20 Best Custom Bathroom Designs You Can Do

Want cool ideas for custom bathroom designs? Here is a list of best ideas for your bathroom makeover.

Bathroom is no longer just a small space for taking quick shower and getting fresh. Bathrooms have evolved to be of greater importance. After the long tiring day when you soak yourself in the aromatic warm Jacuzzi, the tensions seem to get washed up from the body and brain both.

For some intellectuals, bathroom is more of a thinking space. History tells us that some of the finest ideas were born here, in the bathroom. It is because this is the pace where mind is at complete peace and hence, it works the best.

So, it is important that your bathroom is more than just a space. It should be ‘the space’. Here are some bathroom design ideas that may entice you.

20 Best Custom Bathroom Designs

Luxury Bathroom designs:


custom bathroom designs 1


This luxury bathroom painted in yellow with checked tiles gives a regal touch to the bathroom. There is a shower space and a Jacuzzi both in front of the door. The washbasins are on the one side. On the other I the towel rack. Under the washbasin is the storage space where you can store your toiletries and after bath accessories. You can add a western style toilet in the bathroom or you can build it separately as per your preference.  If you have enough wall space you can also arrange for a TV to be hung so that you don’t miss your important TV shows while you are enjoying your bath.


custom bathroom design 2Source

The softly lighted bathroom relaxes the nerves and releases the mind from the tensions. The washbasins are modernly designed along with the glossy black cabinet is a dazzling contrast to the white washbasins. Beside the Jacuzzi is the glass separated shower space. The wooden ramp adds to the beauty of the bathroom. Aroma candles can also be placed for a better bathing experience.


custom bathroom design 3Source

This bathroom gives a royal feeling. There is a television on the corner that makes sure you don’t miss on your favorite show while you relaxing and refreshing. Aroma candles make the bathing experience more dream like. The rug on the stairs make sure the floor doesn’t get wet when you are out of your Jacuzzi. The washbasins are of modern make and there is the storage space for towels under it. The soft light adds to the look of the bathroom.


custom bathroom design 4Source

The soft golden glow in the bathroom gives it a soothing and dreamy look. There are also vases with green plants and flowers placed on the corners of the washbasin and the Jacuzzi. There is a wide mirror in front of the washbasin. You can also install a hand dryer and plug points for using hair dryer, straightener, curlers and electric razor. You can utilize the space under sink for storage by building cabinets.  You can have your toilet on one corner and if required you can also build a shower space.


custom bathroom design 5Source

The black look of the bathroom and wooden fittings is giving the bathroom a regal look. The wooden Jacuzzi gives a different look to the bathroom. On the corner is the western style toilet. The large mirror gives a good view of you. There are storage spaces under the washbasin. You can also make arrangement for your other necessary bathroom items.

Small Space Bathroom Designs


custom bathroom designs 6Source

This design is very suitable for the small space. There is a shower space and in the corner is the toilet. With the sink is attached storage space which is ample. The separate shower space gives you the freedom of bathing without getting the whole bathroom floor wet. In front of the washbasin is the facility of proper ventilation. The blue and white combination looks elegant and stylish.


custom bathroom designs 7Source

Small space bathrooms need not be congested and old fashioned. The space in this small bathroom is properly utilized. The Jacuzzi is stylish and si is the washbasin. The commode is put in one corner. The Jacuzzi has enough space for storing bathing accessories. The pink and white combination gives the bathroom a very chick look. A lot of storage space will make the space look smaller.


custom bathroom designs 8Source

This is another chick design for small space bathrooms. The toilet, the sink and the Jacuzzi is built in a line. The space on the other side is then free. A little of storage space can be built on the available space. But too much of storage space will make the bathroom look congested. The small ring near the Jacuzzi is used for hanging towel. Below the mirror and above the washbasin is the space for storing toiletries.


custom bathroom designs 9Source

The soft golden color gives the bathroom a soothing look. The Jacuzzi is separated from the entire bathroom with a curtain. Right next to it is the Toilet and next along the line is the washbasin. Above the toilet is a glass rack for storing towels. The Bathing space has a small shelf for storing bathing accessories. The washbasin has a hot water and a cold water tap.


custom bathroom designs 10Source

The classic black and white combination has never failed in providing effects. On one corner is the entry and opposite to it is the shower cubicle. On the remaining two corners is the washbasin and toilet. This is one of the best designs for small spaced bathroom.

