20 Best Yellow Bathroom Design Ideas

Need help decorating your yellow bathroom? Check out our ideas for tips and inspiration on yellow bathroom designs.

Yellow is the color of happiness. Whenever you think of a happy interior, make sure to consider yellow as a chosen color in one of your room. This article talks about a yellow color bathroom designs that you can use for your home to give it a peppy look.

Bathrooms are such areas that need a perfect combination of refreshing ambiance along with a smart and energetic look. Thus it is imperative to say, a bathroom should have a pleasant color scheme that will make it look cozy and neat at the same time. Having yellow color painted in the bathroom will give it a bright yet serene look.

Here are some cozy yellow bathroom design ideas just for you:

#1. Soothing and serene yellow:

yellow bathroom 1


This color scheme for the bathroom is extremely pleasant and warm to the eyes. It reflects a very positive energy and emits a cheery vibe because of the sunny yellow shades. The fiber bathtub in cheery yellow along with the serene white combination of basin and the cistern gives the bathroom a unique look.

#2. Popular black and yellow combination: 

yellow bathroom 22

If you want something brighter in your bathroom, opt for the charming and ever popular yellow and black combination for your bathroom and its accessories. With black printed curtains and a black bathtub and basin, the bright yellow paint on the wall will glam up your bathroom like no other.

#3. Classic yellow and grey combination:

yellow bathroom 33

Yellow and grey go superbly together. If you can combine the wall tiles of your bathroom in grey and yellow, it will spell elegance and aristocracy in the same frame. Add to that the bathroom accessories in pristine white. Visitors will want to stay back in your bathroom a little while longer.

#4. Bright yellow bathroom:

yellow bathroom 44

If you want to wake up to a positive vibe, choose a bright yellow color scheme for your bathroom. Add to that some oak wood cabinets and the vanity of the bathroom brings out a relaxed ambiance.

#5. Yellow in its contemporary avatar:

yellow bathroom 55

If you want your bathroom to bear the mark of contemporary, go for the bold yellow color. Choose a chess board tile combination on the floor and paint the walls in chess board style with yellow and white. The end result is a superbly designed contemporary bathroom that you will love.

#6. Get inspired by antique yellow:

yellow bathroom 66

If you are fond of the antiques, choose a design that inspires the antique look. Green and yellow combination walls with a bold floral arrangement which can be as colorful as you want can actually provide a brilliant contrast to the bathroom and make it look cool.

#7. Dash of yellow:

yellow bathroom 77

Wooden walls in the bathroom can make it look smaller and also a bit darker. To make the room brighter, add a dash of color. Yellow is the most preferable color for a wooden bathroom since it balances the darkness and makes the room a little brighter and sunny.

#8. Floral yellow designer bathroom:

yellow bathroom 88

Use floral prints on the wall paper of the bathroom and match them up with the smooth white basin and other bathroom accessories to give the bathroom a perfect look.

#9. Sunny Yellow bathroom:

yellow bathroom 99

Use light yellow shades on your bathroom walls and keep the floor darker. If there is a bigger window inside the bathroom, let sun rays come in. This will give your bathroom a sunny and lively look.

#10. Brown and Yellow combination:

yellow bathroom 1010

Yellow and white colored walls with brown colored cabinets bring a sense of calmness and balance to the bathroom. Keep the floor in light yellow tiles.

#11. Vivid yellow:

yellow bathroom 1111

See how the designer has made use of interesting lights and fixtures to give the bathroom a rare luxury outline. The mirror on the wall also has a designer look which adds beauty to the bathroom.

#12. Yellow and blue combination:

yellow bathroom 1212

The yellow and blue combination is yet another classic combination that looks simply awesome in bathrooms. The photo shows the walls of the bathroom done in half and half in yellow and blue giving it a rare yet unique look. The accessories in white compliment the overall look of the bathroom.

#13. Maori style bathroom:

yellow bathroom 1313

How about giving your bathroom a new makeover altogether? Why don’t you keep your basic bathroom color in white and change the ceiling and the floor of the bathroom in sunny yellow? Trust me, it will give your bathroom a new look altogether like the one in the photo.

#14. Casa style:

yellow bathroom 1414

Make use of different shapes, forms and also textures to give your bathroom a unique design and style. It will change the way you look at your bathroom forever.

#15. Modern yellow:

yellow bathroom 1515

This is even a brighter looking yellow for your bathroom. Treat your bathroom as a piece of art and use such modern designs to give it a bold and an overwhelming look.

#16. Mushy yellow:

yellow bathroom 1616

If you are the romantic kind, choose a mushy yellow color scheme for your bathroom, it will look ideal for your home. You can give it a designer edge with some unique shapes and textures of other darker colors.

#17. Yellow with red border:

yellow bathroom 1717

Do you want to add a dash of bold to your yellow bathroom? Simply add a border of bold color on the walls. For instance, in the picture you can see that the bathroom wall is a color combination of dark grey and mushy yellow but is accentuated with a bright red border.

#18. Yellow lighting and fixtures:

yellow bathroom 1818

Have a darker colored bathroom? Choose to accentuate the look of the bathroom with some bright yellow colored lights and fixtures. Especially if your bathroom is that of the wooden or dark brown color, adding yellow lights will give it a very bright and luxurious look.

#19. Refreshing yellow:

yellow bathroom 1919

Use white flooring tiles along with bright yellow wall tiles in your bathroom. Add pristine white bathroom accessories and you are set to welcome visitors to your elegant bathroom. People will fall in love with it as soon as they step into it.

#20. Black, white and yellow combination:

yellow bathroom 2020

Use a combination of yellow and white tiles on the wall and simple off white tiles on the floor. Accentuate the look with black bathroom accessories and your bathroom is ready to rock your home.


The list is never ending. Choose any of these trends this season to give your bathroom a new and refreshing look, an ultimate place for comfort, solace and relaxation.

These are some of the best yellow bathroom design ideas, we hope you like.

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