20 Best Fire Pit Ideas for Your Backyard

Today we are sharing with you 20 best suggestion for fire pit ideas which help you to decorate your backyard area in a unique way.

The fireplace is a very small and tiny place for evening, to cast long shadows. The flames inside the fireplace sway ad curl, flicks to this way or that way, makes a crackling sound as it burns the dry wood. It is very good to feel the warmth getting from the fireplace, sitting down near the fire and enjoying the evening.

The fireplace maintains the warmth of day. Sitting in a cozy way by the fire, the features that are illuminated by this flickering light makes you feel relaxed. The air is not smoky and the smell of pine can be felt while it burns.

There are several designs of fireplace that can be placed inside the home. Some according to the furniture in the room or some of them that go rare with the architecture.

Here are 20 best backyard fire pit ideas that can be tried:


fire pit ideas 1


A perfect backyard fire pit for the family to spend time with. A nice rounded fire place to light the fire. This fireplace is made with cemented rocks and painted further and given it a wooden touch. It surely matches with the chairs and the furniture around. Hence, is quite spacious and looks classy.


fire pit ideas 22

This fire pit looks perfectly amazing. The fire is lighted beneath the floor. This pit is attached and constructed along with the wooden floor. A perfect modular fireplace for a perfect professional life. An open space surrounded by furniture and sitting and relaxing there after a hard day work.


fire pit ideas 33

This is also quite same as the previous one but with a different look. The pit is surrounded by a level up floor and is floored along with the flooring in the form of cemented bricks. This design is better for constructing near the lake or a small pond and looks quite attractive and quite.


fire pit ideas 44

A cute and small for lighting the fire and enjoying the evening or the night. Construct a small base for placing the woods to light the fire. The base can be made up of any material in the shape of a bowl. This design looks quite old and ancient and give a great look like a camp fire.


fire pit ideas 55

This fire place as seen in the picture given looks fascinating and attractive. Surrounded by boundaries, this gives it a very different look. The boundaries are made up of bricks and cement and given it a finishing look with the help of broken bricks. This gives it a different look. Different colored bricks can be used according to the furniture around it.


fire pit ideas 66

In search of small and cute designed fireplace? We are here with the answer. Construct a small cemented semicircle bowl, keeping in mind the woods to be used in the fire place. A hollow semicircular shape is what is actually needed. This small fire pit can be kept anywhere all over the house. Either in the terrace, backyard or even inside the house.


fire pit ideas 77

This look of the fire place is very creative and you can’t ignore. A totally different design you have never imagined of. An unleveled base that is supported with some stands, carry the woods or materials to be burnt. A twisted way from the base and followed it up till some inches, makes this pit a very different look.


fire pit ideas 88

This beautiful and royal looking pit is might be what you are looking for. The pit is placed by boundaries of normal bricks and then further bounded up with steel rods of different designs. The steel boundaries prevents the fire from coming out. This might be a good idea for placing the pit in between the gardens.


fire pit ideas 99

The image says it all. This pit is in the shape of a tunnel placed horizontally on a table. Inside the tunnel some stones or woods that you will light, are placed. The tunnel has three big holes on the top, from which fire will burn out. The tunnel is painted in steel color in order to make it look efficient and ancient along with being real.


fire pit ideas 1010

A fireplace in a different shape can what you can think of. A perfect fireplace in a perfect triangular shape. A pit in the shape of a triangular made with cemented bricks and with a gap in between for the substance to be placed that is to be burned. The gap is filled with black material for the pit to be at an upper level.


fire pit ideas 1111

A perfect backyard fire pit in a very classy and ancient way. This fireplace is constructed with a wholesome of bricks and given it a very ancient look. this outdoor fireplace is flanked with the help of a hammock and looks like chaise lounges with a very comfortable seating area that provides an ideal place for family conversations along with drinks.


fire pit ideas 1212

This fireplace looks like a traditional brick place. It is constructed with bricks and given the shape that is quite similar to a well. It is surrounded by pebbles or stones and concrete flooring. A definite space is given in between for the woods to be placed.


fire pit ideas 1313

This fire pit is very simple and quite easy to construct. Place big rocks together in the form of a circle or in any other shape as big as you want your fireplace to look like. Fill some rocks or pebbles in between and then fill with the substance that is needed to be burnt till the top. Hence, you get a very simple and easy to make fire place.


fire pit ideas 1414

A rectangular shaped pit of minimal breadth that can be handled quite easily. This pit is made up of wood and glasses. The woods surround the boundary and glasses are placed on the top. Inside the glass, some colored stones are kept to give this pit a very different look. This pit can be handled very easily and can be taken and placed anywhere.


fire pit ideas 1515

A very unique pit in the form of an L-shape. This L-shaped pit is very different from the other pits we have seen so far. This fire place can be constructed on the sides of the garden or any other backyard area. It is surrounded with plywood and fire is burnt much away from these woods in between. Surround the fireplace with some pebbles or stones of different color.


fire pit ideas 1616

This lovely and so expensive fire pit looks lovely by the garden along with a swimming pool around. This pit is in the shape of a semicircle and constructed along with the floor. Filled with some stones, this design of the pit looks quite cute as it is small in size.


fire pit ideas 1717

This pit  looks more like a table. Totally furnished with white color, this looks more modular on the outside garden area or on the terrace. The top of pit is floored with glass and hence looks much interesting. In middle place is kept emptied for the fire. This fire pit ideas look very attractive and best for any kind of backyard bonfire.


fire pit ideas 1818

The pit is constructed with square rocks that are big in size and placed on one other all around in the shape of a square. This design is very simple and sober and is found in almost every home as it is free from any kind of chaos.


fire pit ideas 1919

A small and handling fire pit can be very famous and common. A small stand upon which the pit is placed. Painted with a black color, this pit goes well along with the other furniture. A cover is also made in order to cover the pit after the evening bonfire time.


fire pit ideas 2020

A very well furnished and classy looking place to light the bonfire and spend some time together with your loved ones. Constructed with rocks, this fireplace is floored with marbles at the top round the corners all over in order to place some glasses or plates. Further, this is framed with glass sheets that bounds the fire area. This design looks quite lavishing and suits best with sofas around it.


Hope you enjoy our beautiful fire pit ideas.

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