20 Best Garden and Backyard Waterfalls Design Ideas

Today we are sharing with you 20 best suggestions for your garden and backyard waterfalls designs:

Waterfalls are the nature’s exquisite. Falling from a height, the sounds made by water is the most beautiful sound of music. They not only adds to the beauty but are also said to bring good luck and positive energy around. You can even add some fishes to the ponds created by the waterfalls if you love fishes. They will only add to the goodness according to Feng shui. So take a good look and create magic with the paces you have.

Today, it has become easy to get an artificial waterfall at your home. Decorating your garden or back yards with artificial waterfalls is an excellent idea. Here are some interesting ideas for garden and backyard waterfalls.

20 Best Garden and Backyard Waterfalls Design Ideas


Backyard waterfalls 1


In this design the waterfall is carved out of stones, falling in several stages to the pond. The fall is lighted by some soft glowing lights. The pond is surrounded by some beautiful flowers. This design is perfect if you have a large backyard or garden.


Backyard waterfalls 2Source

The water meets the pond in single fall. Entire pond and the fall itself are lighted with the green lights. The top is full of trees and the sides are painted blue. The top of the fall is softly lighted by yellow lights. At other side is the two step fall from the same source. The green lights give the entire structure a heavenly look, makes it look just majestic.


Backyard waterfalls 3Source

The medium heighted waterfall is created with stones and rocks. The fall meets the pond that is softly lighted. The surrounding is decorated with flowers and plants. There is a fireplace at one corner and there is also sitting arrangement for enjoying the nature’s beauty. This is one of the most beautiful design idea for a garden or a backyard.


Backyard waterfalls 4Source

The fall in this design the fall is of low height and is of several steps. The water falls on many flat rocks giving it a slow and easy pace. The various different fall of water makes a treat for eyes. The front is covered with plank, providing the space for strolling in the beautiful backyard. The surrounding area is made green with beautiful plants and trees.


Backyard waterfalls 5Source

The waterfall is of a good height and it meets the pond at the bottom. The sound that the fall creates is naturally musical and sounds beautiful to ears. The fall and the pond is surrounded by many green plants and flowers. This makes a very beautiful garden and the front view. This design is breathtaking to viewers.


Backyard waterfalls 6Source

The waterfall is created on a ramp and it falls in to the pond from a good height. The backyard stairs are also converted in the mild waterfall. The surrounding is full of green plants, trees and creepers. This design is very relaxing for summers specially.


Backyard waterfalls 7Source

This is an exquisitely made waterfall with swans and ducks carved out of rocks. The water falls in two steps. The surrounding is covered with equally beautiful plants. It can also be lighted up for night time. This one will make a beautiful fall for the front of the house. This means it is good to go for the garden.


Backyard waterfalls 8Source

This waterfall design can be put both in the garden or the backyard. The water flows, falling a step each as it reaches the bottom. The water then pools around over the pebbles. The areas around the fall is covered in bushes of green plants. The rocks on the sides are good enough to sit and enjoy drenching the feet in the fall.


Backyard waterfalls 9

In this design the waterfall is from the small pool to the bigger swimming pool. This not only gives you a waterfall but also keeps the fresh water flowing in to the pool. The pavement has seating space and a fireplace. This backyard waterfall design is good for both summers and winters.


Backyard waterfalls 10Source

The waterfall design is long and carved through the steps. Running through several phases, it then falls in to the pond. This design is good if you have a huge backyard. The stones in the middle of the pond are to cross to the other side. This kind of backyard makes a good choice for picnics and other recreational activities.


Backyard waterfalls 11Source

This design is suitable for the garden. Small sections of gardens are loaded with the flowers. The pond is also loaded with plants and flowers with a stream falling in to it like a waterfall. The rest of the ground can be made of either stones or tiles. You can also put some fishes in the pond.


Backyard waterfalls 12Source

This design can be created both at the garden or the backyard. The fall is created with flat stones and pebbles. The water falls in to the pond below. The areas other than the fall and the pond are well planted with plants and trees. This makes a very beautiful view.


Backyard waterfalls 13Source

This is another magnificent design for pool waterfall. In this design a water tank is built near the pool and a jet of water is allowed to fall in to the pool. This not only keeps the pool full of fresh water supply but also gives you an option of showering in the pool. The surrounding is covered with many beautiful trees and flowering plants. There is also a seating arrangement made on the pool side. You could also arrange for a fireplace for cool nights.


Backyard waterfalls 14

This waterfall is created in three parts over the flat stones and then is allowed to fall on the grass. This is one beautiful design for the garden area. The waterfall is decorated with some equally wonderful bushes. The water from the fall is continuously watering the grass and the plants around. You don’t have to worry about your grasses anymore.


Backyard waterfalls 15Source

This tiny pond is made from the waterfall carved out of different sizes of pebbles. The pebbles also surround the pond to provide it the necessary depth. The areas around the pond are planted with small flowering plants. This design will work equally well in the garden or the backyard.


Backyard waterfalls 16Source

This is more of a designer waterfall. The plates are placed at descending heights. The water falls from plates to plates and then to the pond below. This one is easy to create and can be placed anywhere in the house, even indoors.


Backyard waterfalls 17Source

This is an amazing design for waterfall and also huge, bigger than all the previous designs. A bug water tank is built with the middle half fitted with glass. The water is then allowed to fall in to the reservoir below. The glass adds a lot to the look and beauty of the waterfall. The reflection of sunlight or moonlit nights makes it look like a place in paradise.



Backyard waterfalls 18Source

This is the good for garden design of waterfall. Between all the exotic flowers and plants, a waterfall is created with stones. It is also lighted giving it a distinct look. At the other end you can also create a space where you can sit and dip your feet in the water.


Backyard waterfalls 19Source

This is a mid century styled waterfall. The surrounding area is big and hence is the best for backyards. At one corner is the water tank; next to it is an illuminated space that provides constant light. The fall is created in various sections, each of them falling in to the big pond below. The area is planted with many beautiful and exotic plants and trees.


Backyard waterfalls 20Source

This is another beautiful design for the garden area. A small pond is created, fixed with beautiful statues. Flowers are planted along the sides. The waterfall is created with different shapes and sizes of rocks which mildly and softly fall in to the pond. There is also a seating space arranged on the side of the pond. Various flowers and bushes are making the fall look even more beautiful.


These are just a few ideas for the waterfalls for your garden and backyard. You can customize them to your liking and requirements and create a design of your own. You can also increase or decrease the height of the waterfalls according to your requirements. You can customize the designs according to the area available with you.

You can turn a huge waterfall design in to a tiny one and a tiny design in to a giant one. After all who knows your home and your requirement any better than yourself? Create a magic and standout of the crowd. Let people envy your garden and backyards while you take pride in them.

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