15 Fabulous and Cute Fairy Garden Ideas

Here are some creative fairy garden ideas how to making a fairy garden in your backyard. It could be a creative surprise for your children.

When you have your little one bored of her toys, you will be stuck with what to give her as a surprise and keep her occupied. Here is the best thing for you if you wish to have something very unique for your toddler that will keep her busy and active throughout the day. The fairy gardens are nothing but the little miniatures that will amuse your little one with the things in it.

You can make your own fairy garden and surprise your toddler and she would really be impressed with that. The mini plants and the mini accessories in it would make your little one fall for it all over again and she would not bug you until she gets over it.

The garden can be made easily using the things that is lying in your house without any use. The small wooden planks and the small pieces of wood and plastics can be used to make the various accessories for your fairy garden. The toys like the miniature of car and cycle can also be placed in the fairy garden.

If you want to make it even more realistic, plant trees and bushes and keep watering the fairy garden. You will be delighted to see the small tiny plants grow in your fairy garden and they would look natural and would be attractive too.

Here are some of the do it yourself fairy garden ideas that you can do at your home easily.

15 Fabulous and cute fairy garden ideas are following:

#1. Fairy garden at your backyard

fairy garden ideas 1


All that you will have to do for making this fairy garden is to find a suitable place in your backyard where your little one would also be safe and you can watch her from the place you are working. You will probably need few mini accessories for making your fairy garden a most attractive one. you can add color to it by coloring the accessories in the fairy garden. You can add small plants and bushes to it to make it look natural. Color the pebbles and use them in the fairy garden for a unique look.

#2. Fairy garden in a pot!

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Find out a big flower pot that has been lying in your house unused. You can reuse it to make a little attractive fairy garden. All that you will need for this pretty little fairy garden is the pot in which you can set up all the little teeny weeny accessories to make it look real and pretty. Your little one would be really enjoying in the pretty fairy garden and would take her dolls along in that to have some imaginative play stories.

Paint the pot and place a name plate in order to make it interesting. Ask your little one to give the fairy garden a name. This will make her play with the garden with a little more interest and this will catch her attention.

#3. Fairy garden in your garden!

fairy garden ideas 3Source

This fairy garden is the most easiest one as you need not spend time in looking out for one vessel or pot for setting up the garden. All that you have o do in fence up in your own garden and make a small place for your little one’s fairy garden. You can fill up the soil and plant small little tiny plants and bushes and make this little garden grow like that of a natural and a real one.

Use ladders and steps by making it on your own. You can also make small windows in the houses of the fairy garden and this will catch your little one’s attention. Make ways as roads and platform for walking. This will all be as imaginative only and these will be small so that your kid uses that for playing with her toys and dolls.

#4. Garden with the bricks and the stones!

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You can really build up a real fairy garden. Imagine how? No cement no mud required though. Here is how you can do it. You will need to arrange a number of stone slabs together and use bricks to build up a small little pretty fairy garden. The miniature of the hut and houses can also be built using the pebbles and the small pieces of the stones.

You can plant the tress in the surrounding and you can also place all the accessories like the table and chair to make it look real and natural. You can place small chairs and tables and make small houses too. A hut house would also do much in the fairy garden. This is very easy and does no require any material that you will have to search for to make it.

#5. A big vase fairy garden!

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Remember the big vases that you had in your granny’ place that were used as a vintage and an antique piece from the vintage collections? The big wide mouthed ones placed in the central garden near the entrance of your house. Yea that’s right. Those big vessels can now be used for making a pretty fairy garden. Fill the vessel with some soil and make place for the furniture and the greeneries.

You can take your kid along to make the little one’s imaginative skill more powerful and develop it at the same time. A small bucket and jug placed near the plants, the chairs and tables placed in the play area or near the plants will make it look realistic and interesting.

#6. The colorful fairy garden!

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This type of fairy garden can be made more colorful with the use of different colorful accessories. You can use the colorful plants and flowers for making it look real and attractive. The fencing can be done using the colorful twines and sticks. This will make your fairy garden like that of a real one that you see in the books and fairy tales.

