Top 30 Decorative Seashell Crafts Ideas

Seashell Crafts Ideas

After spending a heavenly summer with your kids at the beach, you are bound to have a lot many seashells being tossed here and there all over the house. These are often too many to keep but too precious to be thrown out. The memories of the sweetest time you have spent with your family and kids often keep you from putting them away.

So, instead of wondering what to do with them move your creative fingers over the keyboard and go through the millions of seashell crafts that you can easily make. Imagine, all those beautiful memories crafted in a beautiful decorative item, you will love them. Won’t you?

Here, we have listed the 30 decorative seashell crafts ideas:

Animal seashell crafts:

#1. Seashell Koala:

seashell crafts 1


Koalas are the cutest creature on the planet. You can create as many of them as you want through all those nasty shells your kids have collected. After you are done, they will be very proud to have collected them and of course of you.

#2. Seashell Owl:

seashell crafts 22

Owls have a mythological history and they are the most intelligent bird. When done in those beautiful seashell crafts, they no longer remain scary and not so good to look at. When you put them on display, everyone around will want to have a similar one in their house. The seashell owls are that cute.

#3. Seashell panda:

seashell crafts 33

You can also paint different faces on the shells, like a panda, or a dog, or a cat and hang them on your wall with the ribbons. Your kids will love them absolutely. You can also put your kids to this work. They will enjoy working on this with you and it will give their personality a creative touch.

#4. Seashell hedgehog:

seashell crafts 44

Hedgehogs need not always be spiny. They can be shelly as well. What I meant was if you create the tiny cute creature out of shells, it will still retain its look while not being harmful. They make a good décor and are easy to make.

#5. Seashell Menagerie:

seashell crafts 55

The poodle is an adorable dog. It looks like a fur ball and is snowy white in colors. If you like having pets but can’t have any, you will love this absolutely. Collect the required shells and stick them together to give it the shape of the poodle. You have a beautiful pet that doesn’t require attention.

Candle stands:

#6. The lotus candle holder:

seashell crafts 66

Candle stands are very beautiful décor to have. All you need to make this one is a lot of shells of one kind. Take a round base and start sticking the shells over it. Glue them in the way a lotus blooms. Leave enough space in the center for holding the candle. You are done.

#7. The shell dune:

seashell crafts 77

Similar to the previous one, take a round base for this one as well. Stick the shells together over the base leaving enough space for the candle. You can make this one for the pillar candles or for tea-light candles as well.

#8. The candle jar:

seashell crafts 88

The votive is nice to have in the house. But you don’t always have to buy these expensive ones; you can make them at home as well.  Take a glass container and fill it with the wax and don’t forget to put the wick in. You can also fill a jar with sand and then put a candle pillar or tealight in it. Decorate the outer surface of the jar with shells. You are good to go. Easy, right?

#9. Oyster shell candle holder:

seashell crafts 99

This one looks a little tricky, doesn’t it? But it isn’t. Take a stand and start gluing the shells on it randomly but close to each other. When you are done, this is what it will look like. You have the complicated look right here, in your hands, and classy too.

#10. Inspired by beach:

seashell crafts 1010

This one is my favorite. I love their easy nature and good looks. You can have it in any shape the votive is. Just take shells of one kind and stick them to the surface of the votive. Let them stand for a while. When you are done, you will have the most beautiful candle stand at your hand, created by you.

Seashell Plant holders:

#11. Clamshell plant holder:

seashell crafts 1111

Clamshells are beautiful and are big enough to be used as plant holders. You can fill it with soil and put some beautiful show plants in it. This can be used for indoors as well as outdoors. You can also try hanging them on the porch or your sitting area.

#12. Modern planter:

seashell crafts 1212

As you can see, it is a big shell even when split into two halves. The shell is layered with soil and has various plants in them. You can also put other decorative plants or tiny flowering plants in them. You can keep them in your sitting area or in the garden depending on where you like having them and what plant you have put in it.

#13. Conch planter:

seashell crafts 1313

Everyone love conch. But only a few knows that conch can be used for something other than just putting it up as a decoration just like that. Like, for example, you can use it as a planter. Fill the space in the conch with soil and put a plant in it- decorative indoor plants or tiny flowering plant. Hang it somewhere for everyone’s display. You will be amazed of all the praises that will flow by.

#14. Starfish planters:

seashell crafts 1414

On some beaches, you will find starfishes flooded on the shore, you can use them, or you can also buy plastic ones that are available in the market. They have enough space to be filled and used as planters. You can either keep them or hang them anywhere you like.

#15. Tiny garden:

seashell crafts 1515

Have you ever thought you can create a tiny garden or a fairy garden in the covers of a shell, given it is not a tiny one. Separate the covers and fill them with required soil. Arrange tiny plants in them and you can also put in some tiny shells as decoration. If you know how to create a fairy garden, you would know what magic you can create with these shells.

