17 Best Wooden Gazebo Design Ideas

Looking to give your garden an update? Make the most of your garden with a stylish wooden gazebo. Here we provide 17 best wooden gazebo design.

Everyone nowadays is crazy about making their home look beautiful, very beautiful indeed! We go on adding all those stuffs and things which would add more beauty to our homes and we obviously enjoy doing so.

Now, these beautiful gazebos are certainly the thing which adds an element of style and modernity to our homes. And gazebos are of many types. You can get metal gazebos, wooden gazebos, rock stone gazebos, and many more.

But if you want your home give more of a traditionalist modern design and style, then none of the others you will love as the wooden gazebos. Here, this wooden gazebo design and ideas will definitely help you give an overview of how you exactly want your gazebo to look like.

17 Best Wooden Gazebo Design Ideas

#1. Blue love:

wooden gazebo 1


Let’s start with this beautiful royal blue coloured gazebo. This definitely is going to give a touch of royalty and modernity to your home garden. Indeed, this looks really simple too. But what’s more beautiful than a simple yet elegant and beautiful gazebo design.

Don’t you think that even after being so simple, this gazebo design has got some of the most admirable features? Like, the awesome roof design and the beautiful timber shape. This gazebo design is of course very big too, making room for at least 15 persons. The sectional sofa placed inside the gazebo also looks rich and really awesome.

Of course, one of the best and perfect wooden gazebo design.

#2. Adorable wooden gazebo:

wooden gazebo 2

These types of small wooden gazebos are more perfect if you have allotted a very less space for the gazebos. The design looks very beautiful and it has also been covered with some lattice work to increase the design aesthetics of this wooden gazebo.

The wooden gazebos are basically the things which can be made more attractive and appealing by you. Yes! This is exactly what has been done here. The beautiful chairs and the table kept in the wooden gazebo, all together will make for a perfect dinner and a perfect outdoor feel.

The rustic plant pots obviously is making the gazebo look more beautiful. Everyone will just love being inside this beautiful wooden gazebo.

#3. Very very elegant!

wooden gazebo 3

Along with looking good, this wooden gazebo also comes with a lot of advantages. Like the timber which has been used to create this beautiful wooden gazebo has been pressure treated to prevent this from any king of decay. The design, from the floor to the top has been done very awesomely and carefully with a neat finished.

This type of wooden gazebo is neither too small as the previous one nor too large, so you can very well place it any small or big garden depending upon your likes and wants.

And of course the stuffs kept inside goes perfectly with the wooden gazebo design.

#4. Luxury at its best:

wooden gazebo 4Source

A real example of luxury, beauty, royalty, style and comfort. Who will ask for a more beautiful wooden gazebo? There is not a single thing in this gazebo which doesn’t look the best. The design, the colour, the rustic touch all are made in a perfect flow and there is no reason not to love this gorgeous wooden gazebo and no reason not to make this a beautiful part of your beautiful home.

This will be best outdoor room for a simple hang out with your friends or family. This wooden gazebos also consists of a beautiful light which will make it more attractive during the nights.

Of course, one of the best and beautifully designated wooden gazebo.

#5. High-end Gorgeousness:

wooden gazebo 5Source

Wow. This is just a simple gazebo design which has been made beautiful with the best creativity stuffs. This type of gazebos is perfect for a beach house garden for a perfect cozy evening. Imagine reading a book here! It will be definitely wow.

You just need to use a little of your creativity to make this wooden gazebo look more awesome and you are all set for a perfect one!

#6. Beautiful and Unique:

wooden gazebo 6Source

Yes, obviously a very uniquely designed wooden gazebo. The design of the roof is what is more attractive and eye-catching and what makes the whole gazebo look so stunning. In fact, everything from the floor to the roof looks awesome as it has been designed so dedicatedly. Yet, the design of the roof becomes the eye-catcher.

This will perfectly suit in your backyard garden and it will definitely prove to a best outdoor and hangout spot too. Such must be every wooden gazebo design, good to look at to and good to pass your time too. You definitely deserve a good outdoor break too!

#7. Charming wooden gazebo:

wooden gazebo 7Source

The wood brown and the white roof combination of this wooden gazebo obviously calls for more charm and a simply great look. The floor design and the shape of the roof are the best thing that has given this gazebo a simple yet great and traditional look.

If you are looking out for a simple and traditional wooden gazebo, this surely must be your best first choice. Just surround this wooden gazebo with lots and lots of beautiful and charming flowers and you will definitely fall in love with this.

#8. Forever best:

wooden gazebo 8Source

This ultra-beautiful wooden gazebo will definitely make your garden spectacular. Beauty always looks awesome when it is simple. This seems to be the belief of this wooden gazebo designer. However, the big and large wooden gazebo can be perfect if it’s placed in the centre of your garden, making you feel more beautiful about your home.

The furniture as well, looks almost perfect for the stunning gazebo. The nets have been added by the homeowners to make this gazebo, a perfect spot for dinner or a simple hang out inside the home.

