20 Best Valentine Table Decorations Ideas

Today we are sharing with you 20 best valentine table decorations ideas.

Every new year, the celebrations are being done and people party a lot and the very next year they get back in their routines. The schedule starts and their boring schedule is on the go again. But in no time, the Valentine’s Day come and people start preparing for the same.

The dinners, the day’s schedule is being decided, the dress, the gifts, the cards, the special factors, the letters and the feelings are being jotted down that they wish to express and then they make sure that every little thing is preplanned and work according to it.

The other partner should be felt special and that the day should be remembered. At times, it does happen that couples might not wish to move out of their houses and celebrate their special day in public and rather would love to stay home by themselves and make it special for the other. And for the same reason, they think of bundles of ideas to make it special for the other partner, being at home and yet being the most special.

It becomes special for any of the couples to celebrate this day and they are been waiting for it actually. The day has its own different significance in different cultures though the theme of love remains the same. People celebrate it with their near and dear ones at different corners. The occasion is of utmost importance especially in the western world and that they tend to make it the best for their counter halves.

The best ways in which you can decorate your dining tables or the coffee tables or simply the celebration corners for the special day are described below. Just refer them and you can apply them in your decorating styles and simply make sure to make it special for the both of you.

The decorations should be such that it should induce the romance between the two halves rather than dimming the charm between them. Anything and everything that resembles love, expressions, affection and that shows that you are paying attention should be given the priority and be displayed.

For instance, you can’t be displaying something that resembles sorrows or sadness on an occasion of happiness and excitement. Or it should even not be something that is in store for another occasion and has been used for this.

Let’s check the best of the ideas that one can use while making the special plans for their loved ones. And while preparing for the decorations, make sure that you use the things and ideas that the other partner likes or loves that particular thing or the idea. Because if you have spent so much of your time, efforts and money and if it doesn’t yield the expected result then it is said to be gone in vain.

20 Best Valentine Table Decorations Ideas:

#1. Edible Decorations:

valentine table decorations 1


Edible decorations can be prepared and used to give another kind of effect to your lovely evening. Your efforts and the beauty of it can be beautified by the fact of eating it. You can decorate the tables with the edible hearts, flowers or base or something of the same sort. You can write the word “LOVE” with the help of the cupcakes, or fruits and crush. If red is been picked, the overall look would have been better.

#2. Roses:

valentine table decorations 2Source

Valentine’s Day can’t be completed without having a rose or any sort of flowers that would resemble or express love for the other. The roses could be bundled up or could be spread all over the place. This gives a feeling of romance and love in the surrounding.

#3. Creative Chandelier:

valentine table decorations 3Source

Chandelier makes the surrounding very romantic as well as they give a different touch to the overall place. The soft music that it creates gives a nice touch to the dinner. The moving of the chains and the ringing of the bells bring in the tinkling in the ears and is soothing.

#4. Candles and Glasses in the shades of Pink and Red:

valentine table decorations 4Source

Candles are always considered to be one of the best options to create a romantic environment and especially when they are scented, they give out amazing aroma and fill the rooms with it. The roses when kept in the vases of the shades of red and pink gives a sense of love and romance.

#5. Handmade Cards:

valentine table decorations 5Source

The romance and expression of love can be increased by the way of expressing it through and made cards and letters. It allows you to let the other know how much that you like the other and let them be loved in the similar way that you expect. A small token of appreciation brings in more of love and affection.

#6. Cream:

valentine table decorations 6Source

The whipped cream when decorated over the dishes or any of the plates or put it into shot glasses and served, it gives a cute gesture of love and sweetness. The cream and toppings gives a cherry over the cake and makes it very appealing.

#7. Solid Color Plates:

valentine table decorations 7Source

Whenever you are about to set for the dining, make sure that you choose solid colored plates and especially in the shades of red, black, and pink. It allows the colors to be bright in the eyes and be able to express the love with those shades of red and pink.

