25 Best Back to School Decorations Idea

Need ideas for your back to school decorations? Find inspiring tips and suggestions here. 

School holds a very special place in each of our lives. We often reminisce about our beautiful time in school. How good it will be if we give our home some back to school decorations? Wouldn’t it be great? These are easy to make and doesn’t even cost much. These decorations give a festive feel to your home.

Created out of simple paper craft or other school supply stuff, not only appeals to your kid but also to everyone else. Themes inspired from school bring tasty treats and gorgeous decorations. They also bring back happy memories of childhood.

These are just few ideas that I am presenting to help you free your imagination and creativity. I would suggest that before you begin crafting, close your eyes and think of the most beautiful memories from school. For example, I still remember my father bringing me scented erasers in different shapes and sizes and I used to love them a lot. So my favorite decoration is the one with them. Let’s walk the memory lane and get creative.

Here are 25 best ideas for your back to school decorations:

Colored pencil decorations:

#1. Colored pencil wreath:

back to school decorations 1


The wreath made of colored pencils look different and beautiful. If you know how to make a wreath, you can let your imagination run wild and create a never before wreath. You can also customize it with names or quotes that you like. You can also customize it to hang your keys and other tiny things on them.

#2. Colorful heart:

back to school decorations 22

Who knew color pencils can be used for creating other artistic things other than drawings. This color pencil heart is made with different shades and color of the pencils. The red and its shades are combined with shades of yellow. On the top of them creating the lowers shape of heart are the pencils of blue and green colors with their respective shades. You can add the colors of your choice, but this one definitely looks stunning.

#3. Pencils in Styrofoam ball:

back to school decorations 33

Most of us have created this thing with colored straws and similar items. Some of us may also be reminded of our science project after looking at it. But it definitely makes an amazing decorative piece. In a thermocol ball, insert the pencils of same kind or of different colors. You can also follow a color scheme to give it the kind of look you want. You can either place it on a table like a centerpiece or hang it like a charm.

#4. The pencil cake:

back to school decorations 44

The cake is the regular one, but what makes it stand out is the icing that has the back to school decoration. It goes along very well with the party of that theme or even better if you have an all kid’s party. It will not only taste good but will also look good. It is bound to trigger some beautiful memories in you as well.

#5. The pencil vase:

back to school decorations 55

We have seen vases of all kinds. But this one is different because it is made from color pencils. Take a base of any kind. It could be anything cylindrical like a glass that you don’t use anymore. Stick the color pencils all around on the outer surface. You can either pick a shade routine, or specific colors or you can randomly put different colors to create a more colorful vase. Add one or two accessories of your liking. Make sure your accessories don’t take away the show of the color pencils. This is one of the easiest and most beautiful back to school decoration in my list.

Decoration with crayons:

#6. The crayon wreath:

back to school decorations 66

As kids, I am sure we all have had an affinity to crayons. Most of us have played with it, making a perfect drawing look like an abstract one by filling in colors in to it. And today, we don’t need drawings to create something beautiful from crayons. For keeping a piece of school on doorstep, create a wreath out of crayons. You can obviously follow a color palette or can randomly arrange different colors. Hang it on your door with your name, quotation or any writing. You can also add your school pictures to it.

#7. The crayon rainbow heart:

back to school decorations 77

This is one of the most beautiful and artistic back to school decoration I have ever come across. The crayons are arranged in a color scheme in a heart shape and are heated by blowing hot air from hair dryer in outward direction. That results in crayons melting and splashing colors on the outside of the heart. You can use this technique in creating other shapes and designs as well. Let you imagination fly with this one.

#8. The holder:

back to school decorations 88

A pen or pencil holder plays a very important role in keeping our things organized. Take a rectangular or cube shaped box big enough to be used as a multipurpose holder. Arrange crayons in a random coloring order. Let them set for a while till the glue dries and the crayons are well stuck. Put it on your table and keep some goodies in it. During parties you can also use it for decoration or storing return gifts like lollipop and candies for kids.

#9. The delicious dessert:

back to school decorations 99

Who doesn’t love sweets but if it is decorated with the memories of your childhood, it would taste sweeter. Make a sweet base of your favorite dessert. Roll some icing over it. It could be vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or any such kind. Insert crayons on the top. If you are good at cooking, you can also make crayon candies. Sprinkle colorful chips as toppings. You are ready to go.

#10. The dessert stand:

back to school decorations 1010

Making good food is important but the way you serve it is even more important. So let’s make a dessert stand. Take a cylindrical box. Make sure it’s not too wide, only enough to let the dessert sit on the top. Fix the crayons around the box. You can pick a color scheme or set them in a random order. When they are set, add ribbons or other decorations to it. That will make it look appealing. Let your mouth watering dessert sit on the top. Your dessert on dessert stand is ready to be set on table.