Look on the above picture for getting an idea on how you can make your fairy garden look more real and colorful. One easy tip for making the fence is using the broomstick and tying them all together to make it firm and stand as a partition. Paint them if you want it to look eye catchy.

#7. Fairy garden in the barrel!

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The barrels are more common and you can get it anywhere. It will be lying in your own house that you had used for storing the food of your pets or some unwanted stuff. Those barrels can be used now for making a fairy garden. Paint the barrel if you want or you can leave it as just and fill in the soil.

Then you can start placing the mini accessories in your barrel and make it look like a real fairy garden. This won’t look like you have used the barrel for making the little garden if you view this from the above. Place a doll fairy around the place in the garden and this will add life to the fairy garden.

#8. Fairy garden in your lush green garden!

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Fence up your garden and make a small place for your little one’s fairy garden. You can then ask your kid to decorate the garden on her own or you can help in doing it also. Collect all the mini play things that you can fill it up in the garden. You can make gates using the fence itself and then place a board near the entrance writing your kid’s favorite name that he or she wants to put outside the garden.

Use various plants and flowers and place it inside the garden. You can also sow the seeds and wait for the plants and keep watering it until it grows out. But it will be worth the wait for it looks really natural and interesting.

#9. Fountain fairy garden!

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The fountain which is of no more use can be now used for making the fairy garden. The fairy garden with the little tiny miniature accessories can be used to decorate the fountain and convert it into a fairy garden. You can fill the fountain with soil and place all the miniatures that you have for making it a little garden.

Use the small furniture and the small plants to make it look real. You can also place dolls in the garden to make it look real. You can also place small mushroom as they look cute in the fairy garden and they look interesting too.

#10. Fairy garden in the mud!

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It is not necessary that you make the fairy garden in a vessel only. You can make the garden in any vessel or if you don’t find one, you can easily create one in the mud are that you have in front of the gate. You just have to fence it and make sure nobody destroys it and it is a safe.

The small houses and huts can be made using sticks and small wooden planks. Place some small plants and bushes in front of the miniature house to make it look attractive. You can use various colorful flowers too. Place some accessories like the table, chair, swing etc to make it look interesting.

#11. Fairy garden inside your house!

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you can have your fairy garden inside your house without any mess. Yes! You are right! It is not difficult to make a fairy garden that you can place it in your house and living area. Take a plastic pot and paint it if you want. Make sure that it does not leak nor has cracks anywhere. Because the cracks would make the water leak from the pot and that would mess up your whole house.

Now carefully fence or make a side wall using the mud itself and make sure that the soil from the pot does not spill out. Then start placing the accessories. You can place this fairy garden anywhere as long as it is safe for your child and you don’t have to worry that she would consume the soil or something of that sort.

#12. Fairy garden in the trees root!

fairy garden ideas 12Source

The dense tree and the roots can be used to make the fairy garden. Have a view on the picture above and get various ideas on how you can make a tree fairy garden. This is easy and does not consume much time.  Fence around properly and make the area as the fairy garden.

Use the roots for making the garden. But make sure that it is not a risky place to make the fairy garden for your little one because the tress roots have creepy crawling creatures inside it. Beware!

#13. Miniature fairy garden!

fairy garden ideas 13Source

this miniature fairy garden can be used by your little one and she can play around in the garden and use the accessories too. It is not that small too but not big enough for adults either. You can watch your little one move around and sit and play in the garden as she creates a lovely story in it.

#14. Outhouse fairy garden!

fairy garden ideas 14Source

The outhouse fairy garden can be made interestingly using the play area outside your own house. Make small artificial well using sticks and planks. Make small miniature of the furniture too. Use greeneries and colorful plants and some pebbles for making it look realistic. Use as many accessories as possible for making it look interesting.

#15. Fairy garden in the farm house!

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You will surely have some deserted place in your farm house that you no more use for planting or any other productive work. You can use that place for making a fairy garden. You can sit beneath the shadowy tree and make a fabulous fairy garden with your little one.


You will have your whole day interestingly making this fairy garden with your kid. Make sure that you clean the area first and make sure that there are no harmful destructive things like thorns and glass pieces lying out there that would harm you and the little one.

Hope you enjoy our fairy garden ideas.

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