30 Awesome Basement Bar Ideas

Basement bar ideas for your home.

Modern day homes today are integrating even the trivial details of home interiors and architecture as per the tastes and preferences of those living in the houses. The idea of a completely contemporary form of home or to be more precise, the idea of a perfect home today includes smart media rooms, home offices, basement bar, game rooms, gymnasiums and the like.

The idea of a basement bar has been gaining popularity in the recent times. There are a multiple basement bar ideas today to choose from. Having a basement bar in the house is now a popular option in many luxurious contemporary homes. If you’re looking for some toxic fun at your own crib, instead of going to places like a club or disco or some other spot for that fun-filled drink, look no further these home bar designs are just for you. There are a wide range of simple, sophisticated, classy and easy-to-create designs and basement bar ideas.

Very often in life, we get occupied with the hustle-bustle that ityffers us on a regular basis and hardly spare some time for the self and that in turn, leaves us frustrated. It is equally important along with work to chill out and unwind one’s self in order to think, act and work with more clarity again. That is the reason people like to go out to have some fun, it may be in the form of night clubs, parties, outings and so on.

A cozy and a private home bar is a great addition to your house if you’re looking for some “man cave” and the kind of fun and entertainment that a fancy bar offers.

These kind of basement bar ideas typically suit people of today’s generation where the lifestyle is such that they do not have much spare time even during the weekends, and its agreed upon that most of us do not have enough enthusiasm to drive around to a local pub after spending a long, tiresome day at work.

These home bar designs offer you with the right solution to make sure you get the drink at the right time. With such beautiful designs in your own house, you could invite your friends and acquaintances to your house and enjoy the drinks in y our very own customized home bar! Home based basement bars serve as great hangout spots.

A home bar is not just convenient for you to chill with your buddies but even the most important business dealings with clients can be dealt with over a glass of wine. An unofficial ambience like a home bar is not just great for negotiations with clients but also a great way to chill with friends and families.

Everything about your house reflects the true you. The style of basement bar you choose reflects your décor choices for the rest of your house. It is essential to have a beautifully designed basement. The most important part of the basement is a basement bar. It has become a growing trend in today’s era to have a theme based basements and rooms.

Basement bars are places where you can play host to a great party or night outs and offer the entertainment which is available in fancy bars and pubs. When it comes to a home based basement bar, don’t settle for anything less. Make sure that your basement bar shines and stands out from the rest and let it be one of that favorite spots of your house to hang out, either with your friends or family.

Let us have a look at the coolest range of designs for a home-based bar that is most apt for your party requirements!

Here we are sharing with you 30 best basement bar ideas.

#1. Basement bar with a funky theme:

basement bar ideas 1


This home bar design is inspired from the 70’s style, the use of vibrant colors like red in combination with black displays a funky and vivid theme. The black and white polka dotted screen suggests a hint of vintage style. The chairs in red compliment well with the black table outlined with a bit of silver and red tableware.

#2. Stone encased home bar:

basement bar ideas 22

This stone encased home bar design is very exclusive and is best suited to those with a rich taste in ancient architecture and stone building works and art. This gorgeous stone enclosed home bar has beautifully lit lamps on top. The chairs are brown in color that is accentuating the look of the bar.

#3. Lined-up wine bottles basement bar:

basement bar ideas 33

Now, this kind of bar in a home is for those with the love of drinking wine and flaunting the various types of wines they have stored. Here, as you can see the wine bottles are lined up in a showcase. This basement bar design is similar to the one that is normally seen in clubs and outside places.

#4. Compact home-based bar:

basement bar ideas 44

This beautifully created home based bar is highly compact with cozy seating options. This kind of bar is suited in all types of home designs, be it contemporary or traditional. The colors of the tables and the seats complement each other well. The wooden wall design is beautiful matching with the seats. The roof and cabinets have a lovely brown wooden texture.

#5. Home bar with a regal look:

basement bar ideas 55

This home bar is designed with ultimate grace and elegance. It offers a very royal ambience. With beautiful chairs in cherry red and foamy leather seats, the whole bar is designed in rich dark colors, with two gorgeous lamps, this beautifully crafted home bar defines elegance.

#6. Basement bar in a game room:

basement bar ideas 66

This bar design contains all the essentials of a gaming room. It has a huge theater-style TV area, a gaming arena having a big wooden billiards table and chairs and a mini bar at the corner. The design is magnificent with elegant lighting in the ceiling, and a beautiful chandelier in the corner of the sp

#7. Miniature home based bar design:

basement bar ideas 77

This beautifully crafted miniature home basement bar design can be named as cozy and cute because it is made in a small living space with minimum sitting arrangement. This small basement bar is made just where the staircase ends.

