25 Ideas for Decorating Kids Room

Today, we are sharing with you 25 best suggestions for decorating kids room:

A child’s room is not just the place where they sleep. They do their home works, play with their mates, throw temper tantrums, sprawl on the floor, play games and even day dream there. They practically grow up, their learning things and creating memories for themselves and us. Their room is more special than any part of the house. Decorating the whole house is one thing and decorating your kids’ room is another.

As easy as it may sound, but trust me when I say that decorating your kids room is not a child’s play.  Sometimes it gets really hard to find the balance between something that they would love and won’t outgrow, at least not for a long while. And then you have a budget to consider.

Here are 25 Best Ideas for Decorating Kids Room:

So, here I am for your rescue, with 25 carefully picked tips, suggestions and ideas about decorating your kids’ room:

Things to consider:

#1) Safety:

While you are paying attention to beautifying the room you just can’t ignore their safety. Kids are kids and they won’t sit quietly. They will run around the room, picking and throwing things and obviously tripping and falling down. This is something you can’t stop. So, make sure the room does not have anything that can cause them bodily harm.

No loose wires or open plug points and make sure they are at safe heights, safety sockets so they can’t push in their pencils or toys inside them no sharp edges and corners, skid proof flooring, Windows should be at the proper height and properly secured with grills, locks on the door should be the ones that can be operated from both the sides so that your kid doesn’t get locked accidentally.

These are just the obvious safety issues that you must consider; take care of the others that cross your mind.

#2) Space:

Kid’s not only need, but they also love a spacious room. It gives them room to spread their toys and books and they can play with their friends comfortably. In a spacious room it is less likely that they get hit by something while they take a fall while running around. You can opt for compact beds like pull outs, bunks or wall mounted ones. Place minimal furniture in their room and utilize the corners for placing them.

#3) Storage:

You shower your love on your kids by giving them ample toys and clothes. And you must, along with that give ample storage space. Place a good number of drawers and cabinets in their room. Make sure you are still left with plenty of storage space after stuffing all their things up because they will keep increasing everyday.

Tips for decorating their room:

#4) Paint:

Fresh paint are always the first option and now-a-days with so many easy to do paints you can do the walls yourself. Fresh paints always go a long way and hence you should pick the perfect color and pattern for your little one. Your little prince and pretty princess may share a bond but, they definitely don’t share the same taste. But today, you can’t just go ahead and exclaim, “Oh, I know boys love blue and girls love pink”. It is a history now.

They both have grown up and above these. So, while you decide about their room color look for different colors and patterns and always use paints that are safe.

#5) Art Gallery:

No mother wants to lose their little one’s first painting or the greeting card that they so lovingly made for them. For parents these things are precious gifts and for kid their precious memory. You can put them in a frame and hang it on the wall. You can do one wall in their creations and favorite images and other with their pictures. You can easily keep changing them.

#6) Wall Decals:

These are one easy to do activities that can change the entire look of the room. You can pick their favorite cartoon or superhero murals for your little prince or some flower murals with birds and butterflies for your princess.

#7) Lights:

Proper lighting are another important aspect of beautiful rooms. With the wide ranges of lights and shades available in the market; you can always pick the right one. Put the lights that are bright enough to light up the entire room during evening and provide proper light for studying. Put some night lamps for the dim soothing light during sleeping time and for that my favorite is the bird house night lamp. Don’t forget to place the light switches in the reach of your child, preferably beside bed.

#8) Ceilings:

You can put beautiful false ceilings. And if not, you can put radium of the moon and stars creating false sky that illuminates in the dark. You can also make a chandelier out of your kids’ drawings.

Decorating kids room 1


#9) Sitting space:

You can put bean bags in their room that are safe, soft and comfortable. You can also make mushroom stools with pillows and wood logs. You can make a simple chair look funky by putting on its leg the rejected socks of your kids.

decorating Kids room 2Source

#10) Tables:

Differentiate different kind of tables, for example a study table, a table for art and craft or a gaming console and a dressing table. See that the tables have the correct height. Go easy on the dressing table in your boy’s room. He does not need a complicated one. Make tables look interesting.

#11) Beds:

Try fancy beds, the ones that are not the regular ones. Bunk beds, or the beds that looks like a house, or tepee styled. Put ample pillows and bright bed sheets over them. The bed should be big enough so that your kid doesn’t fall off it while twisting and turning in sleep, but not so big that it eats up the entire space in the room.

decorating Kids room 3

decorating Kids room 4Source

#12) Floors:

See that the floors are skid proof. You can put in rugs or carpets that either match or contrast the colors on the wall.  The rugs or carpets must be soft and should grip the floor so that it doesn’t keep slipping.

#13) Wardrobes:

You can try wardrobes built into walls with curtains. This will give your kid easy access to his things and he will be safe by accidentally putting his fingers in the door in a hurry.

#14) Mirrors:

Mirrors also make good room decor. You can put in one full size mirror in the room and put various shapes and sizes of decorated mirrors on the wall.

#15) Blankets and Duvets:

You can put a soft duvet or a fleece blanket for your kid to use when nights are cold. You can also put some cotton sheets to be used as blankets for comparatively hot nights.

#16) Book cases:

Put your kid in a habit of keeping his stationary organized. Get them a nice, easily accessible book case where they can keep their books and other stationery distinguishable.

#17) Drawer chest:

These are the best place for keeping small clothing like under garments, socks, handkerchiefs etc. They have many drawers that can be used as a space for different items so that they don’t get mixed up and feel like a treasure hunt game.

decorating Kids room 5


#19) Cloth bin:

A fancy dirty cloth bag will put them in a habit of not throwing their dirty clothes all over the floor. There is a range of cartoon laundry bags available in the market.

#20) Play space:

Create a play space for them. Arrange all their gaming accessories at one place. Play space should not be in the middle of the room. If you have a high bed, you can use the loft area under it for creating a play space.

decorating Kids room 7Source

#21) Blinds and Curtains:

The blinds and curtains in the room should be so versatile that it can be used to allow sunlight in the room and stop cold winds from entering. They should complement the colors of the wall and rugs.

#22) Glass items:

Exclude any delicate and glass decorations from the room that can be easily broken and can harm your kid in any way. Heavy and breakable things should also be kept away.

#23) Cushy sofas:

You don’t have to buy anything expensive for this. Simply stack few thick mattresses covered in colorful fabrics with one over another and throw some cushions and pillows over them. A fancy cushy sofa is ready for your kids’ room. These can be dismantled and used as a sleep over spaces for your child’s friends.

decorating Kids room 6


#24) Window seats:

These are one among the most awesome ideas that can be used anywhere in your home. Kids, sometimes love to sit over windows for long hours, so why doesn’t make it comfortable? You can also add in some storage space for their crafts and toys. But make sure windows are secured with grills and nets.

decorating Kids room 8


#25) Cloth swing:

You can also a cloth swing in the room’s corner. Kids love to sit on it and read while swinging slightly. They could also play their gaming console or watch TV from there.

decorating Kids room 9



Decorating your kids’ room has a huge number of options available. You need not hire a professional. With the right advice and buy you can do it yourself and that too as good as a professional.

You need not put everything I have listed above in your kids’ room for it may turn congested. Remember, sufficient space is the mantra of a good kid’s room.

Hope you like these tips for decorating kids room. Let us know if you have any more suggestions.

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