#8. Heart Decorations:

valentine table decorations 8Source

It’s Valentine’s Day and it is incomplete without showing the love and the heartily feelings that you have for that other person and so it becomes a very important thing to show your love. And for showing love, hearts is the best option. Cover your tables with hearts all over with different materials and base, be it in cakes, paper cut outs, flower decorations and many other forms.

#9. Champagne Bottles and Glasses:

valentine table decorations 9Source

If the couple does like drinking, then a couple of glasses decorated with red borders and flowers and strawberries or red colored fruits, and a bottle of champagne, would make the best of the table. Even the red wine adds the sparkle.

#10. Table Cloth:

valentine table decorations 10

The way you set the table clothes and the colors of it brings in the different texture to the table overall. Chose dark colors in shades of red and pink or keep it subtle pink which gives a different touch. If it is possible and that you can do, then you can make various romantic shapes out of the table cloth and present it over the tables. They can be turned into heart shapes and many other such things.

#11. Floating Flowers and Candles or Showpieces:

valentine table decorations 11Source

Floating flowers, candles or any kind of showpieces that would make the table look more attractive can be suited and set upon. It gives a different look to the table and adds to the beauty of it.

#12. White Flowers:

valentine table decorations 12Source

White flowers give another look to the overall setting of red and pink. They bloom specially in the dark colors and are brightening the overall place.

#13. Arrangement:

valentine table decorations 13Source

The arrangement of the table, the table cloth, the plates and the other things matter a lot. As it’s a special day and valentine’s day, make sure that everything is set in colors of red and pink, shapes of hearts and love and in the similar pattern.

#14. Paper work Cut Outs:

valentine table decorations 14Source

If in case you can and know how to do, you can always choose the option of showing your love with the help of the paper cut outs. Get the colored papers and cut them in the shapes of the hearts and rings and love and flowers and keep them over table and that will make the other person feel special that you have done something special for him or her.

#15. Pearls and Net:

valentine table decorations 15Source

Pearls, diamonds, rings and net give a proper feeling of commitment and love. Pearls and net adds to the beauty of the shades of red and that fact that it is Valentine ’s Day. The jewelry is usually loved by the girls and when it comes to diamonds and rings, there are no words to be described. They are usually being appreciated and loved.

#16. Small Chits:

valentine table decorations 16Source

Small letter or chits showing as to how much do you love them and saying that you will always stay by their side gives an amazing feeling to the other partner and builds in their trust in you. a simple not of love and affection could be very meaningful when you express it.

#17. Petal Bedding:

valentine table decorations 17Source

For the best effect of the flowers that you have, pluck the petals and prepare a bed of it over the table such that all of it is being covered under the petal bed and the plates and the candles are then put over. This would be very romantic and something different that one could think of.

#18. Elegant Napkin Holders:

valentine table decorations 18Source

Select elegant napkin holders such that they shine and are not left idle. The way the napkins are being placed matters and makes a difference to the overall look. A pearl studded or a diamond studded napkin holder would look rich and elegant and make the look of super classic.

#19. Chair Covers:

valentine table decorations 19Source

Make sure that you have a subtle or a matching chair cover that would suit with the table and the decoration and that it should not stand out without any of it. Covering them with plain solid colored clothes or tying red ribbons would also give a romantic effect.

#20. Charming Table Pieces:

valentine table decorations 20Source

Whenever you are adding the candles and the showpieces and the flowers, be alert that the table piece that you are going to use to organize them is equally decorated and matching with the overall theme. They can’t be left as it is as it might spoil the show of the overall table.


Make sure that you at least apply least of the recommendations for your valentines’ day celebration as  it would add charm to your evening and that make your partner feel special and realize your love for them. Express your love in every way that you can and the best time to be done is the dinner table as that is the time when you guys have the privacy and that you could talk openly and by giving each other an ear to listen to what the other says.

These are some of the awesome and beautiful valentine table decorations ideas,that will help you while decorating the beautiful valentine table.

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