#8. Hidden basement bar design:

basement bar ideas 8_files8

This mysterious basement bar is designed to throw in hidden parties. It is a cavernous bar with dim lightings. With dim pink on one side and blue on the other, this dark basement bar is the most appropriate spot for having hidden parties. The concept of this bar is to enjoy parties in a hush-hush manner.

#9. Small basement bar with minimum décor:

basement bar ideas 99

This basement bar with wooden cabinets and white walls is perfect for those who want to keep it simple. It is elegant and graceful without any fancy décor additions. This bar is suitable for those living in flats and apartments. This is a small basement bar with neat cabinet and fittings and sophisticated lightings.

#10. Basement bar with a simple and stylish appearance:

basement bar ideas 1010

This stylish looking basement bar has lovely light brown wooden cabinets, and this serene and simple arrangement of the bar is giving it a completely swanky look. It is simple, doesn’t have a lot of accessories and tableware but is sufficient for a contemporary home.

#11. Basement bar in a kitchen:

basement bar ideas 1111

This basement bar which is designed with simplicity contains a fridge to store in beer, sodas, mixed cocktails etc. Right above the cabinets is a case for storing all the glassware and the wines. This kind of basement bar makes it easier for the family members to store the snacks and drinks and clean up the mess in the same room.

#12. Wine cellar basement bar:

basement bar ideas 1212

This basement bar contains a wine cellar that is complementing well for this ambience. The beautiful granite slab which is a counter for ten is equipped with a dish washer and storage space for glasses and serving equipment. The seating and lighting arrangement done here is very classy and goes well with the brown cabinets.

#13. Folding doors basement bar:

basement bar ideas 1313

This basement bar design is very unique with folding doors with a mirrored cupboard for storing the beverages. The room has a small round table and chairs for seating. This idea is very unique and exclusive.

#14. Futuristic home bar:

basement bar ideas 1414

This classy white and red themed futuristic home bar is unique in its own. It has been made with simplicity and grace, crafted perfectly in white this basement bar design has a space-ship like a form that stands out from the rest.

#15. Sporty home bar design:

basement bar ideas 1515

This sporty home bar design is for those who are fanatic about sports and love drinking at the same time. This bar has 3 TV sets with colorful printed seats. It contains various sport teams names framed in the wall. This is a unique design suitable for sports-lovers.

#16. Home bar with a club design:

basement bar ideas 1616

This home bar with a pool table on the side gives a feel of the pub. The ambience of this basement bar is similar to that of a pub because of its lightings and the playing billiards table. This is one of the unique designs in basement bars.

#17. Modern home bar with white seating:

basement bar ideas 1717

This modern home bar with pristine white seating options is incredible. It is designed in a very simple form, the look of the bar is similar to that of a dining room with a large white table in the centre with chairs. The lighting is beautiful and this bar design is classic.

#18. Organized home bar design:

basement bar ideas 1818

This basement bar design is named as an organized home bar. It has very subtle lighting options with dark colored chairs. The flooring is very creative, reminds us of the retro look of a pub. It is a classy bar with minimal décor.

#19. Sleek home bar design:

basement bar ideas 1919

This sleek home bar design is designed with sheer elegance. It has gorgeous lighting arrangements with the perfect brown table in wood. The seating options are limited. This type of design is also suited for contemporary homes.

#20. Traditional basement bar design:

basement bar ideas 2020

This traditional basement bar design is suited for royal themed homes, it has royal wooden furniture, the chairs and tables are positioned in a perfect way, with ancient artifacts and antiques in the corners. This design is perfect for traditional homes.

#21. Sleek and modern basement bar design:

basement bar ideas 2121

This unique and modern home basement bar is very spacious and offers very comfy seating options in the form of arm chairs. The lighting arrangement is done in a very intelligent manner. It is soothing to the eyes, unlike other bars which are dark with bright lights. Looks like a perfect spot for relaxation with family and friends.

#22. Modern home bar with an elegant finishing:

basement bar ideas 2222

This ultra modern contemporary home bar is exclusively designed. It displays colors like blue and white that ooze out relaxation and ease. The elegantly designed glass walls offers a breath-taking scenery. The elegant finish of the glass counter paired with white curtains and grey chairs looks awesome!

