16 Awesome Home Gym Ideas

Are you health conscious but hate going to the gym? We would like to share 16 best home gym ideas.

Designing a gym in your sweet home is one of the best things you will ever do for yourself. Along with a huge display of your style and attitude, it has many other benefits as well. Fitness is surely one of them. But other than that, you may also enjoy a bunch of freedom which are basically absent in other community gyms.

You can wear whatever you want, you can enjoy the television and any of your favourite song while working out, you can hang on with your friends while working out or in fact work out “only” with your close buddies. And the most important one is that you can work out any time or in fact all the time.

While designing a gym, make sure that you fill in your gym space with all the necessary equipment and that it is designed in a manner that goes very well with your home style and decor. Here’ll we shall help you create a gym in your home and guide you with all the necessary designs and ideas. So, why not get started?

16 Awesome Home Gym Ideas

#1. The Adorable ceilings:

home gym ideas 1


So, we will start from the top. Look at the neat and furnished ceilings. Doesn’t that look really great?  Every home gym definitely needs a good ceiling that will make the entire gym to look pleasant.

And if you could notice, no particular decor and styling element has been used here. Still, the gym is not missing in the great look.

Here, the wooden ceilings are well matched with the dark brown wooden floor that is looking awesome with those white window panels. A resting chair has also been placed inside as the owner of the gym definitely understands the need to rest while working out.

#2. The funkiest gym:

home gym ideas 2Source

Yes! This is one of the funkiest gyms you will get to see at any place and designing your home gym like this will definitely prove to be your best decision.

Many of us feel that we are what our surroundings make us. And possibly, the cheerful and colourfulness of this gym will also reflect in our moods. And who will not love to be cheery all the time? Ok. Not all the time, but gym time!?

This gym has got the equipment, the television set, the wall quote that definitely will motivate you to work out more and the good looking cabinets to hold in the gym equipments.

#3. The Glass display:

home gym ideas 3Source

Instead of those closed wall gyms, this gym is a little different with a glass display. This will definitely make your home look more stylish and amazing. And by the way, we really understand that urge to showcase your gym to your friends and guests. This really is suitable for that.

And however this gym really looks stunning with a combination of hardwood floors and grey tiles of the gym that has been made more beautiful with proper lightings. Obviously, one of those gym that is pleasant to watch and work out.

#4. The living room Gym:

home gym ideas 4

This, as you can see, is quite a good combination of the living and the gym room. You can never have a better place for relaxing and work out in the same room as this. The outside view from the gym is only making the gym more luxurious and amazing.

The simple white walls, the hardwood floors, the gym equipment, the amazing view, the television and a sofa with a coffee table; all calls for a perfect and top class home gym. If you are looking out for a simple but stylish home gym design idea, this one is just beyond perfection. What’s your take on this?

#5. Lap Pool Gym:

home gym ideas 5Source

Wow. Now this seems to be a perfect and an all in one home gym. Considering the necessity of a lap pool for a fitness freak, this home gym has been designed. Doesn’t this gym have an attitude of giving positive vibe to the home owners all day long pertaining to their busy and tiring schedule?

The same hardwood floor, great ceiling design, more possibility of natural lightings, open space approach are some of the great keys which are making this home gym look well acquainted and comfortable.

The lap pool, being the most vibrant stuff is adding luxury and style to this home gym.

#6. The most elegant gym:

home gym ideas 6

This home gym is designed at its best. This gym is basically very small, but what makes it look bigger is the presence of mirrors all over the room.

Isn’t the black and the milky white combination look lovely? It’s definitely much desired gym design idea which will rock your home for sure. It’s quite small though, but do gyms really need to be huge? Always? Actually, no! Once you have the desired equipment and quite stylish design, it’s already perfect!

#7. This Softy Rug though!:

home gym ideas 7Source

Every home gym design definitely has that one thing or two which makes the entire gym very unique and special in its own way. And this one is undoubtedly one of them.

The amazing rug in the gym is exactly what is making this gym so beautiful and attractive. Looks like the gym is on an island of snowy ices all the way. Plus, the amazing white colour from start to end of the gym is also giving an amazing appeal to the home.

Additionally, this gym consists of a television set and the mirror. Enjoy watching a movie or sport along with watching yourself working out. The cabinet area also looks very well furnished for tucking in your gym stuffs.

