18 Best Family Room Ideas

Family room ideas inspire you on how the family room can be designed, decorated, improved and enhanced with the right touches. Today we are sharing with you 18 best family room ideas.

The Family room is probably one of the most used rooms in your home. They are the best place where all of you in your family gather in their free times to enjoy along with their family. They are very interesting to design the family room too.

But, at the same time care must be taken that the family rooms gets the proper design justification and everything from the floor tiles to the ceilings are well designed, decorated and up to date.

So, we have come up with certain ideas that will help you create a room where your family and friends will soak up in the design and get the atmosphere which they desire.

18 Best Family Room Ideas

#1. Enjoy the colourful ambience:

family room ideas 1


This is probably one of the best family rooms which has got plenty of colours. Both kids and adults will tend to like this colourful family room very much. A room with plenty of colour is more likely to create more attention and make you all very much active rather than those black and white rooms which will make you unusually dull.

The curtains are colourful which are giving the room a perfect match. Even the wall paint frame and the pillows on the sofa are very much colourful. So, if you are very much addicted to designing with using different colors, no other room you will like rather than this.

#2. The best contemporary family room:

family room ideas 2Source

This is another one of the best modern family room. You can very well see, sitting on the sofa in this family room, you can very well see the kitchen and the dining area.

So, if you want to have a look at your little kid, but you are ought to work in the kitchen too, you can do this very easily. Just continue working in the kitchen and let your kid sit on the sofa and watch TV. It’s also perfect for you as well as to enjoy watching TV while working.

Also, the rounded sofa structure makes it a perfect spot for some serious talking stuffs and the colour scheme and the natural lighting is just brilliant. So, what do you think about this idea? It will work well. Try with confidence!!

#3. A perfect style:

family room ideas 3Source

If you are short on space but at the same time love the idea of a family room in your home, just chill! You can create a perfect small and classy family room in just a little space. Just be a little creative and you are great to go.

Here, this family room is brilliantly designed with a bright orange colour, a stylish gray sofa with additional red chairs and funky velvet puffs, just the extra seating. So, you no more need to worry about the short space.

#4. The cozy one:

family room ideas 4Source

Yet another cozy family room, where you will definitely like to enjoy being around your kids, siblings and parents. This room has no television sets, which is what makes this room more family one.

This room is perfect for those who believe that technology makes people distant from one another. You can place television somewhere else like in the bedroom or living room.

The colour of the sofa, the fireplace and a coffee table makes this family room peaceful with not so crowded stuffs.

#5. Wall decor is important:

family room ideas 5Source

While designing your family room, make sure you add all those things there which makes you happier. Like adding the family photos as wall frames is definitely one of the best ideas.

Would you mind often remembering all those memorable moments which you all spent together and showing it off to your family, guests and friends? No? Well, go on with this idea now. Make sure that you place all that in the right direction and suits your room decor as well.

#6. The most Exotic:

family room ideas 6

Another gorgeous family room idea. Isn’t this really looks great? The designing which has been done is absolutely brilliant. And provides for coziness too.

Another tip for designing a family room is to arrange a whole lot of pillows. It proves to be the most comfortable thing here, you can sleep, hold it for more comfort and cuddle with it.

The television set also looks great with the awesome background given there. The ceilings also look great with the ample light quality and will look amazingly unique once the lights goes off.

#7. Raise the roof:

family room ideas 7Source

Another great idea to make our small family room look bigger is to set up the curtains higher. Just look at these curtains and the way they had been hanged. The curtains hanging along the top of the roof make the room look bigger and spacious too.

Also light colour curtains have been used here to give that bright and shiny effect. Make sure that the curtains match the other fabrics in the family room. It must match the wall paint and colour as well.

#8. Never miss the Quotable:

family room ideas 8Source

If you don’t think that the photo frames idea is pretty good and you don’t think that your wall doesn’t match and looks good with those frames, you can think about this idea.

Here, along with placing the wall frames, some of the best family quotes have been written. This makes one realize the importance of a family often and brings them close to the family members. The coffee table is pretty awesome too.

#9. How about going with Simply white:

family room ideas 9Source

The colour of this family room is what makes it unique. Only full on white colour has been used here to give that peaceful effect. Some people really depend on white colour to have the good feeling in their homes.

Not only have the walls been painted white, but all the stuffs as a whole including the sofa. Curtains, rugs, coffee table, everything are white and only white. Nothing else! Also, it is an open type family room where the dining area and the kitchen are interconnected.

