20 Simple but Awesome DIY Cheap Shelving Ideas

Today we are sharing with you 20 simple but awesome cheap shelving ideas.

Shelves have always been a life saver for keeping your house neat and avoiding all the mess that you have around in your living area. There could not have been any other good way in which one could organize and arrange things other than making shelves and using them. We always tend to rely on shelves a lot be it in the kitchen, living room or in the office. They help a lot in keeping things arranged and help a lot in keeping it organized.

To add on when you have kids around, it is mandatory to have as many shelves as possible to stack in all the books, toys, clothes, and all the stuffs that your child keeps carrying around everywhere. When you are planning out to build a new house, you always make sure that you make as much space for the shelves for arranging your things and accessories.

But no matter how much ever you plan out, and how many ever shelves you have been using, you always run out of shelves. Shelves need not be expensive or fancy. It can be cheap and can be made out of things that are in your house lying unused.

You must not have thought of it before but here are a few quite simple and awesome ideas that would help you and come handy if you are thinking to make shelves out of the stuffs in your own house.

Read on to know more and get some wonderful ideas.

20 Simple but awesome DIY cheap shelving ideas are following:

#1. Invisible shelf:

cheap shelving ideas 1


This wonderful idea of making shelf is really handy if you are running out of space. This idea would save your space and would not need much space too. This does not need many tools and things too in order t make one. And to add on this shelf would make the visitor think and wonder how it is made up of. The tools that this shelf requires are some L shaped angles and few screws to tighten them. You will need a drilling machine and your task is done. That’s it. Your invisible shelf is ready .

#2. Shelves with the branch!

cheap shelving ideas 2Source

This is a wonderful idea and this would also add some style to your home interior if you do it neatly. The tools and the things that you will need are some branches of the tree and some tile slabs or cement slabs to fix in. you can fix then up using the small branches from the tree itself like the one given above. This would be a wonderful interior and shelving idea if you want it to be really innovative.

#3. Shelves with the belts!

cheap shelving ideas 3Source

All that you will need is some unused leather belts and hanger. You need not work on this more and you will be really happy with this idea if you are looking out for some quick and easy idea. Fix the hanger and hang the belts on it. Place few books but make sure that they are balanced while you are placing them. Done! Your shelf if ready!

#4. Shelf in the ladder!

cheap shelving ideas 4Source

This is a wonderful idea for storing as many things as possible. The stair case ladder that you have kept unused can now be used for making shelves. You can either keep two ladders together like the one given above or you can also place it upside down and fix those using nails and screws for an innovative and unique idea. Place wooden slabs or boards inside each step. Now you can use them easily for storing everything that comes to your hand while you are moving around. Isn’t it easy and quite interesting?

#5. Shelves with the glass bottles!

cheap shelving ideas 5Source

This is a wonderful idea if you are looking out for organizing your footwear and shoes that have been messing around and lying here and there. But for making this shelf, you have to make sure that there are no notorious and playful kids around. The glass bottles might break and it would be risky to leave your child play around this shelf. But this is easy and cool.

#6. Shelf with the blackboard!

cheap shelving ideas 6Source

This is an easy, yet classy way to make shelves. All that you will need is a black chalkboard that your kids has been using or have outgrown it and is not using it. You can use them to make shelves like the one given above.

#7. Drawer shelves!

cheap shelving ideas 7Source

These shelves do not look like drawers and you cannot open and close it. But you can easily make this kind of shelves using the drawers that has rusted or is kept unused. If you have extra drawers in your home, use them as making shelves like the one given in the picture. You can fix them up in a height and this would save from your kids reaching it and messing it up all again. You can use for storing the books, or medicine bottles or anything of that sort.

#8. Shelves with the wooden planks!

cheap shelving ideas 8Source

This shelf can be using the wooden pallet and few nails. You can do it in a less time and you will have a wonderful shelf. You can make this in your kitchen to store the bottles and utensils too. Paint them with vibrant color for an attractive look. Or you can also paste color papers for an easy work.

#9. Rope shelves!

cheap shelving ideas 9Source

This is a wonderful idea for a hanging shelf. This needs no professional work for making a shelf. All that you will need is some wooden boards and few ropes and you will easily get the hanging shelf like the one given in the picture. Make sure that you tighten them up either by tying the knot or you can also fasten them by using screws and nails.

#10. Shelf with the bricks!

cheap shelving ideas 10Source

This is a cool idea and easy idea for making the shelf. The shelves and divisions can be made using the brick and some boards. You need not have the fancy bricks. The regular one that you get for construction is enough and will do the work. Place few bricks on the board and divide them for storing various items. You can make this shelf in various places or wherever you wish to have. For a fancier look, color the bricks and check out the look. You will be surprised to see it look so vibrant and unique.

