15 Best Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Tour these compact bathrooms and find sleek, modern bathroom design ideas for your small bath.

Bathrooms are that space in a home which is used frequently in a day and so its importance cannot be underestimated.  Once upon a time it was just a concern of quick bathing –the only need being a bucket of water surrounded within four walls.

However this need has now been expanded to a much awaited moment of the day for many as it’s the best place to destress yourself and isolate from the world to enjoy the comfort and peace of the moment. Indeed a best place for relaxation.

Immersing in a half-filled bathtub, enjoying the beauty of the sight, pleasant aroma and fun fulfilling experience all this now summarise the meaning of having a bathroom. These days’ designers and architectures allocate a plenty of space for bathrooms. Whether you have a bright and cheery shades or fascinating and imposing textures, everything matters when it comes to selecting a best bathroom design.

Here we present you with a list of modern and sensible designs –the one you can use to give a new revamped look to your own bathroom. These modern designs will give your dull and boring bathrooms a fresh and refreshing look- a must have in modern times.

15 Best modern bathroom design ideas are following:

#1. Black and white touch:

modern bathroom design 1


The classic combination of black and white knows no time bounds. Black and white styling enriches the look of your bathroom and makes it a luxurious experience. Black painted walls and white cabinets along with criss-cross tiling are giving the appropriate contrast effect to the overall look. Adding a glass chandelier and mirror is duplicating the performance of this contrast outlook.

#2. Earth- friendly elements:

modern bathroom design 2Source

Adding green colour to the sight along with eco-friendly touch is never out of trend. Installing showers that reduce the amount of water used, low flow toilets, compact fluorescent bulbs all add to the eco-friendly elements in your bathroom. Using natural minerals for cleansing, solar energy for lighting and pre-heating perfectly depicts the touch of Mother Nature in your relaxation room.

#3. Traditional feel:

modern bathroom design 3Source

Traditional bathroom is designed using materials like stone, slate or granite.  Claw-foot tub, wooden touch to furniture is a popular choice for this look. Dull and neutral colours are perfectly depicting the walls of bathroom. If you want a simple and elegant look for your bathroom this is possibly the best choice available to suit your needs.

#4. Fresh citrus look:

modern bathroom design 4Source

Bright and punchy colours that can quench your thirst are in vogue for the walls and cabins in your bathroom. Colours such as lime green, orange, yellow perfectly sets the citrus flavour in the bathroom aroma. These colours can be complemented with any furniture in contrast shades.

#5. Outdoor space:

modern bathroom design 5Source

Outdoor showers are not just fun but exciting too. In the lap of mother nature, having a shower amidst plants and trees with natural shades of light doesn’t limit you within four walls and in turn even enriches your amazing experience. The material used should be one that can stand against rainstorm like wood or stone.

#6. Retro style:

modern bathroom design 6Source

A nostalgic look with a square shaped mirror on a flat cabin, corner shower, flat-panel cabinets with large-sized sink, depicting large white tiles completely fit into the picture of a retro styled bathroom. Retro look in itself sets a new trend for bathroom designs.

#7. Wooden work:

modern bathroom design 7Source

Wood is the most common material that can be used in various ways to enhance the appeal of your bathroom. It can be used to give both modern as well as traditional touch to the look of your bathroom. This will be further complemented using wooden flooring and lighting up with scented candles.

#8. Brick wall design:

modern bathroom design 8Source

An exposed brick wall design texture is quite ideal for a bathroom as bathrooms usually stay hot and humid and bricks don’t require much care under such situation. This texture can be complemented with any design of your choice be it a flat subway sink look and marble flooring, wooden look or much ultra-modern design.

#9. Rustic country look:

modern bathroom design 9Source

Rustic design is like getting back to old age design amongst which wood is one of the materials that best describes this design. Golden brown and green shades best describes this trend which is further complemented using traditional ceramic sink, using wrought iron for mirror frames and shelving.

#10. Contemporary feel:

modern bathroom design 10Source

Modern bathroom designs featuring various curves like square, rectangle and oval in lampshades and bathroom accessories; using various shades and textures on walls, flowing designs for furniture and fixtures perfectly depicts contemporary design in bathroom like the one reflected in this picture.

#11. Fire and water:

modern bathroom design 11Source

Fire and Ice- this great combination under one roof and that is in your bathroom. While you are chilling in your tub you can have the pleasure of bonfire too. Now bathing is not just a moment spent but also a wonderful charismatic experience added in your routine.

#12. Artistic mirror look:

modern bathroom design 12Source

Even a single piece of glass can add the needed charm to your bathroom. This design demonstrates the use of crystal and mirror in your bathroom which not only gives the illusion of duplication of space but also makes bathing in a simple bathroom a luxurious experience. This art can complement use of any colour and design in your bathroom.

#13. Wallpaper design:

modern bathroom design 13Source

Wallpapers make every experience worth living. The wallpaper depicted here describes under water scene and hence the colours as well as the flooring done all complement the same. This holds true for any wallpaper design you may choose to appear on your bathroom walls.

#14. Single accents- gorgeous grey, leafy green and so on:

modern bathroom design 14Source

modern bathroom design 15Source

Using single shades of colour on the walls and furniture give the bathroom overall a uniform look but this will turn more charismatic if you use bold colours like orange accents, gleaming white and other shades. So turn on your bathroom this season by using your favourite shades.

#15. Glamorous metals:

modern bathroom design 16Source

Shimmery look using metals like copper, tin or stainless steel all give a fresh look to your bathroom. The focal point in this image is the metallic tub that is making the look of entire bathroom glamorous. These metals can well be complemented further with any different shade on walls and flooring.


The list is never ending. Choose any of these trends this season to give your bathroom a new and refreshing look, an ultimate place for comfort, solace and relaxation.

Remember it’s your choice whether you want your bathroom to have a complete transformed look or the one which matches your bedroom, either ways your bathroom design will fall amongst this listed designs and requires no second thought.

These are some of the best modern bathroom design ideas, we hope you like.

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