings and fittings that can be used in your designs. You can also change textures, colors and building types.

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