20 Best and Innovative Dog House Ideas for Your Lovely Pet

Choose the cool dog house ideas which comes with great design as well as safety and comfort for your dog.

When a new member (dog) enters the family, it is completely an alien to the respective family. It doesn’t know the directions of the house, where to go and where to sit. It tries to investigate the rooms of the house. The place smells different and is completely unfamiliar.

Every person wants a house for their pet and so they want the best among all the designs. There are a variety of plans which might be used for preparing the houses for their dogs. The idea is that your new dog will get a new place to live in with one room and where it can find their needs such as water and food.

There are certain requirements in order to give a complete look to the house. Some equipment, colors, design etc.

Here are the 20 best and innovative dog house ideas for your pet:


dog house ideas 1


This dog house is very innovative and spacious. A big space for relaxing your dog and a separate area for eating and drinking. Your dog has two spaces, one for eating its food and the other for drinking water the whole day. It is very spacious with a wide door for entrance. The best color that suits this house is a brown or a wooden color and hence looks more standard and clean.


dog house ideas 22

A huge house for your dog with a wide entrance and a separate space for rest along with enjoying the nature. A perfect house for big dogs. There is a separate balcony for your dog to sit and see the beautiful nature and people around. An inside room for your dog to sleep without any kind of disturbances. This house is huge and looks best when painted with some light colors that shines with the sunlight reflected on it such as grey, sky blue with dark blue shades, light yellow, light brown etc.


dog house ideas 33

This house looks like a beautiful huge palace and a royal dog house. Constructed with two pillars at the entrance and windows at certain places, it is a well ventilated house for your dog. This royal house looks good with a pure white paint or with a white paint and black strips around the house.


dog house ideas 44

A cute pink house especially for your female dog. Two doors at the entrance to make the house more ventilated. An open balcony on the front of the house when your dog wants to enjoy the air and relax. A big room inside to make your dog relax and rest without any disturbance. This cute house is well painted with a pink color and can be applied any dark color like orange, red, blue etc.


dog house ideas 55

This house is best for small dogs who loves to live inside your house. It is constructed along with the furniture of your house like a side table to your bed or a small table to the living area. A small entrance beneath the table to make your dog enter and relax inside the table. Decorate the house as per your need to decorate a table and it will act both like a table and a dog house. And hence you don’t have to worry about keeping your dog away from yourself outside the house. 


dog house ideas 66

This dog is especially designed for large or big dogs. A well-furnished wooden house with a room and a balcony along with an area for food and water. A table is made at the side of the balcony with two partitions, one for food and the other for drinking water or any kinds of liquids. This table is so designed for dogs who have a great height and faces problems to bend down in order to eat and drink. This house looks best with a look of wooden all around the house.


dog house ideas 77

This big house is of very use for an owner having a big dog. The house has a very huge relaxing space covered from all the four sides with an entrance on one side. A huge space at the back of the house for your dog that is surrounded by nets in order to allow your dog to relax, enjoy the sun and even have a look at the surroundings. Painted with white color, and a roof of black, this house has a great look during the morning as the rays of the sun makes the house look more interesting.


dog house ideas 88

Don’t want your pet to stay away from you or doesn’t want your pet to stay outside the house? Here is the solution to your problem. Make a small, cute home with just a shade above the dog house in order to keep your dog inside it. You can attach this with your sofa or even along with your bed. Just a brown or wooden look will make it look just like your furniture and not like something very odd in the room.


dog house ideas 99

Having two dogs is quite a problem when it comes to build a house for them. But no worries from now. You can build one home for both of them. How? Here is the answer to your query. Build this home with one room and then partitioned in between. Make two entrance for the respective ones. Two rooms under one roof. Paint it with brown shades or you can even go with any dark color. A darker color roof and a lighter color of the same shade for the walls.


dog house ideas 1010

An igloo shaped house for your dog would be so amazing to look at. Painted with white color in order to make the house look similar to an igloo. A nice and clean entrance, so that your dog can sit inside and also enjoy the surrounding world looking through. Two small holes at the top of the house in order to allow the sunlight enter the room.


dog house ideas 1111

This cute small house has a wooden finishing which makes it look quite ancient and unique. It has a small room inside to allow your dog to take rest in the shade. A cute, small balcony in the front of the entrance for the room. Two small steps for your dog to allow to enter the house by going through the balcony surrounded by small frames.


dog house ideas 1212

A two level house for your dog. Quite interesting! And yes this is possible. Create a house having two bedrooms for your dog. One at the ground level in order to allow your dog to take rest without any kind of disturbance. The other at the top that is followed by stairs so that your dog can rest and see the surrounding. Both laid down with beds. One more area for your dog to eat and drink. Paint this house that matches the furniture of the room as this is an indoor house.


dog house ideas 1313

One more two level house for your dog, but this time this house is an outdoor house. Create a room at the basement along with an area for eating and drinking. A terrace followed by some steps to make your dog look the surrounding from a height. This house is very much useful for small heighted pets like pugs. Give this house a light color paint as it is exposed to sunlight.


dog house ideas 1414

Allow your dog to watch the surrounding from a great height and that too from his own house. Make the house of great height. A room at the lower level with a terrace on top which is followed by a great number of steps. Make the entrance big and try keeping some designs like that of a bone or paws to make it look attractive. Follow this with a white paint or any color of light color as the house is big.


dog house ideas 1515

This house is a simple, yet sober house and is very spacious for your dog to sit anywhere at the house. It can be made with wooden flooring, it makes the house look even more classy and standard. A small room in the shape of a sphere inside and an area outside the room as well. The room can be followed by some small or spacious steps, which can create another area for the dog to rest. Paint this house in some combination of colors like black and white.


dog house ideas 1616

A huge house for your dog in which you can also enter and make your dog comfortable. Construct an open balcony surrounded with nets in front of the room. The entrance for the room is small for the dog to enter. The balcony is so designed so as to make the dog look at the surrounding from all the sides even during the rain.


dog house ideas 1717

A completely different dog house that would not have been imagined. This house is designed in a twisted form with an entrance at the side in a curved form. The dog enters and takes a left turn and enter its room. Paint this with light brown and construct some ventilations at certain points in order to get air and sunlight inside the room.


dog house ideas 1818

Try making your dog house with some plastic material so that it is easy to lift from one place to another. Color this house with some different and a bright color like that of orange, green, yellow etc. Try constructing this house at a height and follow the entrance with two or three steps for your dog to enter the room inside.


dog house ideas 1919

Want the house of your dog to be movable? No worries. Yes, this is possible. Make a small house in the shape of any polygon for example a pentagon or any box with one side open, for your dog to enter the house. Paint it with a light color in order to look good when kept inside your home. Your small pet can rest and look the surrounding at the same time. Move the house from one place to another.


dog house ideas 2020

This house is basically attracted by the design of the roof. The roof is stretched forward and gives a shade to the balcony lying outside the room of the house. A small space for your dog to take rest with a shade above to protect your dog from rains and sunlight. Give this small house a dark color look with a much darker shade on the roof because of the small size of the house.


Hence, creating an innovative house for your dog gives a great look for your home and even for your dog. Your dog will have its own space to take rest without any sort of disturbances. So, try keeping or constructing your dog’s house spacious and clean. It should not look congested or keep any room that your dog faces difficulty in living within.

Therefore, keep the house cleaned and painted at regular intervals in order to avoid any kind of damage to the house. Make sure that the house so constructed must be rain-proof and so does not get damaged during rainy season.


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