#23. Clever space utilization design:

basement bar ideas 2323

This concept of clever space utilization is designed intelligently. Well, with tight space issues. Who says you cannot have a bar? This design occupies very little space and yet looks absolutely great!  The secret? Proper utilization of space! Here, you can see that the bottles are hanging in the wall whereas the glasses hanging on top! Clever, isn’t it

#24. Enchanting lighting bar design:

basement bar ideas 2424

This beautiful home basement bar with gorgeous lighting looks like a million dollar bar! The correct lighting combination makes it achieve this stunning look. The dim lighting of the above shown bar is what is making it look unique. Moreover, the lights inside the shelf where wine bottles are kept is enhancing the over all appearance of this bar.

#25. Rustic home bar design:

basement bar ideas 2525

This is a rustic bar design with a classy vintage blend. The wooden and glass shelves, simple and classic counter and the leather stools in rich maroon color add to the rustic atmosphere of the bar. This bar is for those who love to enjoy their classic drinks.

#26. Contemporary bar design:

basement bar ideas 2626

This contemporary bar design has various ideas combined in one. The beautifully lit LED lights shelves and counter look stunning with the mounted wine racks, giving it a modern appearance, whereas the wooden log table has a touch of traditional bars.

#27. Traditional bar with an Undermount sink:

basement bar ideas 2727

This beautifully designed traditional home bar comes with an undermount sink and a built-in book shelf that goes in beautifully with the colors of the house. It has a blend of modern white and light brown that gives a touch of traditional with modern look blended into each other.

#28. Rustic themed bar design:

basement bar ideas 2828

This gorgeous rustic themed home based bar has a very unique table with a light beige colored carpet and high ceiling, giving it a very modern contemporary look. Its walls and doors are in pure white color which gives this small and sweet bar a very serene and peaceful look. The décor is kept to minimum with a beautiful painting hung in the wall.

#29. Home bar with a Hardwood flooring:

basement bar ideas 2929

This lovely home bar has a hard wooden flooring and very high ceiling with lamps hanging on the ceiling. The wall is painted with a bright hue of orange on one side, where the wine bottles are placed elegantly. The counter is also very high and has a granite texture with minimal décor items.

#30. Bar with a crown molding design:

basement bar ideas 3030

This traditional  home based bar has a crown molding design, the colors are pure and elegant which include white and beige. It has a small table where for the drinks. The wall is made up of wooden and stone with lovely lamps. The lighting and frames in the walls are enhancing the over all appearance of the bar.


The way you design your house reflects your inner personality. The designs you choose and the basement bar ideas of the basement bars for a house speaks about your décor choices and your personal tastes for the rest of your house. It is necessary to have a beautifully crafted basement bar in your house. The most important part of the basement is a basement bar. It is now becoming increasingly popular in today’s times to have the theme based basement bars and rooms in the houses.

The idea of having a basement bar in a house has probably evolved around the time where the basements have existed. If you have planned to include a basement bar in your home, then it is sure to offer you hell loads of fun and entertainment within the comfort of your house without having to go that extra mile away.

It is certainly important to do some prior planning and have some designs selected beforehand. The next step would be to get into a contract with a reputed designer specializing in basement designs and finishing. Well, giving the contract of designing and building the basement bar to a builder is definitely not a great idea, instead go for an expert in basement finishing who will have enough practical exposure and experience along with a team of expertise in designing the basement bars.

A home based bar is an easy to go and convenient way to relax with your friends. And on an even more important note, the bar space can also be used for business dealings with clients. A glass of wine serves as great deal-maker or breaker any day. A casual environment like a home bar is great for negotiations with clients. And is also a great way to chill around with friends and families.

The planning of a basement bar requires consideration of one important factor that is very often neglected but is one of the essential components of a bar. That is having a sink. A bar without a sink is often very messy and inconvenient to handle. The costs incurred for plumbing a sink is greater than the one without a sink. But that extra cost for the small barkeeper’s sink is totally worth it as it will save you from cleaning out those spilled drinks in your bar.

The best way for locating the sink is keeping as close to the bathroom of the basement as possible.

Next, it would be a smart option to make space for the storage of empty bottles and cans. Having a TV screen is also a cool idea as it will turn your basement bar into a sports hub, thanks to new gen televisions as they do not occupy a great deal of space either.

Lastly, there’s nothing as great as customizing your very own basement bar with ancient artifacts, cool and funky new posters, pictures, trophies and other petty stuff that you can either hang on the wall or display it on the shelves. These are some of the important requirements of setting up a basement bar in your house.

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