Decoration with papers:

#11. Paper holder:

back to school decorations 1111

Back to school decorations have all new dimensions. You can create a multi carrier holder from paper. You can use it for storing your stationaries or for storing goodies during a party. You can also use it as centerpiece by putting some flowers or other decorations in to it.

#12. Paper centerpiece:

back to school decorations 1212

This is a very easy back to school decoration. These are beautiful centerpieces. The center tree is made from paper. It has some paper fruits. You can replace the fruits with alphabets. There are paper bags for goodies along with other centerpieces.

#13. The banner:

back to school decorations 1313

Banners are very cool. You can create leafs of different shapes and sizes and write your favorite words or quotation about school and hang them anywhere in your house. They not only look beautiful but also remind you of the beautiful past. It will also keep the kids motivated. You can create banner of any kind.

#14. The lady bug:

back to school decorations 1414

The lady bugs made out of toilet paper rolls and paper are super cute. They often remind us of our school projects. You can just place them for display or pot some party’s goodies in to it. You can also place tiny flowers to add to the look of it. Also, it is very easy to make.

#15. The school bus:

back to school decorations 1515

School buses are unmistakable reminder of school days. So, they become an inevitable object of back to school decorations for party. On internet you will find many models of buses that you can print and simply assemble. If you are good at creativity you can create your own bus centerpiece. Make them in the color that your school owned or the one in which your kid goes to school. That would make it more personal.

Other decoration ideas:

#16. Eraser centerpiece:

back to school decorations 1616

Apart from erasing, erasers can be used for creating centerpieces, place cards or food cards. You can also use them for holding your favorite quotations. Take hard cards and cut them in your favorite shape. Make a slit on the eraser and insert the card in the slit. Make sure it is balanced and doesn’t make the eraser tumble. Place them wherever you want them.

#17. Eraser toffees:

back to school decorations 1717

These eraser toffees make a good return gift for kid’s party. Just take the erasers and wrap them in transparent wrapper and put them in a bowl. You can use the erasers of different colors. Let the kids pick the eraser toffees of their favorite color.

#18. Eraser folks:

back to school decorations 1818

These folks made from eraser look super cute. Pick two rectangular erasers of any color of your choice. With the rolling eyes and wool give them a face and their dress. You can show off your creativity in creating these folks. Put them somewhere everyone can see. Be sure, you will be getting a lot many praises for this creativity skill.

#19. Pencil tops:

back to school decorations 1919

As a kid, I have always been fond of the pencil tops. I loved collecting different kinds of them. But never in my wildest dream had I thought we could make these ourselves. But now you see you can make cute funny faces from felt and fix them on the top of pencils. You can set these pencils in the vase or centerpiece for display.

#20. Cookie bags:

back to school decorations 2020

Milk and cookies often stands as the memory of our school going childhood. For kid’s party you can get some paper bags and mark them with alphabets. You can create quotes or phrases from them or just let the alphabets hang. Pin inside them some cookies and make a separate counter for them. Kids will love them.

#21. Ruler table runner:

back to school decorations 2121

Table runners look stylish on the table and if it is of the looks of a ruler it would look so school type. You can either make them yourself or buy them at shops. You can also get a runner in the shape of pencil. Place one of your creative center piece of back to school decoration theme. You would bowl all of them with this look.

#22. Crayon door hanger:

back to school decorations 2222

You can make a doorknob hanger or door hanger in the shapes of things that reminds you of your school. This one is done in the shape of a bag with crayons in them. You can write welcome or any other phrase that you want. It would give your party a lively feeling.

#23. Pringle can pencil centerpiece:

back to school decorations 2323

Now you will never throw the can after eating pringles. With the can you can make a model of pencil. You can use these as center pieces or holders of any kind. You are going to love making these and filling your house with varieties of pringle-can pencils.

#24. Crayon utensil holders:

back to school decorations 2424

Now the utensil holders don’t have to look boring. Take the coke cans or broad containers that are unused. On their outer surface fix crayons in random coloring order. You can also set a color pattern for different utensils. Place in them your colorful cutleries. You are good to go for your party make everyone jealous.

#25. The doorable wood hanger:

back to school decorations 2525

This pencil shaped door hanger is simple yet attractive. You can create it out of a ply or cardboard. Let the artist inside you take over for a few minutes until you complete this project. You can give it the length you like but make sure it looks like a pencil. Decorate it with laces and similar stuff. Write a phrase of your liking and fix it on the door.


These are just a few ideas about back to school decorations that you can do for your party. You can get as creative as you can and create much other decorating stuff that reminds you of your school and the good old days. These themes are just perfect for your school going kids.

They will just love it and of course it doesn’t require a lot of time and work. These are easy and beautiful and you will enjoy them while making them with your kids.

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