Medium Space Bathroom designs


custom bathroom design 11Source

The green color gives the feeling of freshness and being close to nature. The small yet deep Jacuzzi with stairs fits very well in the corner. There is a wide shelf for storing the toiletries. The toilet is in the corner and the washbasin has a non-traditional style. The shelf beside the sink  and above the sink acts as a storage space for toiletries.


custom bathroom designs 12Source

The Jacuzzi and walls around it painted in purple with other walls painted white gives a bright and happy feeling to the bathroom. You can pick the flooring of your own choice. There is the western toilet next to the Jacuzzi and right next to it is washbasin. There are racks built in the wall for storing towels and toiletries. You can also build a shower space if you have enough space. You can use this in a small space bathroom as well or you can place the western toilet on some other corner if you don’t like it beside your Jacuzzi.

#13)custom bathroom design 13

One side of the bathroom is divided between the washbasin and bathing space. Under the washbasin is the front load washing machine that gives the freedom of washing clothes.  Toilet is on the other side of the bathing space. The off-white colors of the tiles give a very traditional look to the bathroom. On the side of the washbasin is the towels and enough space for storing toiletries.


custom bathroom design 14Source

The combination of the wooden brown and the white gives freshness to the bathroom. The hint of green here and there adds to the freshness. The toilet is separated with a cubicle along with a washbasin. On the back is the Jacuzzi and on the other side are washbasins.  Outside the cubicle is a rod for hanging dry towels. Beside the washbasin is a protruded cabinet which can be used as storing space.


custom bathroom design 15Source

The touch of deep pink colors on the wall here and there along with the white fittings makes the bathroom look lively and offbeat. Behind the Jacuzzi is the space decorated with vases and flowers. On one side of Jacuzzi are the racks for storing toiletries and towels. You can also place aroma candles and bath bubbles on the racks. On the other side is commode. Washbasin has its own space. You can also switch the spaces of the toilet and washbasin. You can get a shower cabin if you have enough space left.


custom bathroom design 16

The light brown and dark brown color combination gives the bathroom a different look. The washbasin, the Jacuzzi and the toilet, all are in a row and yet separated intelligently. Under the sink is the storage space. The rack under the sink is broad enough for storing toiletries


custom bathroom design 17Source

The sectional tiles in the shower space give it a different look for your custom bathroom designs. Outside the shower cubicle is the commode and the stylish washbasin. Under the washbasin is equally stylish shelf for storing small toiletries. The towel is hung on the metal rod beside the washbasin. The pastel pink color of the bathroom gives it a traditional look. All in all, the bathroom is a good mix of modern and traditional style.


custom bathroom design 18Source

The commode is in one corner of the bathroom and in other is the shower cubicle. Next to the cubicle is the sink. The storage space is on the far end of the bathroom. Placing a plant will give a hint of greenery which fetches the freshness.


custom bathroom design 19Source

The soft lighting gives the bathroom a relaxing look. The Jacuzzi is separated with a cubicle. In the same line is the commode and washbasin. Under the washbasin is the ample storage space. The towels are bung on the appropriate place.


custom bathroom design 20Source

The yellow and red tiles give the bathroom a sunny look. The stylish washbasin with storage cabinet separates the Jacuzzi and shower cubicle. Next to the cubicle is the western styled toilet. Stylish towel holder is used on one side of the Jacuzzi. The corners of the Jacuzzi are wide enough for storing bathing toiletries.  The washbasin holds all the other required toiletries. Windows provide proper lighting and ventilation to the bathroom.


Bathroom is an important part of the house. It should be easy to clean and maintain. The Jacuzzi can also be replaced by simple bathtubs, depending on your budget and space. A little fragrance can add a lot to the experience of bathing.

These are some of the best custom bathroom designs, we hope you like.

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