#11. Table shelf!

cheap shelving ideas 11Source

This is a table shelf that can be made in a living area and can be used for any purpose. Either you organize your books in them or you can use it for anything else too. If you want to know how to make it, then here is the procedure. You will need some old tables that are of same sizes and shapes and all that you will have to do is make two equal halves for each table and stack one on the other against the wall.

You can fix them by using nails or screws too. Once done you can paint them and make them look new. This idea is a classy and a trendy one and looks really good in reading rooms etc.

#12. Skateboard shelf!

cheap shelving ideas 12Source

You must have been reading and seeing about the various ideas of how to make shelves. There are various stuffs used for making shelves that are more or less very common. But this idea of shelf with the skate board is something very new and unique. One must be thinking on how we can make shelves using the skateboard? Won’t that be rolling around with the wheels? Not at all.

You will have to removes the wheels and use then against the wall as shelves. Refer the picture given above and you will be surprised and amazed at the same time to see this unique and wonderful idea for making shelves.

#13. Upside down ladder shelf!

cheap shelving ideas 13Source

This is a wonderful idea for giving your shelf an elegant look. All that you will have to do is make the stair case ladder upside down and place boards in each step. This would be space saving and at the same time would store lots of things in it. You can divide it and use for organizing books, frames, show pieces, accessories etc. you will really be delighted with this idea as it will help you store so many things in one place. You don’t have to run around and search in other shelves.

#14. Wooden planks shelf!

cheap shelving ideas 14Source

You can make this book cases easily at home without much resources too. All that you will need to is a will to make it. You will get it right there. Cut the wooden boards on square pieces in the same sizes or in a different sizes and make them as boxes which is open in one side. You can make a few boxes and keep them ready.

Once done, you can fix them against the wall using the any adhesive or L angles. You can also use screws and nails to fix them up. arranging them in an elegant way and doing the task neatly would give this shelf a wonderful look. You can use this for storing and organizing books, files etc.

#15. Tree bookshelf!

cheap shelving ideas 15Source

This is an awesome idea if you are looking out for shelves for your kid’s room. You might be searching and thinking a lot of how you can make it look attractive and at the same time vibrant. And here it is. You will really like this idea of shelves and this will add color to the room too. You can use different colors that are bright and vibrant for a whole new look.

#16.Pipe shelves!

cheap shelving ideas 16Source

Have you ever seen shelves that are made by using pipes? Most of you would have not even heard of it. This shelf is really easy for the ones who are looking out for making a quick and easy shelf in the kid’s room or this can be put up on the wall anywhere. This shelf needs no skill and you would not need any carpenter or any one for fixing this.

You can do it on your own. Arrange few pipes that are unused or have been used and are lying without using. These pipes can be made to use shelves and boards or wooden planks can be placed and this can be easily used as shelves.

#17. Basket shelves!

cheap shelving ideas 17Source

Basket shelves are really easy and they look really good. If you are looking out for an easy shelving idea, then this is the most suitable one for you. The baskets can be of any size and any color. You just have to use them as shelves. You can fix them against the wall using adhesive or if you are planning to use it for storing stuffs that are quite heavy, then you can fix them up using nails and screws.

This would be done in a very less time and this would also add life to the place where you fix this. If you have same colored baskets you can paint them if you want or you can use them as such too.

#18. Cardboard shelf!

cheap shelving ideas 18Source

This is the most easiest and the simplest idea of all. You need nothing to make this kind of shelves. You can use the cartons that are lying waste in your home. The cartons that carries fruits and vegetables can also be used if it’s durable. All that you will have to do is take those cartons and cut them in the desired size and shape.

It can be in square or rectangle or triangle it depends on the way you want your shelves to be. Arrange them and fix them up using any adhesive gum or tape. Then fix it on the wall. This can be used for storing books and papers and files too. This is very easy and will consume less time too.

#19. Shoe boxes shelf!

cheap shelving ideas 19Source

The shoes boxes in your home can not be used for anything else other than for storing shoes. Now here is an idea for turning those shoe boxes into the most useful ones. You can make attractive shelves using those boxes. First, wrap them using any color paper of gift paper. One done stack on the boxes one on the other and make them as shelf.

Stick each other using glue or any tape. This can be used as drawer shelves too. You can store your accessories and cosmetics in it and this will be very handy for storing all small items.

#20. Shelves with the board!

cheap shelving ideas 20

As discussed above, this is also another useful and easy way for making shelves. You need to have cardboards for this. It can be cartons or any board that are not used and are waste. You can take them and cut the boards with care and then make them as pockets for the shoes. You can neatly arrange the shoes and footwear in them.

For making it interesting, you can either number them or use various color paper for covering them. If you have kids, they will enjoy putting their shoes in the first place.


So these are the wonderful and easy ideas for making shelves that would keep your home neat and organized. You neither have to spend your money for buying the shelves nor you will have to be worried for storing the things. These ideas would help you a lot and you can do it on your own.

Hope you enjoy our cheap shelving ideas.

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