#9. Simply awesome:

wooden gazebo 9Source

A well thought and well-designed wooden gazebo. Everyone will surely love to design their gazebos in this style. The roof design, the other designs, the inbuilt furniture is all just up to the mark.

This built in furniture thing also will prove to a pocket friendly thing. So you can go on excitedly with this design too. This type of gazebos can also suit to every big home garden, nut the right kind of placement id done, the more right kind of look will it give.

It will look better if placed centrally in the garden. Just to have a whole view of your beautiful and lush garden.

#10. An absolute heaven:

wooden gazebo 10Source

After looking at this design, we surely can guess that you all will be very much attracted to this wooden gazebo design and will love to make this a part of your beautiful home garden.

Such lovely this is! The wood has been carved with the best design and the best thing is that it may also suit if your garden is small.

The design, the size, the shape, the attractiveness, the appeal of this beautiful and gorgeous wooden gazebo is sure to make everyone go crazy for it. And indeed! What more will anyone think of?

#11. Simple yet stylish:

wooden gazebo 11Source

This is a wooden gazebo which is basically made from redwood. Redwood is definitely one of the best things when you consider designing a wooden gazebo for your garden. This is because redwood has been always waterproof, which is definitely the essential thing for a wooden gazebo.

Just imagine sitting inside this wooden gazebos in a rainy day and enjoying coffee. Also, this redwood gazebo will definitely protect you in a better way during the sunny day when you want to sit here and enjoy the bright evening.

The shape of the roof and the whole design looks absolutely beautiful.

#12. The BEST design ever:

wooden gazebo 12Source

Whoa! The best gift you can get yourself for your home. This wooden gazebo design, in fact, has the capacity to change the entire look of your garden and can make it outstandingly brilliant.

Now, you just want this at any cost, right? Yes, such is the attractiveness and beauty of this wooden gazebo. The roof, the window, the inbuilt furniture of this wooden gazebo will just take your home to another level.

Would you mind having such a beautiful thing in your garden?

#13. Magical Black:

wooden gazebo 13

Another amazing wooden gazebo design. The combination of the beautiful black and the milky white colours definitely are playing an important role in making this wooden gazebo look more beautiful and look more pleasant. And of course it is also very much brilliantly designed.

There is actually no reason why you will love to have this in your home. It’s simple, stylish, can also be placed in a small garden area and looks absolutely delicate and beautiful. The unusual design and shape of the whole gazebo is just flawless. It’s like having a small heaven in your home.

#14. Swing set wooden gazebo:

wooden gazebo 14Source

One of the best wooden gazebo designs. It actually has everything that you will be wanting for a perfect wooden gazebo for your garden and you have a strong desire to make it your favourite outdoor hangout spot.

The traditional look of this wooden gazebo, the swing set, its unique appeal, the fireplace is what it makes this wooden gazebo a perfect hangout spot. Also, the placement of this wooden gazebo in the rocky sand area adds a lot to its attractiveness.

You can make this wooden gazebo more stunning by adding a wholesome of beautiful flowers and pots around this gazebo. So, what’s your take on this beautiful gazebo set?

#15. The best Contemporary gazebo design:

wooden gazebo 15Source

This type of wooden gazebo designs will moreover suit with your swimming pool garden areas. This is in fact the best contemporary wooden gazebo which shows the royalty and modernity in the best possible way. Don’t you think the same?

This type of wooden gazebo designs also comes and looks best with the lounge chairs as they are made especially for the pool gardens. However, it can be made to look more attractive with lots of stylish and beautiful stuffs which will make the whole wooden gazebo very much loved and preferable by you as a great lounging space.

#16. Fabulous gazebo:

wooden gazebo 16Source

This octagonal wooden gazebo design makes for yet another great lake view gazebo or it can also look beautiful placed in the middle of your garden. The woods which have been used here are definitely very strong and polished too.

In fact, the design and the tiles of the roof is what makes it look more appealing to the eyes.  The window designs also make for a perfect and extraordinarily beautiful look for this gazebo.

And you will definitely love its privacy kind of thing in this wooden gazebo. Makes a great comfortable spot too.

#17. Luxury Reloaded:

wooden gazebo 17Source

The best example of beauty and royalty. A very simple yet magically good looking wooden gazebo design. It has all the things which you will want in your backyard garden. Also, the beautiful couch inside the gazebo makes it a purely personal stuff which you can take advantage of either having a good sleeping spot as well.

The lightings are the main thing which is giving this gazebo a whole new look. Everyone will just love to have this very private kind of gazebo in their gardens. The designing of this lovely gazebo in the pool garden is making this more apt for enjoying a perfect Sunday outing too.


These are some of the wooden gazebo designs which will perfectly suit your home gardens or any beautiful farmhouse locations. Apart from designing this kind of wooden gazebos, you can also buy the gazebos online through many of the online stores where these wooden gazebos are available in plenty of more beautiful and awesome designs.

So, get ready for the mission to make your garden and home look fabulous!!

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