#8. Playroom Gym:

home gym ideas 8

This gym is surrounded by play area and play stations all the way. Also the two chairs in the middle of the room make this gym an ideal place for watching a movie.

And who will not love to work out in this area where your family and friends will be always available. Walk, play and talk are the things which you will be doing here. Not to miss mentioning the colourful carpet, which looks awesome in the simple home gym.

#9. Best Contemporary Home Gym:

home gym ideas 9

Awesome to just look at! Imagine how one will feel working out in such a gym? The gym enthusiasts must certainly get tempted to work out here.

Along with those great and luxury gym equipments, the modern look of the gym calls for one’s attraction. The blue and white interior of the gym makes it more stylish, making this gym one of the most desirable. The windows are making more ways for natural lighting.

The plush seating area with a chair and a sofa also looks amazing with all those decorative stuffs on the wall. And, the bookshelf simply portrays the best thing you will get to see in this home gym.

#10. Small yet bright home gym:

home gym ideas 10Source

Definitely one of the smallest home Gym design idea, in fact can also be the idea of installing gym equipment in one side of your living room, tuck in that area with a beautiful rug and consider it your home gym. Not so bad idea, isn’t?

The owner of the gym has tried his/her creative best to make this gym more attractive and has completely ignored the small space issue. The bright orange colour already is making the gym livelier.

Plus, the fitness sign is what will make the persons in the home more enthusiastic towards working out. Definitely, this is called creativity at its best!

#11. Basement Home Gym:

home gym ideas 11Source

If you are wondering what to make of your basement, this home gym idea is the best of the bests. In addition to a comparatively larger space in the basement area, what you will get as extras are the least crowded and peaceful atmosphere of the basement and a whole lot of your collection of interesting things.

However, in this basement gym, along with a living area with all those sofa and a television set, the gym equipment are tucked in at the other end of the basement with simple yet sophisticated design.

#12. Home gym with a home office:

home gym ideas 12Source

And now, the home gym design idea which will help a number of workaholics looking out for a perfect gym workout. You can work, plus workout in the same room after looking at this amazing idea.

Nothing but a simple work table closet has been installed in the home gym making it a perfect spot for working too. When you are tired of working with your system, you can work out with the gym equipment and vice versa. Sounds cool!

Plus, this home gym is given a simple but elegant look with the designed carpet, a wooden working closet and a small television set. The all-white factor and the ceiling lights are adding to its attractiveness.

#13. Home Gym in a Playroom:

home gym ideas 13

If you are the parent of those kids who just couldn’t leave you alone for a while, this is the best gym ideas for you. Combine your gym equipment and the kids play station and toys in one room and start getting back to your workout routine.

This home gym, in particular has got a very large space, making more room for your kids to play, study in the gym while you are busy with your workout. In this way, you can also keep a check on them. Definitely an all in one kind of home Gym.

Here you can see the bookshelves or toy shelves, whatsoever you can make it, the gym equipment’s behind the half wall, a well-furnished ceiling and really good floor.

#14. The traditional Home Gym:

home gym ideas 14Source

As already said, every gym has that one thing which makes it stand out among all other designs. In this image, the curtains are doing the thing, this is what is making this home gym really unique.

With a dash of traditional and royal style, this home gym design idea will perfectly suit if you have designed and decorated your home gym with a traditional style. The golden curtains are definitely a thing to get inspired.

The artificial plants, the windows, the natural lightings, the proper placement of equipment, the amazing floor are all the other factors which are making this gym look more stylish and attractive.

#15. The most Awesome:

home gym ideas 15Source

Yes! This home gym design idea is more likely to give you the tropical holiday inn’s feel. The Awesome and stylish décor, the zebra printed carpet, the most attractive view of the outside artificial fountain is making this gym really interesting and unique.

Doesn’t anyone simply fall in love with such an awesome home gym, where one will get to work out in one of the most beautiful place? This kind of home gym must be designed next to the garden area of your home.

#16. Simplest Home gym:

home gym ideas 16Source

Another simple yet great design idea for home gyms. Not so big though, but the gym covers up all the things necessary equipment and other stuffs which will make the home gym more centralised and look great.

Here, while colour has been used in plenty for ceilings, walls and hardwood floor is used along with the suitable cabinets, a television set and the mirror which will make the gym look bigger and wider.


These are some of the best home gym design ideas which will make your home look more stylish and good, and which definitely will help you remain fit and healthy.

Hope you will like all this awesome designs and ideas.

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