#10. Little glam is always cool!

family room ideas 10Source

Doesn’t this family room really look extraordinarily beautiful? Yes, but nothing extraordinary has been done to make this family room look special and unique.

Only a small style quotient has been done, the designer has used his creativity for making this look so cool. Only a golden frame is making all the difference. The wall mounted television set and the bookshelf is framed with golden colour and that is it. No other particular decor, still looks amazingly beautiful.

It really is looking great with the bright orange colour walls. What do you think?

#11. The perfect Beach Style:

family room ideas 11Source

Sometimes, it’s good to make a themed family room too. Like, here in this image you can see a beach styled family room. If you love this beach styled room, you can go on with this idea and you will love this for sure.

The hardwood floors look amazing with the beach theme. The television and fireplace, the coffee table with the swan on it, the easy chairs and the sofas that too everything with a dash of sea green and plenty of whites are almost perfect to give you the beach feels.

#12. Armoires are always best:

family room ideas 12Source

Yes, some of you might want the televisions in the family rooms, but definitely not always. And that is why armoires are always the best idea to hide the television sets.

Armoires can very well hide even the bulky television sets along with the other stuffs like the speakers, DVDs, etc. They give the desired clean and neat appearance too.

Other than that, this beautiful family room consists of colourful pillows, the light blue sofa and the cool wooden brown coffee table. In short, this family room is the combination of both traditional and modern design ideas.

#13. Appearances are not always deceptive:

family room ideas 13Source

Wow. This family room really has been designed pretty well. The beautiful room consists of a wooden dining table, the face to face sided sofa sets and a well organised book shelf and television set. The colouring is perfectly done and the atmosphere looks very traditional yet classy.

Even simple things can make your design and decor more beautiful and unique. You need not invest only in those big budgeted accessories. The flower vase with a mini plant on it is absolutely awesome and the rug beneath the sofa really looks great with the room design.

#14. A work table is always a good idea:

family room ideas 14Source

An Absolute yes. A mini work station in the family room goes quite well. As you can see in the image, the family room contains a mini work table for the kids especially, along with the television and the dining table.

But before installing one, make sure it is within your sight but out of the distractions of TV and other nuisance things. Only then, the workstation will serve the right purpose.

This is another small family room which really looks good with the right kind of wall mounted television set and an amazing fireplace, the perfect match of the sofa with the wall is adding to the beauty of the family room.

#15. Give more room for natural lightings:

family room ideas 15Source

The more scope there is in your family room for natural lightings, the more bright and fresh it will appear. And definitely everyone needs this. They are in fact very much ideal for lounging and relaxing as well.

Also make it look cleaner and less crowded with the proper storage of things and right quantity of furniture. Don’t pile up your family room with lots of unnecessary furniture. Go with less and how much ever is needed.

Here, the wall decor is looking very great with the right kind of beautiful sofa chairs and the beautiful coffee table and rug.

#16. Kids are special and so must be their surroundings:

family room ideas 16Source

If you have kids in your home, you surely will like to design your family room, keeping their needs and preferences in the top priority always. Like this family room as you see in the image, is perfect for the kids.

Make sure you keep the things such as toys and all those kid’s stuffs in the easy reach of the kids, so you won’t have to come often to help them. Keep their project things and homework stuffs too in the easy reach. It is best to use a chest that can be doubled as coffee tables, so that you can save the space too.

Make the family room bright as well, your kids will surely love that.

#17. Make your coffee table work more:

family room ideas 17Source

While designing your family room, pay special attention to coffee tables and select a large sized coffee tables. They are always the best.

This is because you will definitely need an extra space to place our popcorn bowls, books, cool drinks and all these stuffs while enjoying a movie. It can also serve as a game board for family night meet ups and you definitely will love the table for its all-time use.

#18. Match the light colour with the dark:

family room ideas 18Source

Matching the dark coloured furniture with the light coloured walls and vice versa will really work magic. It will definitely make some of the unusually best designing stuffs.

It definitely will make your family room bright and standout from the rest of the rooms.


These are some of the designs that will help you create a beautiful family room in your home. Everyone in the family has different interests. Likes and dislikes. You will definitely like to combine all of them, so that not even a member of the family feels left out. Designing the family room is definitely a lot more fun than you might think.

Hope you enjoy these family room ideas.

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