15 Best Home Bar Ideas and Inspirations

Every man’s home is his castle but it’s not complete without a home bar. To help you design your own, see our collection of the best home bar ideas.

Different people have different preferences over choosing the right spot for enjoying the luxury. However, if you are one of those who would be the most comfortable in having drinks at home and if you have an extra room or extra space in your house, then perhaps you are one of the luckiest people on earth! Having a bar at home is one of the coolest ideas these days as you can enjoy celebrations and everyday evenings in a cozy and comfortable way, without having to hangout at different places in the city.

If you are looking for the best designs for your home bar, then you are at the right place! These designs and ideas will surely inspire you and will help you in choosing from different styles.

Utilizing the available space according to your taste and the requirements is essential. Choosing the right place in the house also plays a major role in your decisions. Whether it is a basement, living room, small sized room or a bedroom, we have all kinds of design ideas for your bar that will guide you in choosing the one that suits your taste.

15 Best home bar ideas and inspirations are following:

#1. Casual Contemporary Bar:

Sophistication, comfort and class when blended together gives rise to this unique modern design. Stoned walls with cabinets give the right tone to the space. A smoked counter with comfortable seating for six paves way for spacious entertaining environment. Additional details like firebox, drink ledge, wine storage, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher drawer, and a sink can be added to make the bar more accessible to family, friends, and guests.

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#2. Bring back the older times:

Most of us get big smiles on our face when we think about the golden old days. We all want to travel back in that time when life was quite simple and jolly. You can of course bring back those times by creating such an atmosphere at your own house by creating a retro look for your pub or bar. You can opt for wooden furniture and neutral shades and this design can be obtained by utilizing small spaces or rooms available. Tall bar tools, soft lighting, and a TV gives it a perfect retro and pleasing effect.

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#3. California

A small beach house can be modernized by with this look. It contains glass tiles and wooden sides with steel lighting.  Dark wooden cabinets make it a glam styled beach-wet bar. These types of bars are found in Los Angeles.

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#4. Basement Bars:

Those of you who have a basement in your home and would want to utilize the space effectively, this design of bar is the correct choice for you. In addition, as there is more space available, you can select design with more area and space for bigger celebrations and get-togethers.  The basement can be completely renovated and replaced with a wine cellar. You can choose different types of hues like neutral, dark and bold, multicolor, etc, and opt for different kinds of furniture and tools to make a unique combination.

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#5. European Charm:

It is a perfect lower level styled bar for entertainment. It is surrounded by gray cabinetry and blends very well with the countertops. In addition, it gives a rich feel to you and your companions.

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#6. Coastal Living Holiday Home:

A single wall wet bar traditionally designed with dark wood cabinets with glass fronts, mosaic backsplash, and beige hues, is a modernized design for small spaces. It utilizes only one wall and hence one does not have to find extra space in their home. It can also include a wine and glass rack along with a mini refrigerator located below.

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#7. Corner Home Bars:

These types of bars are great space savers for small sized rooms. Dead space in a room can be utilized by designing such corner bars and decorating the corner of the room. The biggest advantage is that it stays out of the way for the traffic flow and people can chat one on one while preparing a glass of cocktail. Small wooden bar cabinets suit most of the times for a corner bar and give the room an edgy look.

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#8. Straight Type Bar:

In this particular design, the glasses, drinks and bottles are usually stored underneath the counter where space is provided. It is mostly set up at a place at the far end of the room where the length is equal to the breadth. Three stools are placed near the counter in a row.

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#9. Back Bar:

You can imagine a bookshelf with different compartments. This type of bar design looks similar to that of a bookrack and is divided into three compartments. The first part is like a straight bar with a counter at the top and storage space underneath. The second or the middle section is usually open. The third part is located on the upper side of the counter where you can place glasses and bottles and usually contains a shutter made of either wood or glass.

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#10. Folding Bar or Swing Open Bar:

This type of bar design will help you maximize the available space in your dining room. The sides of this bar can be opened out and this way it will create a look of a normal sized bar. It is quite flexible and compact and can be folded when not in use, hence the name folding bar.

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#11. Wrap Around Bar:

The counter space of the wrap around home bar is extended from both the sides of the front part, forming a U-shape. Generally, one side of the bar is shorter than the other in order to accommodate a sink or small refrigerator.

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#12. Outdoor Home Bar:

Outdoor home bars are constructed in the garden or lawn available in your house. It is made of such materials that are able to withstand the extreme temperatures like heavy rain or heat. They have numerous themes and styles and you can select the one that suits your taste and the outdoor environment.

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#13. Cottonwood Creek:

It is a large galley seated home bar design which consists of toned wooden floors and an under mount sink. The shelves and cabinets are made up of medium toned wood and the background is given a brick like texture. This serves as a bold and classy look and can be designed into homes with an extra room or extra space available.

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#14. Beach Style Bar:

This design is an inspiration for a beach style single walled bar. It contains under mount sink and the cabinets are made up of beige or light hues. The floors are made of light hardwood and complement the overall look of the bar.

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#15. Rustic Bar:

Rustic home bar design is an ancient and traditional wet bar style. The countertops, cabinets, floors, and sometimes even the stools are made up of wooden materials and are of different wooden shades. The backsplash is also of a brown or neutral color. This classic styled bar if designed in a modern way, boosts the overall impression of your house and gives it a traditional, yet elegant look.

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To choose a home bar design in accordance to your budget and to fulfill your entertainment needs are easier. Setting up a bar at home will not be a difficult task now when you have so many options to choose from. Know the right taste of yours, the available space in your house or room, the place you want to set up the bar, and your budget, and boom! You are all set for your cozy and comfortable bar near you.

You know you have made the right decision about your style and design of the bar when you actually start loving the place around you and do not feel like leaving it. Here we have provided you with one of the best designs of the world to choose from and these might meet your demands of a unique and fun bar.

These designs will help you out in choosing the right design for you and your family. So be ready to hear the praises from your colleagues and friends about your newly developed bar, which is so easy and convenient for all.

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