Decoration seashell crafts:

#16. The seashell heart:

seashell crafts 1616

Something like this has always been an important part of wedding decoration. You can also use this for valentine or a gift to someone you love. Since this is not made of just anything but shells and faux pearls, it will be all the more special to the one you give it to. It will not only show off your creativity but also your romantic side.

#17. Seashell chimes:

seashell crafts 1717

Chimes, we all love to have chimes in our home. So, why not create them with the shells. It will be more like the sweet memories of the vacation hanging in front of your eyes all the time. You know the designs and the processes. If you don’t, you can always find it on one website or other. Thread all the shells together and hang it where you can hear them tingling. Every time it makes the sound, it will be the memories singing to you.

#18. Seashell ball:

seashell crafts 1818

The easiest project to do with shells is creating a ball centerpiece put of them. You can either Paper-Mache the base or just pick a thermocol ball for the base. Keep sticking the shells to it randomly, or you can even create patterns if you are that creative. You can leave a little space at the bottom unshelled, for sticking it to the wooden base or any base that can be used as its stand. You have a marvelous centerpiece ready for display.

#19. Seashell centerpiece:

seashell crafts 1919

This one is another of the beautiful seashell crafts. You can take a glass container, fill it with clear water and put all those beautiful shiny shells in it. You can also add anything else you like to the collection. Let the tealight candle float on the top. You have one magnificent centerpiece ready in no time.

#20. Christmas tree ornament:

seashell crafts 2020

Christmas is an occasion full of happiness, life, memories, and hope. Hence, it becomes inevitable that the decorations made for Christmas stands for every same thing.  In the ornamental bulb, put the collected seashells and everything else that symbolized your memory, happiness, and hope. Hang it on the Christmas tree. You can make this seashell craft as many as you want.

Seashell mirror decorations:

#21. The heart:

seashell crafts 2121

Mirrors form a very intricate part of our life. That is one reason they should be beautifully and tastefully made. You can use the sea shells for decorating the mirror yourself. You can paint the shells and use them for decoration.

#22. The round mirror:

seashell crafts 2222

Create a thick round edge on the entire circumference of the mirror. You can either use the thermocol ring or Paper Mache technique for doing that. Now stick the shells to it, one overlapping the other. When you are done, you will be amazed to see how a magnificent look can be obtained without much complication and hassle.

#23. The mermaid’s treasure:

seashell crafts 2323

Every girl has once dreamed of mermaids and their beautiful crafted mirrors. Now, you can have them for real. No, not from the mermaids, you can create them yourself. Give the shells a pattern in your head or on the paper and then start arranging them accordingly around the circumference of the oval mirror. It is that easy.

#24. Shells shells everywhere:

seashell crafts 2423

If you have too many of shells, then this project is meant for you. Cover the sides of the mirror broadly using shells. Arrange them in a beautiful pattern. Load the shells up on the top of the mirror like a crown and put it on your wall for display. Everyone that enters your house will surely have a look in the mirror, actually at the mirror.

#25. Covered with shells:

seashell crafts 2525

This seashell craft mirror looks more like a wreath. This one needs your best crafty side. The exterior is all done in Paper Mache and then the shells are arranged tastefully all over it. You need a certain amount of patience and hard work for creating this look, but when it is done you will be so proud of yourself.

The jewelry box craft:

#26. The vintage:

seashell crafts 2626

Women love jewelry boxes, especially when it is so beautifully decorated with the shells. So, ladies, it’s time to gift yourself one such beautifully done jewelry boxes. You can either buy a new plain box and do it or redo your old one differently. All you have to do is stick the shells over the cover in the way you like. You have a new box ready. You can gift it as well.

#27. Topped with seashells:

seashell crafts 2727

You don’t have too many of shells but you want to do a jewelry box? No problem. Just stock all those shells on the top of your jewelry box. Before that, you can also consider covering it up with pretty velvet or another such piece of cloth. That will make it look completely new.

#28. The chic:

seashell crafts 2828

OH, I love this one. All those tiny pretty shells sticking to the heart shaped box, covering every tiny space and the top looks like the shells are carelessly placed over it. But the look it has extracted is just beyond gorgeous. This one looks like it has been brought straight out of a fairytale.

#29.The classy:

seashell crafts 2929

This one again is a gorgeously done round box. The top is done in a way that suggests the blooming lotus and the sides are kept simple and uncomplicated. If you gift this to someone, you are bound to get loads of appreciation.

#30. The hidden treasure:

seashell crafts 3030

This gives a feeling of a hidden treasure chest. This big metal box is all covered in varieties of shells. You can do it randomly or in a pattern, whichever appeals you.


Seashell crafts add a beach touch to your home. You can just go creative and create your own thing with these beautiful pieces. You will love these crafts. Trust me when I say these are addictive.

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